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This is the 20 facts about Leogan / Big Bro. It was originally posted in Facebook.

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1. Introvert but adjusting.

2. I have a demon sitting in my high chair. Well, everyone may have theirs' but mine's persistent or may be the most twisted or wickedest of all. 3:-)

3. I'm disgusting and I'm making it even worst.

4. Weaknesses: Weekdays, ________, ________, _________ and so on. Why would I tell you? This isn't a job interview. XD

5. Weirdo since the 90's.

6. My hand won't stop moving. Maybe even at sleep. In fact, I had a bad habit before of making sign languages even if there are no deaf people around. It's another way of speaking to myself.

7. I survived years with only pens and notebooks as my closest friends. Another bright side of it is that, I was able to create a lot of stories. Crossovers, OC name it. Got lots. A lifetime won't be enough to put them to detail/hardcopy and or share it that's why... see number 8.

8. see number 7 then continue. My greatest wish: If reincarnation is real, I want to remember everything about the previous me after I was born again.

9. I don't like designs and colors when it comes to my stuff. My priority when it comes to selection is if I'm comfortable wearing it. Second, if it looks great on me.

10. My fetish.... Is always the story. lol hahaha. I won't say anything more.

11. I don't dig straight guys and those who are in the shadows. Never in my life I would. Even if I'm single....

12. Continuation of 11... I'm in a 3 year relationship with my MahAl . Because you've been tagged, you have to do this as well.

13. I always contradict the first thought that I'm having. Because the first thought always comes from my demon. See #3. I always end up doing the opposite or nothing. Hmmm... Maybe the same thing goes for everyone. But everyone won't admit it because they'll claim to be "good" or they don't know that it is their demon giving the first feed.

14. The "Have faith in humanity" concept - I'm pushing it. Though I had bad experiences and I've seen all kinds of flaws of humans on Earth, being human is still one of the best thing that happened to me. Bad and good things take place. It's just how "life" works.Our species is the most flexible. And most of us chose to do the right thing that's why we still exist.

15. I am manipulative and I always had this feeling before that I want to change a few people. But I always keep in mind that it is the "order". This is what we call "balance". Bad and good people exist for a reason. Things that bad people do may have a good effect on you. This is why I sometimes think that even if his/her attitude sucks, I still need him/her to be around. Erasing his/her existence from the map may ruin this "balance". On the other hand, good people with anxiety and other social problems sometimes need to learn the lesson on their own. That's why I tend to be quiet most of the times when someone did something wrong. There is always a right time for action or for literally teaching someone a lesson.

16. Sometimes, I feel like there are cameras around me. I feel like I was a child star. Or maybe I was a celebrity in my past life. Hmmm...

17. My nose can detect an unusual scent out of a bunch of smells. I can easily sense traces of blood, vanilla, citrus, metal, sulfur and more. I can also tell if your blood sugar is high out of your smell. I do stink sometimes but it's just that the scent of the above things really stand out for me.

18. I hate flying insects. I have a fear that they'll get into my ears (because it happened once). I usually stop anything that I'm doing just to kill them. I hate cockroaches the most. Flip flops, shoes and remote control will fly if they were spotted by me.

19. I can watch horror, slash and disgusting movies (banned, cannibalistic, dirty, crazy, snuff films) alone. I enjoy it the most when I'm alone and when the lights are off.

20. I'm so happy that I was able to do this with the little time that I have. I have tons of things about me but..... they're no longer for free. The trial has ended. You can subscribe for a premium service to learn more about me. lol

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