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Friday, November 2, 2018

How To Earn Money Using Your Anime Social Media Fan Page

I remember my Share 4 Share buddies (S4S) back in 2013 and 2014.

Those were the days when every time I arrive home from work, I sit in front of my PC ready to engage with other Facebook admins. We had these secret groups where we exchange links of our anime pages so we can promote it with our current audience. Some got lucky and earned millions of followers while other sharers like me got a decent amount following.

Back then, every anime page enjoys almost 100% engagement from their followers. We saw how they cut it down to 30%, 10%... I don't want to continue. These S4S groups have died after Facebook killed the organic reach.

Growing a Facebook page nowadays is hellish. Without money for ads, it's like talking to yourself every time you post. Wise social media people use plenty of tricks that could earn them fans for free, but that's a different topic to discuss.

So if you're one of those who still experience a good amount of engagement on your anime or geek pages, you may be wondering how to monetize this asset.

I hope you didn't give up on these pages. Now's the right time to earn money with them!

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Become a Senpai Mart Affiliate

Senpai Mart, a startup business is looking for promoters of their anime items. Join the Senpai Mart Affiliate Program if you're one of the following:

  • Facebook page admins
  • Bloggers
  • Instagram influencers
  • YouTube channel owners
  • Website owners
  • A social media person who wants to earn money online.

In exchange, promoters can earn 10% for every sale they make. That's a huge amount of money compared to other anime affiliate programs.

Apart from anime items and geeky stuff, you can also blog or post about items from other categories if you own other Facebook pages or websites.

Turn your social media accounts and blog sites into dollar earning sites! Do not just post random thoughts, pictures, and interests, but make it a post that will earn you a commission on each product post.

How to Join the Senpai Mart Affiliate Program? 

The requirements and approval process is far easy compared to other programs. Follow the below steps to start making money out of your online assets.

#1 - Fill up the Senpai Mart Affiliate Program application form.

#2 - Wait for approval which will be sent to your nominated email address.

#3 - Login to your Affiliate Dashboard and start generating links.

#4 - Write/Vlog/Post about Senpai Mart products on your pages/channels. Sample:

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#5 - Every time another person buys the product through the link you post on your page, you earn 10% commission.

#6 - You can withdraw your commission once you reach $50.

For more info, check this step-by-step affiliate application process.

Share, Share, Share

The more people know about the products of Senpai Mart, the more chances of earning from every post. So, maximize all your social media accounts and don’t forget to share, share, and share!

With Senpai Mart affiliate program around, I guess I'm back to blogging. ;)

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