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Privacy Policy

Last update: January 23, 2020

The OTAKU FANTASY team does not store any data such as your contact info, messages and anything related to your activity and identity.

Apart from newsletter where you voluntarily add your details, there is no other way we can.

We're just a small team of bloggers writing contents about things we can relate to. We don't have apps that give us the ability peek on your IP, hack your camera or use whatever shenanigans so we can know more about you. We are busy as a bee, and we don't have the resources to spend on this kind of technology. Moreover, we don't even know how to do such complicated things as of this writing.

It means that even if our ultimate anime crushes come to life, and seductively asks for your data, we got nothing to say but be sorry because we don't have it. And even if we do, we still won't share your details as it would cost us our lives and our integrity.

What you do using your device, stays in your device.

Third Party Apps And Cookies

We do use a third party service which is Google Adsense. It allows us to display ads and it's where we get financial support to maintain the site. They may and add use cookies to learn and tailor the kind of ad that they would like to display in our ad panels. These cookies, however, cannot acquire your personal data unless you voluntarily add them to a section of our site. (Otaku Fantasy will only know your email address if you sign up to our newsletter)

Please be advised that if you provided information to other places and saved it on your browser, the cookies may have those data already. If you want to opt out of our Google Adsense use of cookies, please visit your Ad Settings.

For longer version of this privacy policy, click here.

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