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I have a question!

This website has a very big question for people out there.


If you love writing fan fiction, making news articles and creating fan arts, we encourage you to contribute to our website. Let's establish a fantastic group of awesome writers and artists.

All of your submissions will be marketed to multiple social media fan pages. This is your chance to get recognized for something that you love to do. We won't push you to regularly create contents for us. Of course this is NOT work!

The process is very easy: just create your content, collect images for your creation (for fan fiction), add watermark (for fan art makers), submit and wait for feedback!

Just get acquainted with the owner of this website and inform him that you are interested to join the FFL team. Here are the steps:

1. Prepare the below information. Please submit legit information about yourself. These will remain confidential:

Name: (Real name)
Pen name:
Email address: (FB email login)
Location: (State and Country)
Facebook link:
Favorite anime series:
Facebook page (if there's any):

Tell something about yourself:


2. Please include an updated picture of yourself. Selfie or anything would do. I just want to see your face so that I'll know who I'm transacting/speaking with.

3. Submit these info to

4. Wait for friend invites in FB and response.

No screening process will be done. We just need to keep a record of contributors so make sure that all of the above steps are completed to avoid issues.

Thank you everyone!

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Credits to: Google Images and to the owners of the fan arts. Thank you so much! - Leogan

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