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Friday, October 24, 2014

My Favorite and Me

Minna! Let's have a small but reflective activity. I want to call it, "My FAVE and me."

I'd give my favorite HxH character, tell you why and explain my personality  through a mixture of HxH characters (1-5 characters will do). You will do the same. Just comment it below. No need to create a collage. No need to be long. You can just say the names and it depends on you if you want to further explain it. Time to ask yourself and share who you are with the family.

So I'll start...

No person is already "great" before leaving the starting line. Earning your place in the hearts of many by showing tremendous character growth is what I always notice first. Or maybe, what I'm looking into. Killua has the greatest growth of them all from being a cold assassin to a warm and selfless friend. Though he may not be a trusting soul, he always has an advantage in the very tricky world of Hunter x Hunter.

My fave and me

I am a MIXTURE OF....

Gon - 10%

Shalnark - 40%

Killua - 25%

Illumi - 25%

Pariston - 5%

So that makes me 50% Zoldyck, 40% Spider, 10% Freeccss and 5% celebrity. Also, 65% Manipulator, 25% Transmuter, 10% Enhancer and 5% Unknown. LOL.

Let's move on to the serious part!

Hunter x Hunter, Gon

I'd say Gon's perception made a great impact on me. I learned many things from him. One of those is trusting the people around you. But to me, giving over 100% of trust, understanding and love to a special someone. Gon is the reward that you'd want to get from me.

Killua, Hunter x Hunter

Like Killua, I am afraid to take risks. Sometimes I reason that I can't afford to lose anything. I go for a sure prey or to better say it, I make great plans to achieve goals and I don't make a step without enough preparation though I can pull off a bit of spontaneity sometimes. (Gon - trust and innocence) + control + analytical mind + patience (when it comes to friends) + a bit of skepticism = Killua . Killua is the good part of me.

Shalnark, Hunter x Hunter

Shalnark is my child-like facade. I love gadgets, software systems and self-learning. I also love to give the wrong impressions by showing "fake immaturity" and then surprise people (especially the overcritical or judgmental ones) of who I really am.


Illumi is my overprotective and manipulative side. I love to be in control because I believe that I can do things effectively and I'm going to hate it if everything fails because I did not make a move. Like what I said above, I can't give enough trust when it comes to matters that can potentially wreck the security and safety of my family/friends.

Pariston, Hunter x Hunter

Pariston is my intimidating/irritating/cruel lane. I always have this demon sitting in my high chair dictating me of things that I should do. "It would be fun", he said. There are times when I feed him, there are times when I don't. His intentions may be mysterious for others, maybe he just want to play or maybe he's just misunderstood. He is too complex, too interesting which is too.... ahhh... Human. A rare one.

Weird? It could be, as the word 'weird' depicts me.

So what's your HxH formula, Sir/Ma'am?


  1. Mine please:
    Gon: 20%= I'm very straightforward. REALLY, I would even ask what colour your panties are.(NO I WONT) (I'm a girl tho) Yes, I'm selfish too and I like fishing. I just have an aura saying, "Come, we can be friends."
    Palm: 10%= I threaten people with knives and I'm a love-struck person too.
    Killua: 45% =I'm very tsundere and I like chocolate so much (lol) I am very cautious about everything and I think very quickly and make plans quite easily.
    Leorio: 5%= Hot headed.

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