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Monday, October 13, 2014

Yu Yu Hakusho Reprint To Compensate For Hunter X Hunter's Hiatus?

Gon and Killua, Gon, Killua, Hunter x Hunter,
Gon and Killua

I was 10 years old when I first watched Hunter x Hunter (1999 version) in television. I was very picky when it comes to anime. Back then, I preferred to watch anime series of serious, deep, violent and mature contents rather than the kiddie stuff. *Coughs* Mojacko, Akazukin Cha-cha*Coughs*. That was me when I was a kid. Don't get me wrong because I love Akazukin Cha-cha right now. As for Mojacko, I'll try watching it soon.

Another fact about me is that, I don't discover a fantastic series on my own. They are being introduced to me.

I first heard about Hunter x Hunter from my uncle. One day, I found him watching TV and I fell in love immediately with the anime series he was watching. Yes, it was the 1999 version and the first episode I've watched was from the Phantom Troupe Arc (York Shin City Arc). I think it was the episode when Genei Ryodan infiltrated the auction and killed some of Neon's bodyguards. Uncle told me that I missed more than 50 episodes and I felt bad.

He was able to finish the Greed Island Arc. As for me, the last scene I watched was from the episode when Pakunoda died. For many years, I believed that Neon's prophecy came true and that 6 nembers of the Spiders had died including Chrollo Lucilfer.

Because I missed witnessing some parts of a great anime series that I should watch before I die, I promised myself that one day, I will search for those episodes or maybe watch the whole thing again. YouTube was not yet born  and most people in our country were not aware about the thing called internet during those times. My unwavering faith in time and technology made us meet again. I'm talking about me and Hunter x Hunter.

It was 2008 when I turned eighteen and had a job. I was a single guy back then and life was boring. I wanted to read a lot of books and play a lot of games. Then I realized that I can go back to watching anime. The first thing I remembered, was my good old friend Hunter x Hunter. So I asked as many Otaku as I could and I found out that the series was on a very long hiatus. Damn.

It was October 2011 when the first episode of the new Hunter x Hunter anime series (2011 version) was aired. I was sure that my Uncle would be very happy to see its comeback. Too bad he died at the start of the month and was not able to watch any episode of the new version. He was 39 years old.


I better stop the drama before tears flow and before you get bored. Now back to the main topic of this article which is the Yu Yu Hakusho reprinting stuff.

Yu Yu Hakusho Characters, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Yusuke, Ghostfighter
Yu Yu Hakusho Characters

Fans of Yoshihiro Togashi may be relieved by the news that Viz Media has announced that they will reprint his popular manga series "Yu Yu Hakusho". This was already done on different digital platforms including their own site/app, Kindle, Google Play, Kindle and iBookstore.

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best shonen manga of all time.

The Hunter x Hunter anime series ended with 148 episodes and the manga is on hiatus again due to serious back pain issues of Togashi. And as we all know, the manga hiatus has become indefinite. With this, producers are supposing that followers are hungry for a Yoshihiro Togashi 'feel' and that the Yu Yu Hakusho reprint could keep the fans calm.

Six months ago, a blogger asked a scary question. The question goes: "What if Togashi won't finish Hunter x Hunter?" During these times, the Dark Continent was announced a long time ago but was never released. Fear set into the hearts of many fans as the fact that you'll never know the ending of your favorite anime series is really devastating. Not only that it is your favorite, but Hunter x Hunter is indeed one of the best and most wanted anime/manga series of all time.

The fans were relieved that a few months after the blogger asked this question, the first chapter of the Dark Continent arc was released. But then again, the manga was brought to an indefinite status. The blogger's question is now like a ghost of the past, haunting each and every Hunter x Hunter lover.

Is the Yu Yu Hakusho manga reprint enough  to compensate for Hunter x Hunter's hiatus? Different HxH fan pages in Facebook are being flooded with an orgy of questions such as when will the anime resume, when will Togashi continue the manga and more. I am also a fan of the Yu Yu Hakusho series, but what I can only say is, HUNTER x HUNTER is HUNTER x HUNTER. No matter how many anime you stuff in mouth, I won't exchange my Hunter x Hunter series.

Hisoka, Hunter x Hunter

Reprinting of Yu Yu Hakusho? Yes its good. Another interesting material to read. But for the intention to please HxH fans? Thank you and we appreciate it. But I guess it won't be enough.

The best fix I suppose, would be to know when the manga is going to resume. But this hiatus getting indefinite means restlessness or an ever-lasting discontentment for the Hunter x Hunter fans.

I will wait for Hunter x Hunter. It may take a lifetime but I know it's worth it.

So let me ask again...

Is the Yu Yu Hakusho manga reprint enough  to compensate for Hunter x Hunter's hiatus?

What do you think?


  1. Hello there, I was touched by this beautiful blog. I can say that you really love Hunter X Hunter very much, me too I really love Hunter X Hunter. Back when i was 2nd year college a friend of mine introduced it to me. But sadly i ignore the Hunter X Hunter at that time cause i was busy with watching other anime (I am also an otaku but just a typical otaku.). He was telling to watch Hunter X Hunter eagerly but still i didn't listen to him. 2 years passed i am now in 4th year college and guess what, Netero was the first character that made me curios to watch this Hunter X Hunter. Recently i just finished watching Hunter X Hunter (This month). I said to myself after watching, "WHAT THE HEC* i just skip a very BEAUTIFUL ANIME why didn't i watched it 2years ago.". And i also added this: "SH*T when will be next season of Hunter X Hunter." Like other fans i also have a lot of questions. Like the question from that blogger. It will be a huge shutdown if that happens. I feel sad when the manga has stop, and i am hoping that the manga would continue it's adventure. I AM PRAYING FOR THE AUTHOR AND THE ILLUSTRATOR OF HUNTER X HUNTER. And now for your last question from above, i agree with you. HUNTER X HUNTER is HUNTER X HUNTER .. :D THANKS FOR POSTING THIS ARTICLE/BLOG.

  2. Hi Neferpitou,

    Thank you for reading this article. I'm very happy that you liked it.

    'Ignoring some anime series' and 'not giving an anime series a chance' are some of the normal mistakes of Otakus. Like I said above, I ignored Akazukin Cha-Cha before but now, I'm in love with it. So I guess everyone has done it. Don't feel so bad about ignoring HxH before. The important thing is, you were able to catch up and you fell in love with it.

    It really is a pain for me when Madhouse said goodbye to Hunter x Hunter. But I'm still keeping my hopes up that one day it'll be back. And also, I wish that I'm still alive and strong during those times.

    Don't lose hope Neferpitou. There is still a huge possibility for Hunter x Hunter to continue in both manga and anime. Let's keep our hopes up and take care of ourselves til that day comes.

    You can count on me for posting the latest insights, news and other articles about HxH. Thanks Neferpitou. Feel free to roam around the website/blog to your heart's content.


  3. Hi! can you recommend me some Anime to watch and Manga to read. Im new to Anime and Manga to read. Tnx.

  4. Amagi Brilliant Park and Parasyte are some of the hottest anime series right now.

    As for manga, you can try Judge by Yoshiki Tonogai... I haven't started reading it yet but the plot is very interesting.


  5. Let me add up... The manga, Knights of Sidonia is also cool.

  6. Oh really, it's a pleasure.!!? :3 For me, when i build hopes i really mean it. I really has or have a big hopes or expectations. But if i got the wrong info or shall we say the false alarm news it really saddens me >.< well yeah if you say so then i have a high hopes on this :D As of now, i can't find any replacement of HunterXHunter but recently i just finished watching the Ao Haru Ride and it was great but i am more in ADVENTURES :3 Thanks for reading my comment sir. I wanna talk a little bit but i have some work(OJT) for tomorrow so i must sleep early though it's midnight already but it can't be helped right? that's the life of being an OTAKU :3 which is like "JUST ONLY 1 episode left so i'm gonna bear it a little more."

    This is my first time commenting to a blog and guess what i was checking this comment of mine if somebody has replied yet. Luckily i received one reply coming from you!!:3 and it flatters me (DRAMA) but it's really true. I was like "HERE IT IS- HERE IT IS. The reply." :3 Thanks for the appreciation. Don't worry i'll visit this blog everytime to check and have some updates of anime :3 Thank you.

    can we be friends in fb? here is my fb:

  7. i have a list in my MAL(MyAnimeList) account you can view this as a preference of what anime you want to watch. Here is my MAL account :

  8. Hi Neferpitou. I have added you now as friend. Sorry I responded late this time. This is Shalnark by the way. :D

    I'll be sad if Hunter x Hunter will not be finished. But I guess, the best thing to do is to keep hoping and praying that it'll continue. I want to show my unwavering faith on the creator and anime series no matter what.

    HxH will never be replaced by anything. All of them has their own kicks. There may be a new fantastic anime series that will earn a place in my heart but HxH already occupies a huge part of it and nothing can change that.

    Thanks for visiting the blog. Good luck and take care!


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