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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Exploring the World of Sports Anime: Top Picks for Every Fan

Sports anime is arguably the most popular anime among fans globally. The anime sports genre offers a wide range of remarkable shows that cover nearly all the sports you can think of. Moreover, it is extremely exciting to watch a sports anime as there is no limit to what the writers and animators can do. If you’re new to the world of sports anime, don’t fret, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. Below are top-rated sports anime you can enjoy.

Dance Dance Danseur

Manga artist George Asakura is the brains behind Dance Dance Danseur, which was produced by Mappa Studio. In this anime, Junpei Murao has loved ballet since his childhood but has to grapple with the idea of pursuing it publicly because he worries it will weaken him. He joins his school’s soccer team but keeps his love for ballet undisclosed because he wants to fit in and avoid others making fun of him.

However, Miyako Godai, one of his classmates, notices Murao’s outstanding kick that hints at his secreted ballet skill. So, she attempts to convince him to join her mother’s ballet studio to help him realize his dancing potential.

Dance Dance Danseur addresses concerns regarding masculinity and the pressure people go through in a quest to conform to societal norms. Its premise is thought-provoking since the hero cannot enjoy the game they loves effortlessly and has to triumph over his mental battles to wholly embrace who he really is.

This is an excellent anime for sports fans, including those who love wagering on their favorite sports. If you’re a sports betting fan, 20bet.PH is an interesting option that offers unmatched perks. Watching anime and wagering on sports will help take your sports fandom experience to the next level.


This is a volleyball-themed anime that follows the story of Hinata Shoyo. The anime is adapted from the Manga developed by Haruichi Furudate and produced by I.G. Productions. After watching a volleyball star known as the “little giant” in a volleyball match, Shoyo is stirred to start playing the game.

Shoyo sees himself as his new hero, especially because the “little giant” is not tall. Inspired to develop his volleyball skills, he set up a team to participate in a middle school tournament against a tough team. 

Unfortunately, his team is defeated. Instead of giving up, he became even hungry for more!

Shoyo joins the high school and joins the volleyball team called Karasuno. Interestingly, one of the tough opponents from the disastrous loss in the middle school tournament is now his teammate. Generally, this is an interesting anime that captures the essence of team-based sports.


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SK8 the Infinity

SK8 is the foremost skateboarding-themed anime that was written by Ichiro Okouchi, and Bones Studio animated it. Reiki Kyan is captivated by skateboarding thanks to the delight and adrenaline he experiences from it. He visits an abandoned underground mine that hosts dangerous skateboarding races called “S.”

Reki meets Langa Hasegawa, a half-Canadian and half-Japanese student, and introduces him to his surreptitious world. Sk8 is a vivacious anime that boasts a flamboyant art style and ludicrous characters. Furthermore, it introduces a unique sports culture characterized by risk, impulsiveness, competitiveness, and fun for those who choose to participate.

Ping-Pong the Animation

Manga artist Taiyo Matsumoto brought this anime to life while Tatsunoko Production produced it. The animation describes the story of two best mates, Smile and Peco, who play ping-pong. They begin playing matches and participating in competitive table tennis matches where their deficiencies and diffidence are laid bare.  

The anime is the narrative of two buddies and their experiences as they deal with their shortcomings. It captures characters who, despite being talented and skillful, they’re only human. Moreover, it highlights the notion that regardless of how good you think you are at something, there’s someone who can be better.

Hajime No Ippo

Talented artist George Morikawa wrote and illustrated this anime, which was produced by Madhouse Animation. This is a boxing-themed anime that narrates the story of 16-year-old Ippo Makunouchi. Ippo works hard to help his mom with her fishing boat rental business.    

However, he is also shy, and his reticent nature encourages bullies to hit him repeatedly, bruising him and leaving him devastated. Boxer Mamoru Takamura notices Ippo’s bullying incident after school and runs to rescue him before taking him back to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym until he recuperates. Ippo familiarizes himself with the boxing world after spending some time with Takamura.

He decides to learn how to fight to be able to stand up for himself. His new venture helps him discover willpower and transformation each time he enters the ring. This anime is an unmatched piece full of boxing technical elements and lessons on defending yourself. 

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