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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Dark Leader of the Outlaws (Fan Fiction)

DISCLAIMER: This is a Hunter x Hunter Fan Fiction. I do not own Hunter x Hunter. The story contained within this fan fiction is the sole property of Otaku Fantasy. Hunter x Hunter, its characters and trademarks are being owned by Shueisha/Fuji TV/Yoshihiro Togashi. Other trademarks mentioned in this fan fiction belongs to their respective copyright owners. This fan fiction is made for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended by the author and the site owner.

The Dark Leader of the Outlaws

Chrollo Lucilfer is the head of a notorious gang called the Phantom Troupe. After a heart-pounding chase, he was captured by the Kuruta clan survivor, Kurapika. He was set free after a trade but he was prohibited to use Nen and to communicate with other members of his group. Breaking the conditions of the scarlet-eyed boy would result to his death. Delve deeper to the world of the dark leader of the outlaws, witness the history of the Phantom Troupe and see all his encounters while waiting for the right moment to strike back.

Chapter 1 - The Dark Days

The two were caught at the same time that the sun had disappeared. This was the second time that they fell to the hands of the deadly group.

Sensing something odd about the two young hunters, the man wearing a coat that bears St. Peter's cross ordered his subordinate to tie them up. He was about to withdraw his attention from them when the spiky-haired boy asked him a question.

"Why do you freely kill people who have nothing to do with you?”


Chapter 2 - Indoor Fish

"The first one is for your leader."

The dirigible aircraft in Ringon airport had taken off. It carried six passengers: the pilot, Leorio, Kurapika, Melody, Chrollo and Pakunoda.

At the first sight of the woman wearing a blazer and a short skirt, Melody was sure that there would be no blood bath inside the zeppelin. She was certain that no Genei Ryodan members had followed Pakunoda on her way to the airport.


Chapter 3 - The Bandit's Secret

With the exception of Chrollo Lucilfer, it is the first time for the members of the Genei Ryodan to fight other Nen users.

Being new on fighting another Nen user like herself was not a problem for Pakunoda. She was fast enough to guard her left cheek with the free left arm, decreasing the damage that she received from the blow.

“Tssssk.” Paku whined.

She was about to answer their opponent with an attack using the butt of her revolver but the old man quickly moved backwards as if he already knew Pakunoda’s next move.

Her wrist did hurt and a couple of bones in her left arm were broken. Although she was a bit injured, that didn’t stop her from chasing the white-haired man. Since her bullets couldn’t hit the target, she decided to entrust everything to her own speed and power. The blonde jumped to the air, readied her right legs and aimed for a spinning heel kick. READ MORE.

Chapter 4 - The Temporary Bodyguard

The magician flung the ace of spade to his target. His excitement was far from the usual. He had never experienced that extreme tingling sensation for many years.

"He's lying. I already told him that I was a fake member of the spider. That should be enough provocation for him to kill me now..." The aggressor was sure about it.   READ MORE.

Chapter 5 - The Assassin's Target

Policemen, mafia guards, hunters and regular citizens constantly paced the busy streets of York Shin City. It was another active night for construction workers, firemen and medics who were assigned to mop up of the mess from the recent turmoil. The traffic only grew heavier after the ruckus caused by the Phantom Troupe. READ MORE.

Chapter 6 - The Kurta's Dream

It was the nicest day for Kurapika and Pairo. After an exhausting clan festival, they went back to running around the Lukso woods. The sun was up but the shades of the trees protected their skin from burning. The swirling plants looked even more beautiful. READ MORE

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