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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy World Otaku Day

Hey Otakus!

One of the things that gave me a reason to cheer up this morning is the marking of World Otaku Day. I've been a fan of anime and games for years but it is only now that I've learned about this very important day for someone like me. So, how will you celebrate this world-wide commemoration?

Otaku Day, World Otaku Day, Hunter x Hunter, Gon and Killua, Otaku, Otaku Pride
Happy World Otaku Day! - Fantasy Fan Leogan

I was thinking of going to work for overtime but a lot of things had stopped me. Aside from the need to get enough rest to recharge by weary body and mind, I still have a lot of planning and things to do. Today, the 15th of December, I will celebrate the World Otaku Day by spending more time with my blog, watching anime series, Facebook fan page and playing games.

By the way, I have marked by left wrist with ^w^. This symbol according to some Otaku Facebook pages, shows the Otaku Pride. Since I am administering an Otaku-oriented blog, I need to be a part of this celebration. To prove that it actually happened, here is the picture of my left wrist. J

Happy World Otaku Day, Otaku Day, World Otaku Day, wrist, Otaku Pride, otaku
Otaku Pride

Let’s see what beautiful things are coming to everyone of us today. Enjoy and Happy World Otaku Day!

Lots of care,

Your Otaku boy Leogan

Credits to: Killua Zoldyck

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