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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Togashi Talks About The Lifespan Of Hunter x Hunter Series

When will Yoshihiro Togashi finish Hunter x Hunter?

Below we discussed about possible stories to tackle and what Togashi thinks about the remaining length of his own series.

Hunter x Hunter how long the series would go

Gon's Story Suggests Two Arcs More?

Gon finally have met his father in person. However, his fight with Neferpitou left him powerless. Going in an adventure with his friends and bumping into a member of the Phantom Troupe or a creature in the Dark Continent would be fatal for him. But knowing Gon, he'd definitely jump in to this crazy and deadly adventure to get his nen back.


Another Arc For Killua And The Rest Of The Zoldycks?

Killua managed to save Gon's life and free Alluka from the Zoldyck house. I assume they are trying to get as far as they could to avoid their brother, Illumi and the rest of his family. The chase could go on forever!


Could Be Kurapika's Conclusion?

Kurapika is currently busy with multi-tasking - serving as one of the prince's bodyguards and getting closer to collecting the remaining eyes of his clan. The story may seem to build around him as of this time and it doesn't look good for him. But even if he dies by the end of this arc, there are still some questions that need answers. Although sad, the story must continue without him.


Is It The Final Arc For Leorio?

Leorio's ambition and maybe Kurapika, is all that fuels him as of this time. These Hunter x Hunter main characters may lose their plot armor and die at some point. With many powerful nen users on board the ship and the looming Dark Continent threat, the arc is death itself. However, Hunter x Hunter should continue to shed light about its unsolved mysteries even without these two main characters.


Another Arc For Gon Versus Hisoka

Hunter x Hunter how long the series would go, Hisoka

Hisoka's killing streak continues. While waiting for Gon to ripen, he's playing around with Chrollo Lucilfer and the rest of the gang. There's a huge chance he won't die in the arc but with his background published in a one shot manga two years ago, we can only expect nothing but action and blood from him. Don't die yet, clown.


Total: 4

Adding them all up, we think there would be four more arcs after the Dark Continent. These are just our estimation.

Now, let's take a look at Togashi's own computation of how long the Hunter x Hunter series would go.

Before we continue, if you got lost in this article and don't know a thing about Hunter x Hunter, here's a link with all the tasty Hunter x Hunter wiki info for you.

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What Did Yoshihiro Togashi Say About The Length Of The Series?

Here's what Yoshihiro Togashi has to say about how long the series would go.

We're somehow close.

Unexpected events in the quote above could mean health issues that resulted to multiple hiatus. It no longer helps to post the hiatus chart here as for many fans, it doesn't matter.

Togashi, Hunter x Hunter series, Hxh manga, hxh anime

But many would recommend Togashi to accept all the help that he needs especially now that he himself has started to see the possibility of his body giving up before he could finish the series. It could take many years!

Who knows when would Dark Continent Arc meet its conclusion?

The exciting part has just begun for the succession contest where the princes should kill each other to win the throne. On the side, the Phantom Troupe is hunting down Hisoka. Counting all these in, there could be over 100 hunter x hunter episodes or chapters in DC arc alone!

Compared to Yu Yu Hakusho, the endgame of the series is expected to be well executed, thus, many are looking forward to witnessing the very last chapters.

Togashi-sensei must work smarter instead of working harder. But if he insists to micromanage the production because he's happy to do it, or let's just say he wants to enjoy what he think would be his "life's final act" - then so be it.

Netero life final act, Hisoka, How long Hunter x Hunter series would go, Togashi comments
"my life's final act" - Netero
While we wish Togashi-sensei a longer life even after he successfully completed Hunter x Hunter, we let him do as he pleases because we love him. We just continue to hope for the best.

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