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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Episode Reviews

Hunter X Hunter - Episode Reviews

This is where you can read episode reviews for the Hunter x Hunter 1999 and 2011 series. Please be reminded that the episode reviews may not be posted in particular order. Feel free to submit your own reviews. Just send an email to or post in our Facebook wall. Thank you everyone!

Episode Review: Hunter X Hunter (Episode 106 - Knov x and xMorel)

Traffic is one of the struggles that I must endure every Wednesday. Though I always get tired because of the travel, spending less than an hour watching Hunter X Hunter after I got home can bring back every ounce of energy that I have exerted earlier. What I didn’t expect is, a guy in the Hunter X Hunter world will experience the trauma that’s worse than being stuck in an hour of traffic. READ MORE...

Top 8 Chimera Ant Royal Guard Screenshots for Episode 111 (Hunter X Hunter Episode Review)

"U wot m8?"

Yup, you've seen and read it correctly. We have collected the best Chimera Ant screenshots for Episode 2011 alone. But before we get to that, let's have an episode review. READ MORE

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