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Friday, October 31, 2014

WTF Moments of Hunter X Hunter 2011 (Part 1)

A Halloween special? Hmmm, maybe...

Yikes! WTF?

Fans of Hunter x Hunter may also see this as a huge throwback. I went back to the previous episodes, scraped each arcs and collected all the scenes that made our jaws drop. For now, we will cover Hunter Exam Arc, Zoldyck Family Arc and  Heaven's Arena Arc. Sit back and relax as we go along the best WTF moments of our beloved Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime series.

If I forgot something, your mission as a reader and a HxH fan is to add them up below in the comments. So 3, 2, 1 and here we go!


When this guy gets a taste of Hisoka's magic...

Hunter x Hunter, Hunter Exam, First victim, Hisoka, Hisoka's first victim
Got bumped and then what...

After Nen was introduced, I'm still like WTF happened here? Maybe Hisoka cut the arm and he made it look like it was fading away with his 'texture surprise'. That's my own deduction and I'm still on the fence about it.


When Killua confessed what he did to his mother and divulged his plans for his family...

What a brilliant kid.

"So I stabbed my mother in the face and my brother...." WTF!!! That's very pleasant to hear Killua. Now, I like you. XD


When Killua stole someone's heart...

Killua - stealing hearts at the age of twelve

...literally. WTF.


When Leorio had a great time... You know.

Am I a girl or a boy? Touch me to find out.

WTF are you doing, Leorio?! So you know what happened next. Leorio was in heaven. I'm just not sure whether his happy because he discovered that it was actually a... Oh no, don't mind me. XD


When acupuncture was proven to be super effective...

Oh, acupuncture eh?

WTF is happening to your face, man?

Wow. Super Effective!

WTF! But, I'm too good-looking to undergo this. Maybe some guys need this kind of transformation. Who wants to try?


When the Zoldyck dog's appetite was recognized.

Mike's meal

A few seconds after the intruders went in, this happened to them. WTF! That was fast.


When Killua became spiderman...

Spider Killua

Wing-san showed his Nen to the kids and Killua reacted this bad. It just shows the trauma he experienced while at the Zoldyck Estate.


When Kastro was raped by Hisoka...

Kastro killed by Hisoka

Not literally this time.


When Hisoka's decapitated hands were sewn back...

Oh, hello there.

WTF! So this is Hunter x Hunter.


When Gon landed a hit on Hisoka.

Got you!

 Gon FTW! Oh... I mean WTF you're sugoi and so kawaii!

My internet connection is not doing good right now so I'll divide this into many parts. Stay in touch and wait for the next installment of 'WTF Moments of Hunter X Hunter 2011'.


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