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Monday, October 30, 2023

Hunter x Hunter News: Togashi Started Writing Again. Let's Hope For The Best!

Amid the extended One Piece Live Action Hype, there's one big piece of news that quickly got swept under the rug — for the nth time, Togashi is working on Hunter x Hunter!

After seven months of silence, the mangaka tweeted another update. Showing a zoomed image of his work setup, Yoshihiro Togashi added the caption "Start Over," a reference to Sakurazaka46’s album.


Hunter x Hunter Story: Where Are We At? 

Our last two publications about Hunter x Hunter demonstrated our hope that our favorite series will return soon. Yes, we enumerated the signs of life that suggest the return of HxH.

The manga went on another hiatus after chapter 400, "Secrecy." This segment was published back in December 2022, and after the last notice, Togashi's team revealed that Hunter x Hunter will no longer run weekly and that negotiations are in place.

However, that's the last we've heard about it. This time, it was easier to accept that the series had entered another indefinite hiatus.

HxH Future: Let's Bet Or Let's Just Hope For The Best?

We've long been fans of the Hunter x Hunter manga and its different media. 

But with many things that happened in our lives and the anime world, we couldn't help but go cold and have fewer expectations about the recent Hunter X Hunter update.

Someone should ask this question: How many chapters will it take before it goes back to hiatus?

As much as we're tempted to play bets with our closest friends, we decided to go on with our adult lives and hope for the best. 

Although we can leave the topic resolved on its own, we're curious about the new serialization of the manga. As Hunter x Hunter will no longer be in the Weekly Shonen Jump, we're in the dark regarding its future. No publication details have been revealed as of this date.

Currently, we're trying our best not to get excited about Hunter x Hunter manga as we put our attention and efforts into other anime projects. But the moment Togashi's masterpiece is out again with more blood and bombs, trust that we're one of the first to jump in and share news about it.

We're going to share a silly theory behind it, too. See you soon!

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