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Meet us on Facebook - © to the owner (overdoor from Zerochan) Contents of this blog will be advertised to the following Facebook Pa...Read More
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My friend's profiles and our activities together will be posted right here. I hope it's okay with them. Anyway, do you want to be i...Read More
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This section of Fantasy Fan Leogan provides social media groups and pages of our affiliates. You are welcome to join and like each groups a...Read More
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Hunter x Family x Random

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Hello members of the family! Consider this section of my blog as a part of HxFxR premises. We will post updates, fan fictions, contents an...Read More
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Facebook Groups

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Hunter x Family x Random Hello members of the family! Consider this section of my blog as a part of HxFxR premises. We will post updates,...Read More
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Favorite HxH Characters

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I tried a character sorter in tumblr to help me determine my favorite Hunter x Hunter characters. If you want to try, just visit this li...Read More
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Jigglypuff sings Want to sing your favorite anime song out loud? Go ahead and we will provide you the lyrics with accurate trans...Read More
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Netero vs Meruem - Hunter x Hunter manga Interested of taking a peek about the manga before reading it? Want a cool suggestion tha...Read More
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Hunter x Hunter fan fiction Love reading non-canon stories out of your favorite anime series / games / fantasy movies, book or serie...Read More
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What's the latest? Know about the latest gossips in the anime world. Who ends up with whom? Who killed whom? What happened to yo...Read More
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Choose your anime series. Read character profiles, updates, fan fictions and other contents. HUNTER X HUNTER Hunter x Hunter m...Read More
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