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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Where Is Hisoka? Some Clues Found In Hunter x Hunter Succession Arc Manga [Spoiler Alert]

Spider with 2 lost limbs and 10 remaining and creepy face of hisoka with images of Machi, Bonolenov, Illumi, Chrollo and Feitan from Hunter x Hunter manga

We are convinced that he was there, blended with the others very well, and is waiting for a spider to make a wrong move and become his first victim...

To those who have not seen the latest Hunter x Hunter manga chapters and don't want to get spoiled, please check other HxH articles we have instead. But if you're updated with what happened so far, and you want to know where the hell we think Hisoka is hiding, feel free to proceed.


First, let's have a Godspeed-kind of recap.

  • The Kakin Empire ship has departed for the Dark Continent.
  • Hisoka earned the fight he dreamt of and got killed by Chrollo in the process.
  • Hisoka was revived by nen and reaped two Genei Ryodan members.
  • Three princes already perished in the strategic and civil succession war. 
  • Kurapika is burning his remaining lifespan with Emperor time to save as much life as possible and get to the 4th Prince, Tserriednich.
  • Illumi Zoldyck joins the Phantom Troupe.
  • Chrollo Lucilfer and the spider members are now hunting down Hisoka on the same ship. 

Finding Hisoka

With 10 remaining strong members and with the mafia groups' help, the Phantom Troupe should be able to find their target quickly. However, Hisoka has the ability to change his appearance with Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise, which makes the search a lot trickier and more dangerous.

In the manga, Hisoka hasn't shown up yet (in his usual form) after Shalnark and Kortopi's death. It is heavily implied in various Reddit threads that we've seen him already but in a different hide. The most popular theory is that he's disguised as one of the 13th Prince Marayam's bodyguards, Belerainte. 

Wearing Belerainte's Skin?

Belerainte is a tall, bulky guy with a prominent nose and ducktail hair. He also has a dark beard under his chin. When a bodyguard attending Kurapika's nen training class was attacked and killed by Silent Majority, an ability used by an unknown assailant, one of his sentences ends with a heart symbol, an element usually seen in Hisoka's speech balloons. This scene in the manga caught the attention of fans who are as eager as the Phantom Troupe on finding him.

Queen Sevanti giving orders to Belerainte and Belerainte emphasizing on the word intimate like how Hisoka would

Moreover, Belerainte exudes an air of confidence and fearlessness, especially when in confrontation. He even defended Kurapika when other bodyguards accused the team of killing the attendees for the 14th Prince to gain leverage in the succession contest. Apart from the interest in Kurapika as one of his toys, his emphasis over the word "intimate," uttered by Queen Sevanti, suggests that someone we know very well is behind Belerainte's face.

Our Thoughts On Hisoka's Hide-And-Seek-And-Kill Game

While Belerainte may have shown some things we can see from Hisoka, this could all be a coincidence. Moreover, Togashi intentionally could have added these details to mislead us from the true facade he is wearing. Moreover, Hisoka has no business in Tiers 1 and 2 that we know of, as most of his toys we assume he focuses on are in the ship's lower levels. 

So, where is Hisoka, or what are the chances, and how high they are?

We Think The Illumi Zoldyck That Onboarded The Ship and Joined The Spiders Is Actually Hisoka

Before we explain why and how Hisoka is disguised as Illumi Zoldyck, let's look at other possibilities:

Hisoka Is Not In The Ship - <1%

Chrollo and Machi confirmed that Hisoka had onboarded the ship in their meeting. It could be a mistake, but it makes sense for the crazy clown to be there because of his unfinished business. There are a handful of reasons to be on that expedition as his other targets could be there as well, like Ging Freecss. Even if it's still likely as we haven't seen him yet, there's a slight chance it is not. That's why we graded this scenario for less than 1%.

Bonolenov - 5%

Uhm, this is just a wild guess, but it makes a little sense. No matter how tiny the possibility is, it must be added here.

So we think that Hisoka is pretending to be Bono because it's easier to hide with the bandages. He might have found him before they onboarded the ship, and they fought to the death, which is why Hisoka is aware of his ability. We also can't shake the fact that Bono and Shizuku might get separated from Chrollo. And when Shizuku's alone with another, she dies.

The downside of this would be huge, as he won't be able to use Battle Cantabile shall Chrollo asks to demo it for him.

It could also be that Hisoka is still himself, but attacks Bono the moment he transformed with his nen ability.

Belerainte - 10%

The next suspect is Belerainte. While Hisoka could have killed the real Hunter x Hunter exam passer Belerainte before the succession arc events and copied his appearance, the huge question is why he should bother meddling with the complicated battle royale and play the role of a bodyguard. There indeed are insanely strong people and nen beasts protecting the princes, but this is not the kind of game he likes. There might be a change of heart, but the current ruckus he has with Chrollo and the rest of the gang makes it highly unlikely.

We believe that Belerainte is a distraction or a setup from Togashi.

Hisoka Is Wearing A Skin Of A Character Unknown To Us - 20%

It could be a random guy with almost the same physique who unluckily crossed paths with Hisoka while on his way to the Kakin ship. It's funny that our clown is now playing the same game Chrollo did when the latter switched places with some audience people during their fight at Heaven's Arena.

Hisoka Is Not Pretending To Be Someone Else - 20%

With heightened senses after the battle and his resurrection, thanks to nen's resolve after death, Hisoka could have improved his hide-and-seek game that even Chrollo or the best tracker hunter out there won't be able to find him. He could be pretending to be a wall with perfect Zetsu, and no one would notice (except En). Kalluto can find a person using his bits of paper, but we wonder why they didn't use it, or why it wasn't working this time.

Chrollo plans to attack upon sight, and it could be the same with Hisoka if he sees a member wandering around on its own. The latter's vengeance needs to be a silent killing spree. If he went for a cover, it would be fatal for him if he was revealed to be doing so at the worst time. However, this is the best option, especially if the already burdened Illumi Zoldyck, due to the events of the 13th Chairman Elections arc, was the real thing and was there to throw roadblocks and assist as Hisoka hunts down the spiders one by one.

However, the truth that Illumi is too caught up with figuring out how to keep Killua on a pretty tight leash makes it highly improbable for him to be on that ship.

Why am I insinuating that it wasn't the real Illumi Zoldyck?

This brings us to the last, but the biggest possibility we could think of, based on what we've seen so far.

Hisoka Is Disguised As Illumi Zoldyck - 44%

The evidence that Illumi is actually Hisoka keeps on piling up every time we check on this angle. It would be a more thrilling and badass event if he pulled this off, though we expect the cover to be blown sooner than he anticipated. 

Signs From The HxH Manga Cover

Let's start with crumbs of signs Togashi had intended to leave to give a hint or probably lead us away from what he is about to do.

Check Hunter x Hunter Volume 36 (Chapter 371). After many episodes, the Phantom Troupe appears, and it seems like they are searching for someone, which is obviously, Hisoka. However, the detail we'd like you to examine is this issue's cover and the page after that. The first reveals the remaining members of the Spider and their newest recruit, Illumi Zoldyck. 

If you take a closer look, there are four flowers on this illustration—three on the ground and the smaller ones Illumi is holding. They seemingly represent those who passed away: Uvogin, Pakunoda, Kortopi, and Shalnark. Recall the events of Yorkshin City arc. You'll notice that it's the same metaphor used by the Lovely Ghostwriter's prophecy in allegorically describing the months and the numbers of the Phantom Troupe members. 

While we can't decipher what the colors mean, we can assume that the flowers symbolize blood taken away. If Hisoka is camouflaged as Illumi, it holds the exact meaning that these members' blood are on his hands. He conspired with Kurapika, which led to a string of events that led to Uvogin and Pakunoda's death. After he revived himself, he killed and defiled the bodies of Kortopi and Shalnark, respectively.

The next clue of Togashi would send shivers down your spine.

The next page shows an image of a human's lips and a text saying, "Spoilers, I dare say." Now, scroll back up to the cover of this issue and notice everyone's lips. While Bonolenov and Feitan's don't show, it is because they are covered, and that's how they look from the get-go. But if you can see Illumi Zoldyck's face, you won't see his lips. If you may remember from previous chapters, Hisoka lost his lips in his fight against Chrollo. 

Are we just giving it a lot of thought?

The Shower Request: The Ultimate Evidence Why Hisoka Is Illumi Zoldyck 

Did you see Illumi Zoldyck taking a shower in the series? 

For an assassin who's contented with digging up dirt so he can sleep inside the burrow he made (as seen in Hunter exam arc), it's unusual for him to crave for a pampered suite with a hot shower. Zoldycks are not accustomed to indulgence, unlike Hisoka, who claims gratification once in a while.

Did you see Hisoka taking a shower in the Hunter x Hunter series?

Twice, yes. His butt showed as many times as well. In Hisoka's past, as illustrated and written by Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida, we saw him in a bathtub. 

When Zodiacs Batobai Gigante and Mizaistom Nana checked on Illumi and Kalluto, the older Zoldyck requested a solitary unit with a shower. Why go solo if he's with his brother, whose life is also in danger? Why shower and be covered with soap's scent if you're there on "business." This episode made us think that Illumi is Hisoka. 

Captain Misery, an association's officer, have ID'd him, of course. But we all know what the nen ability Texture Surprise can do, right?

And it would be convenient if Hisoka did not keep his mouth shut about the spiders so Kurapika would know and be warned that the bandits he is hunting down have onboarded the ship. He could use a hand when things get awry.

Belerainte, though, served as the perfect decoy of Togashi in keeping us from realizing this stuff.

What Do We Think Have Happened To Illumi And Hisoka?

Illumi Zoldyck's focus is getting Killua under his constrain again, so he could also control Nanika's powers. Dying on a ship or a traumatic voyage in the Dark Continent may be the least of what he'd like to experience. As such, there's very little reason for him to be there.

Hisoka, on the other hand, is too desperate to kill Chrollo that he is willing to do insane things to accomplish this, even if it means that he must go against his usual practice of letting others live until they are worth killing or wait until his opponent gets an equal footing. This change proves to be right with Shalnark and Kortopi, who didn't have their important combat/support abilities when Hisoka attacked (because they let Chrollo borrow their skills).

Illumi's Design from Hunter Exam Arc to 13th Chairman Election Arc. Clearly, no pins on boots.

Pins on boots. Why? We're just waiting for Illumi to offer a bored Kalluto a pack of Bungee Gum

Illumi could have helped Hisoka with his mask to ensure that Kalluto returns or is sent home alive. See the number of pins he has on his clothes and boots. Isn't that too many? It could have assisted to make Hisoka's transfiguration to Illumi a lot more perfect, though we believe he can create an exact copy on his own. For Illumi, that's the least he could do to help his friend.

What About Hisoka's Eyes And The Pins? 

Uhm, Bungee Gum + Texture Surprise? 

Going back to Yorkshin Arc city, Hisoka was able to leave the hideout, thanks to Illumi, who wore the same appearance as his friend. Without the pins, he can only maintain the disguise for a short amount of time. Moreover, he won't be able to copy the eyes.

Darling, you have no idea what's possible.

Hisoka's ability to transfigure wasn't shown in the story. However, when he patched himself up, it appeared like he can construct almost any missing parts of his body (including his SHOES!!!) with the combination of Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. He even made it appear like he looks as good as ever. 

Now, it is possible he could copy anyone's appearance. It also means he could bulk himself up, extend his hair, change his eye color, or dress up like a mummy. All he needs to conceal are his aura and his bloodlust.

Is Chrollo Too Dumb To Not Notice?

Chrollo is on edge over his friends' death that he is prone to making careless moves, like the Phantom Troupe's mistakes that happened before. However, we should count this one out. If ever our guess is accurate, we can't entirely blame it on him. It's just that Hisoka is on a different level right now, stronger after he survived what didn't kill him for good.

If there's anyone who should be warier, it is Machi. Having witnessed how Hisoka constructed the parts and made the wounds disappear with his ability, she must deduce all the possibilities. Also, where are her accurate hunches when the team needs them the most? Did she even tell Chrollo bout the whole story? I hope she won't pull off a Shizuku on this one.

What If We Are Wrong About Hisoka's Whereabouts?

We've been wrong many times, but this is what makes it exciting. It also proves that Yoshihiro Togashi is a master of unpredictability as we can't always see what's about to come. We've been caught off guard with his sudden twists through the years, and the flexibility of nen and character complexities make it even more puzzling. It's like the power system, and the Hunter x Hunter series itself is a perfect gateway for Togashi to play with his fans. 

We'll be glad if we're right that Hisoka is cosplaying as Illumi, but we'll be happier if we're wrong. The feeling of joy upon discovery is immense whenever Togashi throws it to us.

We're you also convinced by the above clues? Let us know your thoughts. If you like how our writers did their research and work on this content, would you be so nice as to send them a few bucks for their coffee? Scroll below and find the donate button (only works on PC)! 

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