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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Newest Sword Art Online Game Site Launched! Teaser Video Was Also Released!

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Wanna play with him?

The official site of the upcoming 2015 PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita game Sword Art Online: Lost Song was launched. Together with it was the release of a fantastic teaser video.

Set in the world of fairies and magic, Alfheim Online, SAO brings you an all-new story to enjoy. The continent of Svart ALfheim is a mysterious new floating continent. It is said to include multiple area types which include icebergs, deserts, plains and more. The areas are said to be approximately 16 square kilometers in size and can be freely explored on foot or in the air.

Lost song, will be the first Sword Art Online game where players can choose to play as someone other than Kirito. It is still being determined whether they will let players to customize their own avatar.

As for game play, the combat can be set into land or air. Air battles provide easy maneuver to players. There are lots of things to experience here. Plenty of reasons why you should watch the anime and grab a copy of this day.

Please don't forget the official site. Watch the teaser video as well!

Spoiler: You won't be able to log out until you cleared the game. LOL. Just kidding.

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