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Monday, July 2, 2018

Baka Song Lyrics By Luffy [with ENGLISH TRANSLATION]

Although a brief song, One Piece fans had a great laugh on this song Monkey D. Luffy composed himself. We have heard Luffy singing many times already, but for some, Luffy's Skypiea song is one of the most notable and hilarious. The song was called "Baka Song" (Idiots' Song), probably because "baka" is the last word in the lyrics and it's one of the first Japanese words you will learn while watching anime.

The song was first featured in Chapter 257. One Piece manga readers were curious as to how it would be sung until Episode 169 of the anime adaptation was aired. Luffy's island song was sung again in Episode 291 in Grand Jipangu counterpart.

We're hoping that the production will release an official luffy baka song (full) soon. For now, let's enjoy this short excerpt from Luffy's genius mind.

Baka Song Lyrics

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Japanese Romaji

(1st verse)
Minami mo shima wa
Atta ke e ~ ♪
Atama pokapoka
Aho bakaaa ~ ♫

(2nd verse)
Kita no shima wa
Samui ~ ♪
Atama buruburu
Aho bakaaa ~ ♫

English Translation

(1st verse)
The islands in the south are warm...
And their heads get really hot...
They grow-a pineapples...
They grow-a coconuts...
And they're all idiots!

(2nd verse)
The islands in the north are snowy...
And their heads get really cold...
They're very chilly-chilly...
They're very willy-nilly...
And they're all idiots!

Had Wiper did not show up, we'll surely have the full lyrics to this Baka song. For now, we'll just watch and wait for it to be sung again.

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