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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dragon Ball Leaks From Its Newest Anime Series? Probable First-Look Synopsis And Screenshots

If you hesitantly jumped out of the Dragon Ball craze after the conclusion of the epic Tournament of Power, here's a good reason to get your anime bum back to the Dragon Ball discussions.

It wasn't long ago when Toei Animation aired the last episode of Dragon Ball Super. After a few months, it seems like there's another new DB episode coming our way. Dragon Ball Heroes promotion is set to launch anytime soon and the internet already has this sneak-peak kind of tease of the show!

Bandai Namco and Toei Animation collaborated to bring us the game franchise, Dragon Ball Heroes. With the promotion of this game, it was revealed that the new anime series, named as Super Dragon Ball Heroes, will be based from one of its arcs — Prison Planet Saga.

If you have been stalking the Dragon Ball Carddass website for some time now, you must have seen their new home page. They published not just the sypnosis, but the screenshots of the upcoming arc as well.

Here's what you can see in the new Dragon Ball website's page.

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These Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission screenshots show the picture of a captured Future Trunks, probably thinking of a way to escape from jail. Another scene gives us an image of Future Mai reaching out for something. Goku is also seen flexing his ki while mid-air. Finally, a seemingly strong, white-haired muscular guy with purple skin and glasses is shown with a wry smile, suggesting that he could be one of the villains, probably the main antagonist in the newest Dragon Ball anime series.

This muscular alien is Fu, and you'll know more about this mysterious character in a few days or weeks as we get more news about the Prison Planet Saga. We're pretty sure that fans of the series will keep a curious eye on this new character.

However, these images are nothing new as gamers have seen them before in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes reel, which is an anime take of Prison Planet Saga. Feel free to comb through this intro video below for clues and insight into the upcoming Dragon Ball anime series.

It has been confirmed that the Dragon Ball franchise will make another comeback on July 2018. The official site of Dragon Ball Heroes posted the below sypnosis:

“Goku and Vegeta set off to train where they’re visited once more by Future Trunks. But, suddenly, Trunks vanishes and the mysterious man ‘Fu’ appears.
He says that Trunks is held at the uncharted Prison Planet built between the universes. To be freed, they must gather the Dragon Balls and expect endless, tremendous battles.
Will Goku and friends be able to reach Prison Planet and save Trunks?”

Also watch the below video to know more about this Dragon Ball project reveal.

Those who knew about the game can tell that the synopsis closely relates to the story of Prison Planet Saga in the game. Fu will hold Future Trunks hostage and to save him, Goku and Vegeta should gather the Dragon Balls. However, they meet some strong enemies as they continue with the search.

So what do you think of the upcoming story arc?

Those who haven't watched Dragon Ball Super, the anime series is currently airing its English Dub in Toonami's Adult Swim during Saturday evenings (9:00 PM). You can also watch the Japanese Dun via stream Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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