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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Get These My Hero Backpacks Before They're Gone!

With tons of anime merchandise floating around, I always go for wearables and those I can use every day.

While Nendoroids, Funko Pops, key chains and other collectible appeal tremendously to a wide range of anime fandom, there are some items in the anime market that works perfectly with savvy people like me.

If you love anime merchandise but would like something you can use everyday, then spend your buck on this amazing item.

Senpai Mart's My Hero Backpack

This My Hero Backpack from Senpai Mart is one of my favorites. Check out this cool video uploaded in their YouTube channel.

The quirky bag comes in two variants:

  • Bakugo-inspired
  • U.A. High Colors

So if you love My Hero Academia and its characters, get these My Hero Backpacks before they're gone!

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