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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

20 Most Shocking Deaths In Hunter x Hunter (Updated 2024)

hunter x hunter deaths with gon and killua fighting stance with nen activated

After many years, we'll finally update this 2014 article. While Hunter x Hunter is still on an indefinite hiatus, and Togashi has recently resumed work, this should serve as a good recap and preparation in case 2024 miraculously becomes a gift to the series' fans.

So much has happened since we last wrote this article. There have been more shocking deaths and revelations that we had to change the rankings and give the number one spot to a more appalling death. 

Hunter x Hunter paused at Kakin Prince Succession War Arc, where 13 princes guarded with powerful hunters, and Nen entities had to battle it to death while following the rules set.

Without further ado, let's begin the death list.

2014 Intro:

Getting attached to some characters in different anime series is the norm. It is an uncontested proof of an effective character build-up. As the action and drama strengthen, so do our bonds to the casts in these stories.

Characters die in video games and anime series all the time. Though we know that this is the nature of every show that exists nowadays, it is still heart-wrenching to see our beloved anime pals walking into the ultimate sunset of their lives.

Alluka Zoldyck, Mitsuba's death, Killua, Alluka, wish, request
Whose death is this?

Hunter x Hunter provides a roster of unique characters, with most having a unique allure, style, background, ability, and approach to different situations. The main characters are indeed lovable and desirable. 

Even those with supporting roles showcase excellent character design. Thus, many fans hope they'll get a bigger role as the show HxH story progresses.

Sadly, some of them are not lucky enough to survive an entire arc, while some guys existed from the start and won our hearts, only to devastate us with their unexpected and terrifying deaths as the show progresses.

Admit that some deaths in Hunter x Hunter caught you off guard, especially if you haven't read the manga and some spoilers around Hunterpedia, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Here are the show's most shocking, painful, and terrifying character deaths. Let's start with the least remembered but disturbing enough down to the most traumatic event.

#20 - Bodoro

Bodoro was a martial artist who joined the 287th Hunter Examination. He made it to the final phase, which required finalists to make their opponents surrender. That said, no one can kill a contender during their match if they want to pass.

After getting beat by Hisoka, Bodoro faced Leorio. Surprisingly, a tainted Killua Zoldyck intervened and stabbed Bodoro from behind, killing him instantly. It was sad that Illumi had to wreck this old man to prevent his younger brother from becoming a hunter.

What's shocking about this death is it showcased Killua's twisted family background that he had to fight against. It perfectly describes how dirty the Zoldyck assassins can get to achieve their goals.

Bodoro dead, Bodoro, Killua, hunter x hunter
Killua kills Bodoro

#19 - Kurta Clan

Famous for their precious scarlet eyes, the Kurta Clan was brutally massacred by a gang of class A thieves called Genei Ryodan. Although a terrifying story to hear, you'll never understand the dread if you have not realized the steps needed to acquire these black market wonders.

For a Kurta clan member's eyes to turn scarlet, the subject must experience heightened anger or frenzy. It's something that can only be achieved through physical or mental torture. Thus, only Kurapika can instantly realize the pain and suffering of the clan to satiate a few people's hunger for collecting flesh.

Ultimately, it was revealed that the Fourth Prince Tserriednich is the receiving party of most of the scarlet eyes and that Pairo's head, with the glowing scarlet eyes, is the main attraction in the royalty's collection.

scarlet eyes, Kurapika, Kurta, Kurta clan, Kurta clan massacre, Hunter x Hunter, Kurta clan
Kurta clan massacre

#18 - Squala

Dog whisperer Squala didn't get a chance to live long. Shortly after the death of his comrades while attending an auction in York Shin, he had to face his sad end.

Desperate to apprehend the chain user, who is also Uvogin's killer, the Phantom Troupe went on a frantic head-hunting spree. Kortopi's conjured fake scarlet eyes and his En ability led the Phantom Troupe to corner Squala. After Pakunoda tortures him for intel, a blood-thirsty Nobunaga annihilates him with a swift strike.

Nobunaga beheads Squala, Squala, Nobunaga, York New City, Hunter x Hunter
Nobunaga beheads Squala

#17 - Baise

I was ten when I first watched Hunter x Hunter in 1999. I didn't have the slightest idea that a beautiful and seductive anime girl like her could die in a very frightening way. 

At that time, hers was the scariest death. The series showed her absolute manipulation ability, which became useless in the presence of a Phantom Troupe member.

Why do I think her death is scary? The answer is Shizuku. And I'm scared of her vacuum cleaner. Baise's death set the stage for Hunter x Hunter to introduce more shocking deaths.

Shizuku kills Baise, Baise, Baise dead, Shizuku, Vaccuum, Deme-chan, Blinky, Hunter x Hunter
Shizuku kills Baise 2011. Not as dark as 1999 version.

#16 - Dalzollene

By the time when Dalzollene took his turn watching a paralyzed and strangled Uvogin, I just knew that he would be dead. But I expected that things would be very exciting. As the Phantom Troupe members arrived to redeem their comrades, I thought an epic fight would ensue. 

The series introduced him as a strongman, and Kurapika answers to this mini-boss. His death is where Hunter x Hunter began to set itself apart from other series. It told us that in this anime realm, death can come in a fraction of a second, and there's no talk-no-jutsu to save you.

Dalzollene dead, Phinksed, Phinks, Phinks killed Dalzollene, Shalnark in the background, Shalnark, Hunter x Hunter
"Phinksed" from behind

#15 - Pakunoda

Pakunoda is stepping into the line of fire during the final episodes of the York New City arc. Though this was the case, I never thought that she would die without throwing out a good fight like what happened between Kurapika and Uvogin.

From the viewpoint of someone who just began liking anime in the 90s, the typical expectation would be a world-shattering brawl between the main antagonist's lieutenants and an avenging protagonist. Watching Hunter x Hunter with an innocent mind will leave you awe-inspired. It's an action-adventure anime that won't spoil you with fight scenes but will be forever awesome.

Pakunoda, Pakunoda's death, Hunter x Hunter, Kurapika, Judgment Chain,
Poor Paku... Meow :(

Ready for the NEW top 14 most shocking deaths in Hunter x Hunter?

#14 - Puhat

Puhat's head, Puhat dead, Greed Island Player, Greed Island Arc, Bomber, Genthru, Hunter x Hunter
Puhat's head

Now, we begin to see more disturbing deaths. While Squala expectedly died at a swordsman's blade, Puhat met his fate at the hands of the bombers in the Greed Island arc.

Seen as a clever player during Tsezguerra's screening examination, Puhat overestimated his cunningness and died after a failed negotiation with the bombers. Puhat's head served as a prop to scare the remaining members of his alliance, who all died eventually.

13. Gotoh

Gotoh's death, Gotoh, Hisoka, Gotoh vs Hisoka, Hunter x Hunter, 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc, Killua Zoldyck, Zoldyck butlers
Hisoka kills Gotoh

Hisoka only gives second chances to those who he sees worthy. But as Illumi's hired assailant with a very important and precise objective, he needs to eliminate those who get in the way, and sadly for Gotoh, it had to be his last battle. The butler should have used his Nen ability instead of relying 100% on his reinforced coins and tossing ability. Hisoka seemed to be toying with him the whole time before slitting his throat.

#12 - Luini

The first entry from the unanimated chapters and the first entry from the Dark Continent/Kakin Prince Succession War Arc. 

Luini's death is very unexpected. His unique ability should draw Chrollo Lucilfer's interest. It will also be a waste to throw it away without causing too much trouble for the Phantom Troupe or the Kakin Princes' Guards. Imagine how he can quickly kill a prince with that ability!

However, Nobunaga is in no mood to cooperate, and Luini's failed estimation of the Spider's reaction led to his demise.

#11 - Meruem and Komugi

Meruem, Komugi, Meruem and Komugi, Chimera Ant Arc, Hunter x Hunter, Miniature Rose, Netero
Meruem and Komugi

It's not really a surprise, but Meruem and Komugi's deaths are crushing, albeit unique. One unusual pair with a very sweet and unforgettable love story ending up dead can send you to the floor crying. At one point, the newborn Chimera Ant King decides to take the life of the Gungi player, but he saves her instead from an attacking bird. Right then and there, we started to care for the two and get scared for their lives.

During the last episodes of Chimera Ant Arc, Meruem was extremely weakened by the poison of Netero's miniature rose. He and Komugi shared their final moments playing Gungi. They kept on doing this until the King succumbed to the contagious poison.

#10 - Isaac Netero

Netero's final moments, Netero's death, Hunter x Hunter, Chimera Ant Arc, Miniature rose
Netero's final moments

Hats off to the previous chairman of the Hunter Association. He led the Chimera Ant Extermination Team and started by invading the NGL ant colony. They failed to eliminate the Chimera Ant Queen before the Ant King was born, but they have eliminated multiple Chimera Ant squadrons.

Netero's group moved to East Gorteau to separate the ant king from its Royal Guards. Though they were successful in the operation, Netero-san sacrificed himself by using the miniature rose bomb to finish off Meruem.

#9 - Kite

Kite's death, Pitou, Hunter x Hunter, Neferpitou, Kite, episode 85
Pitou with Kite's head

The previous number one on this list, years of watching anime, told us that his death is a necessity. While it was a shock to see him die, this generation will understand the need to exit from more conflict that would lead to the growth of the characters he left behind.

Kite earned the respect of many after teaching Gon a lesson in Whale Island, being Ging's nen student, slaughtering a pack of chimera ants in one swoop, and more. As someone who spent time with his father, Gon looked up to Kite so much and wanted him and Killua to be their next trainer. Since they don't have the time for training, the two friends decided to accompany the contract hunter on his mission.

They were able to defeat other chimera ants who were chasing them. Neferpitou detects the trio from 2 or 3 kilometers away. Sensing the upcoming danger, Kite warned Gon and Killua to stay back. While trying to warn and protect the two young hunters, Kite's right arm was cut off.

Killua hit Gon in the back so he wouldn't cause more trouble for Kite and fled with him. Kite was left alone to battle Neferpitou. By the end of episode 85, a bruised Pitou was seen sitting down under a tree holding Kite's decapitated head and yearning for more battles with him.

#8 - Neferpitou

Neferpitou's death, Neferpitou, Adult Gon, Kite, Hunter x Hunter, Episode 131
Neferpitou's death

Neferpitou's death can be the ultimate shocker, especially to those who remained untainted from spoilers until episode 131 of the anime series. It was expected that Neferpitou would be killed, but who did the killing was a big question back then. Before I fetched some spoilers from Hunterpedia, I guessed that this neko ant would be killed by Knov, Morel, Netero, or Hisoka (if he would show up).

I was dreaming of a Bisky, Killua, and Gon vs Pitou rumble, but I was surprised that Gon took the neko out alone. A furious and forcibly grown-up Gon wiped out Neferpitou's head, body, soul, and everything after being mocked for bringing back Kite.

#7 - Mitsuba

Mitsuba's death, Mitsuba, Alluka's request, decline, Hunter x Hunter, Zoldyck butlers, Zoldyck,
Mitsuba's death

If you did not spoil yourself by reading the manga or Hunterpedia, Mitsuba's death must have freaked you out totally. She was instructed by Kikyo Zoldyck, mother of Killua, to decline all requests from Alluka. 

Obeying the orders from the lady of the estate, she declined Alluka's requests four times in a row, and as a result, she was instantly crushed into minced meat. Her unfortunate story alone tells us how deadly Killua's favorite sibling was.

#6 - Prince Momoze, Kacho, and Prince Sale Sale

Momoze getting killed.

Deaths are imminent in a battle royale. Although already expected, the manga successfully won readers with shock and awe. We're like, "So that's how they do it." As followers of Yoshihiro Togashi's masterpiece, we must swallow this astonishing turn of events. Remember, we all asked for it!

Prince Momoze dies shortly after the beginning of the contest. Hanzo annihilated the perpetrator who drew the first blood, but the terrifying truth about this succession war will make you question whether you can watch to the end. The deaths are real, and they are coming!

Prince Sale Sale dies shortly after his guardian beast is taken out.

Sale-sale is an obvious sitting duck in this competition. Even with his age and Nen beast, there's no way he can win this thing. Still, his death was used to show how the high-ranking guards of the first prince do the dirty job. Interestingly, the assailant's ability is called "How To Get Away With Murder," which is a perfect way to assassinate someone without evidence because the rules will penalize those who kill royalty. 

Yes, a bloody battle royale expects one surviving prince, but killing is not allowed. Huh?

I guess that guard would have a fake ability if questioned under oath.

Now, everyone must bust their brains so we can all follow. Thanks for the puzzles, Togashi-sensei.

Kacho's death is different.

This whole Kakin succession war where siblings are pitted against each other is insane. Why should we participate?

That's what a sound person like Kacho would think. Unbeknownst to her, her twin, and the bodyguards who helped them escape the competition, there's a hefty punishment for those who attempt to flee.

After a series of heart-pounding events, the twin's efforts went to naught. Tendrils of darkness, presumably from a Kakin Nen Beast that ensures everyone complies with the tradition, caught and killed Kacho, who prioritized her twin's safety over hers. 

As a sister who fakes being a diva just so everyone would choose to save her twin instead of her, we knew she would sacrifice herself. But not this early.

When the anime is out, this part will make you cry!

Damn, we liked her!

#5 - The Death of the 14th Prince's Bodyguards and Maid

Kurapika dealt with so much stress at the beginning of the Kakin Succession Arc. Although shocking, the deaths of the unfortunate guards and maid came quick, and it's best to read the manga.

Woody was presumed killed by Woble's guardian beast. Kurapika thought it was because of his hostility or bad intentions, which is still unconfirmed.

With parasitic Nen beasts and a 1st Prince Bodyguard infiltrating Prince Wobble's room, the surviving team went down to only Kurapika, Bill, Shimano, and Queen Oito (Prince Wobble's mother).

Kurapika soon found an ally in the Third Prince and possibly the acknowledgment of other Princes when he offered to tell them about Nen, a way to protect themselves. However, the shocking deaths he witnessed in a short amount of time would exhaust anyone.

#4 - Sarasa

The Phantom Troupe's background is jaw-dropping, revealing how Kurapika and Chrollo's childhood are intertwined. The chapter convinced us that the notorious group of thieves were once Meteor City kids living on the outside world's scraps. 

A frail Chrollo, although a brilliant child, was a bully magnet. His brawny underlings, Uvogin, Phinks, Feitan, and Machi, were his previous tormentors. Among his childhood friends were Shiela (whom Kurapika and Pairo met many years ago) and Sarasa, an unfortunate victim of mutilation and trafficking. 

Togashi cleverly sets the stage to display Sarasa's shocking fate and how it became a catalyst that turned the troupe into what it is today.

#3 - Pokkle

Pokkle, Pokkle's death, Chimera Ant Arc, Hunter x Hunter
That look when you know you're _ _ _ _ e d

Pokkle was one of the 287th Hunter Examination passers alongside Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio. He became a magical beast hunter and went to NGL to hunt down the chimera ants. He didn't expect that some of the beasts he was hunting could detect and evade Nen. He was knocked down by one squadron leader and was taken to the base to serve as the most delicious food for the queen.

I guessed he had a chance to escape as he hid under the pile of skulls. He could wait for the right time to show up, stun some guards, and completely get himself out of the hive. This was the perfect game plan until Neferpitou hatched from its balloon and used En immediately. Pokkle gave out a dead-scared look when he was discovered.

Later, he was seen naked with his skull opened up as Neferpitou manipulated him to squeeze out some information about Nen. What a terrible way to get tortured before getting devoured by a hideous creature.

#2 - Ponzu

Ponzu, Ponzu's death, Chimera Ant Arc, Hunter x Hunter
Remains of Ponzu

Ponzu went to NGL with Pokkle and others. They were intercepted by some chimera ants until Pokkle was caught. She escaped from the scene and paused to use her bees to send a message. One of her bees was able to pass the paper to Kite, but it was too late to save her. She resumed running to reach for the borderline of NGL but was shot down and devoured by a chimera ant soldier.

I consider this girl as the most unfortunate of all characters. Her death was incredibly disgusting, dreadful, and unexpected. The death scene was like watching a stomach-churning episode of The Walking Dead.

#1 - Shalnark and Kortopi

The biggest shocker in Hunter x Hunter is the startling deaths of Shalnark and Kortopi. It happened in one manga chapter, and there was no hint of what was about to come.

After Chrollo's victory over Hisoka, who's presumed dead, Phantom Troupe members Machi, Shalnark, and Kortopi examined his corpse, and it was determined that he "died" due to suffocation, which sounded lame.

The two went away to do their business, and Machi was left with her former colleague to patch him up. However, Hisoka no longer needed it. He rose from the floor and was surprised that his gamble of resuscitating himself after death worked.

The careless Machi failed to think many steps ahead and turned her back. As a result, Hisoka caught her in a bungee gum and left a message for her to tell the others that he would be after the Spiders one by one. 

Machi must have realized her two comrades are in danger because they are not heavy combatants. Moreover, Shalnark's ability and tools are still with Chrollo. But no matter how enraged she was, Machi couldn't escape Hisoka's bungee gum and remained alive in his mercy.

With Hisoka no longer caring about giving second chances to his prospective toys, the two Spider members were decimated quickly, and their bodies were defiled in a horrific way. In a gloomy playground, crows feasted on their corpses, with Kortopi's head on the ground and Shalnark shackled with the swing's chains. It looks like the latter was tortured for information. We didn't know how long it took before they were found.

Their deaths would be the catalyst to a ship-wide hunt for Hisoka's head. Now, the mafias are in a mutual arrangement with the Phantom Troupe to achieve their goals. 

The shock continues as we expect the body counts to balloon as a bloodbath brewed by various stakes seems inevitable.

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