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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Anime's Sporting Legends: Characters That Play to Win


Our otaku friends have been into Blue Lock lately. Although we highly recommend this anime, we're not into it yet. However, that led us to a very lengthy discussion of real-life athletes after the Asian Games that wrapped up recently.

Of course, we discussed sports anime for starters so that our friends who are just beginning their otaku journey can relate.

Sports anime have different plots, character types, and the sports being played. However, they all have one thing in common – incredible athletes. These athletes can compete at the highest level, participating in traditional sports. 

This article takes you through five anime sporting legends that play to win. Let's dig in!

Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu!!)

Haikyuu!! is undoubtedly one of the best sports anime partly because of its assorted and brilliant cast of characters. Hinata starts with his incomparable jump height and zero volleyball skills. Over time, he learns the game, developing a "freak quick attack" with rival and co-player Tobio Kageyama. This development enables his team to take on top-rated high schools nationwide.

After graduating, Hinata goes abroad, where he spends time on the bench in Brazil. He later joined Japan's MSBY Black Jackals. By the end of the Haikyuu!! manga series Hinata has joined Japan's national volleyball team.

Hinata's prowess is evident, making him a potential standout in the Olympic games. Sports enthusiasts may find themselves placing bets on the team he joins, hoping for their victory. If you're into sports betting, you can explore the best betting platforms - look out for a player like Shoyo in every team you predict to win on the tapak pertaruhan terbaik for the best experience.

Daiki Aomine (Kuroko no Basket)

Daiki Aomine was the ace of a team of five players with prodigious skills known as Generation of Miracles back in Teiko Junior High. Kuroko no Basket's "monster" currently plays for Too Academy, which has some of the most talented players in the nation as a power forward.

His physical capacity, techniques, and mental prowess are pro-level. Additionally, when he is in his Zone, he becomes really unrelenting! As a baller who can make pinpoint baskets from anywhere on the court, Hayato would fit in any top-rated team.

Seijuro Akashi (Kuroko's Basketball)

Seijuro Akashi of Kuroko's Basketball is the show's popular and fascinating captain. Akashi is also a member of the "generation of miracles." Despite his small stature, Akashi is a player you can't overlook. Apart from his exceptional basketball skills, he also boasts an inimitable skill known as "Emperor's Eye."

This unique skill enables Akashi to rise quickly to the top of any squad he joins. Furthermore, his leadership abilities are impressive. In this sense, he has contributed significantly to Rakuzan High's basketball squad as a player and, most importantly, as a leader.    

Haiji Kiyose (Run with the Wind)

Haiji Kiyose is the charismatic leader in Run with the Wind. He is the only member of the track team at Kansai University remaining. Haiji uses rare tactics to bring in new members to ensure the club remains alive. He let a number of the school's misfits and homeless reside in the dorms, but there's a catch- he tells them they have to join the track team to remain there.

He believes in his ragtag team of runners and keeps pursuing his goal of winning the Hakone Ekiden. This is the most difficult and respected marathon sprint series. He is dedicated to the team and helps them by encouraging them, getting them in shape, and caring for their emotional and physical well-being.

Kunimitsu Tezuka (Prince of Tennis)

Are you a sports captain? Well, you need to follow Kunimitsu Tezuka keenly; you can take a page out of his playbook. He is the captain of the Seigaku tennis team in the Prince of Tennis anime. He is identified as a hard-hitting leader. For instance, he is a stickler for order, always ensuring everyone plays by the book. Despite spending most of his time in the anime, he does not give up. He keeps helping his side to win.

Whenever his team needs his elegant play to win, Tezuka repeatedly puts his hurt arm at risk. He is the team's rock, backing up his teammates and doing whatever it takes. Despite his strict manner, his teammates still appreciate and admire him.

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