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Thursday, August 27, 2020

15 Hunter x Hunter Facts Only A Few Fans Knew About [Spoiler Alert]

So, you think you knew everything about Hunter x Hunter?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HxH fandom keeps growing as more and more anime audience, especially the new generation, discover this masterpiece. These past few months have been a convenient time for old followers to re-watch Hunter x Hunter 2011, while others saw it as a perfect opportunity to read the manga.

Hunter x Hunter facts text with white haired young anime boy Killua with eyes closed and spiky haired air headed brat Gon with a background of numbers

In our case, we took this chance to read through the Hunter x Hunter manga from a mature perspective. We believe it’s necessary as things you failed to grasp in the past entirely, would make much more sense today. And in doing so, we discovered some facts that you might have missed or forgotten.

WARNING: Hunter x Hunter spoilers ahead.

We know we’ve written something like “Lesser Known Facts About Hunter x Hunter”, but that’s only a junior edition of this new post.

Before we proceed, these are not in any way, fan theories. Evidence will be presented as we reveal each item. Moreover, this is about everything Hunter x Hunter, not just in the anime or manga. While most of the facts below revolve around the story, it may include some things about the creator Yoshihiro Togashi, his team, and other works.

Now it’s time to put everything that happened in the Hunter x Hunter series under the magnifying glass and feel like experts and detectives as we claim to be. They are not just random facts. These are also crucial highlights to remember.

Spoilers start here.

Hunter x Hunter Fact #1 - Ging didn’t abandon Gon at will. Someone led him to give up his kid. 

Sorry to spoil the fun for meme creators and enthusiasts. While we enjoy the entertaining content about Ging Freecss naming his son of what he will become once he was born (GONe), it's worth to be serious about this tiny fact we've spotted in the manga.

Before Gon departed to take the Hunter exam as the first step to achieve the ultimate goal of finding his father, Aunt Mito apologized for lying to Gon. The reason remained untold up to this point of the series, but it seems like whatever it is, Gon thinks that it isn't necessary and he knew Mito was not telling the truth that Ging abandoned him.

Hunter x Hunter manga page Aunt Mito crying as she confesses that father and master hunter Ging did not abandon spiky haired Gon

It's valid to argue that Ging saw the possibility of Mito taking away his kid. But letting Mito think that it's all her fault all along would be so mean of him. It's probably true that he was forced to give up Gon, and he just tried to find ways after that so his kid would want to become a Hunter and seek for him. 

Fact #2 - How Hunter x Hunter came about

In one of the interviews, Togashi admitted that it's the data that gave birth to Hunter x Hunter. When he found out that manga readers love sports and fights, he ultimately decided to create another story about fighting, which turned out to be excellent.

But there's another angle the fandom might have missed. In a final page of a chapter from Heaven's arena arc, Naoko Takeuchi's bunny avatar asked Yoshihiro Togashi's alter ego, which looks like a dog, about the origin of Hunter x Hunter. And this is how it went:

Dog and bunny as Togashi and Takeuchi avatars talk about how Hunter x Hunter idea was born

Fact #3 - Neon Nostrade is dead.

This news is quite a shocker for some who have not read the manga. Since it hasn't been shared a lot in different Hunter x Hunter social media groups, chances are, even the manga readers missed this crucial detail due to the thrilling build-up of events happening in the hushed battle royale between 14 Kakin princes. It was so big that the Dark Continent arc would serve a blast in the history of anime once it gets televised.

Shizuku Murasaki, #8 member of the Phantom Troupe, shared the fact that her abilities are not effective against Hisoka's bungee gum and asked Chrollo Lucilfer to re-tell their fortunes in hopes of spotting some clues. The leader, however, mentioned that the Lovely Ghostwriter ability has vanished from his book, which indicates her death.

Dark slick back haired Chrollo leader of Phantom Troupe gang reveals Neon Nostrade nen ability gone from skill book to Shizuku and mummy looking Bonolenov inside the ship and compared bandits secret with death note

That's one awkward joke from Shizuku. Didn't know she was capable of dark humor.

Why didn't Neon Nostrade's death make such noise?

Many saw Neon as Botan's counterpart, a Spirit World guide from Togashi's other work Yu Yu Hakusho, due to the likeness in their appearance. She had a date-like encounter with Chrollo Lucilfer, which made her a potential love interest, although short-lived.  Some fans also shipped her with Kurapika, but this is very less likely to become a two-way relationship as the likes of Neon, who is fond of collecting body parts may be one of the reasons why the killers went after the Kurta clan. This is probably the same reason why Togashi didn't spend enough time to make a drama out of this character's death. 

Kurapika and Squala told about Ivlenkov Baise and Dalzollenes death to Neon Nostrade who cares about the mummy and other body parts in the York New city auction
Yup. That's her reaction about the death of a long-term bodyguard and others.

It also seemed to us that her death is necessary to put the Phantom Troupe in a more challenging situation as there won't be guiding prophecies that will help them to come up with a sound plan and avoid the bad fortunes from transpiring. 

Fact #4 - Killua once tried to commit suicide. 

White haired boy Killua walking on the rail with nearing train attempting suicide

Hunter x Hunter's first official movie, the Phantom Rogue, holds too many critical details about the whole story such as Kurapika's past, the original #4 member of Genei Ryodan and the perverted love of Illumi Zoldyck, for his younger brother Killua.

As embued into the young assassin's mind through Illumi's needle and teachings, he should escape the moment he realizes that he can't beat his opponent. Since he fought alongside Gon against a doll resembling his older brother, Killua fleeing means leaving his best friend behind for the worst.

Guilty of Gon becoming blind because he fled, and believing that what he did is a form of betrayal, Killua decided to end his life by letting a train reduce him into pieces. Fortunately, Gon came about and saved his friend from death. The two had a moment, which for us, is one of their best exchange of lines in the entire span of HxH.

Gon: Besides if it's you, I don't mind getting betrayed.

Killua: BAKA! 

*blushes while writing this*

Fact #5 - Pariston kept 5000 Chimera Ant Eggs probably hatched before the expedition.

Enough with the sweet things, let's have an item about Mr. Sparkles. Many see Pariston Hill as the most dangerous living antagonist in Hunter x Hunter, far more evil than the 4th prince Tserriednich and darker than Chrollo Lucilfer. Although he claims to be a non-combatant (which we should doubt), the fear of him radiates from his manipulative persona, genius-level intellect and cruel intentions. Moreover, the safety of the known world is under his mercy, having control of 5,000 Chimera Ant eggs that hatched nen-wielding half-breeds during the events of the 13th Chairman election arc.

Hunter wearing Arabic costume Ging Freecss reveals to Zodiac dog Cheadle Yorkshire about Pariston Hill keeping 5000 Chimera Ant eggs for the Hunter exam

In his conversation with Cheadle Yorkshire, Ging Freecss revealed that 100 Hunter Association aircraft went to East Gorteau, and this may be the answer to what happened with the rest of the hybrid soldiers arranged by Pouf. 

While these Chimera Ants' whereabouts are unknown, it's best not to forget that they may look like humans with developed nen (think of Palm Siberia) and that they are under a control system purposely set up to serve the former Vice Chairman's interest. Ging further elaborated that Pariston plans to use these offsprings for the Hunter Exam. 

It is not clear if they managed to get past Kurapika's screening to get the license and become an assassin or bodyguard for a Kakin prince. We remain to wait with this question hanging as the crazy events in the expedition add up to our worries. The tragedies keep piling up, and with 5000 Chimera Ants ready to accept orders, we need to expect for a more catastrophic turn of events!

Fact #6 - Chrollo doesn’t consider "conflict of interest" or does not take it too seriously, which indicates that the Phantom Troupe is vulnerable to infiltration or betrayal of a new member.

When you and your colleagues, who you see as family, walk with death every day, you'll observe all safety protocols, including a careful inspection of new members. Hisoka being a fake member should serve as a lesson for the spiders not to take anyone in without stricter background investigations, an initiation to prove their loyalty, and the most crucial protocol especially for companies dealing with highly sensitive matters — analyzing the conflict of interest. Otherwise, the head is at risk of losing more limbs like what happened to Pakunoda, Kortopi and Shalnark.

We may remember how Hisoka dealt with Kurapika to help the latter in his revenge, in exchange for a one-on-one with Chrollo. This "trade" resulted in the death of Uvogin and a series of unfortunate events for the sinister group. Then, they accepted Kalluto Zoldyck, who have but one clear goal of bringing back his brother, which he didn't specify who. There may be a twist to this, but that would be for another discussion as this blog will only talk about Hunter x Hunter facts and not theories. 

Maybe it's because of his ability to track people that got Kalluto in, and he is easy to keep an eye on. This situation is somewhat convenient for them until they brought in the older brother.

Illumi Zoldyck is a contract assassin, a far more dangerous nen user with the ability to manipulate people and turn them into his soldiers. His range of skills doesn't just stop there, as demonstrated in the anime and manga. With a declaration of their mutual contract where Illumi gets paid upon Hisoka's death, the members quickly took his word without any objections or questions. We are also quite disturbed as to how the scene quickly went from Illumi explaining things then a group of thugs interrupting their meeting. This may have distracted others from asking more questions or there could have been more to it, like the fine prints of their so-called prenup.

Phantom Troupe leader Chrollo Lucilfer talking to long hair assassin Illumi Zoldyck and other members when a group of thugs with flower tattoo interrupted their meeting

Now, they're with another potential snake who could have arranged an earlier deal with Hisoka to either cut more arachnid limbs or at least, assist in throwing roadblocks so the troupe won't have any progress in their search and preparations. 

But Illumi in that enormous vessel to the Dark Continent means Killua and Alluka can roam the world free from his savage love, right? 

Fact #7 - Chrollo has the spider tattoo in his right arm in the 1999 anime series.

Dead and bloodied body of Chrollo Lucilfer with spider tattoo on right arm examined by mafia bodyguards on different versions from 1999 manga and 2011 anime version

His fake corpse shows that the spider tattoo is in his right arm. Whether it is valid for 2011 is unknown as Chrollo's sleeves were much longer than what his corpse wore in the 1999 version. Considering Kortopi's ability to produce an exact copy, it could be right for the original anime series. But in 2011, the location of Chrollo's spider tattoo might be a candidate for retcon as it never appeared in the manga.

Another difference is the missing left arm. Thumbs up to the Spiders for their creativity.

Fact#8 - What Togashi has to say about Chrollo vs Hisoka battle

The Hunter x Hunter mangaka mentioned in one of his chapters that most fighters who claim to win 100% end up losing in the battle. He dreamed of creating a scene where one of his characters declared 100% win before the match and pulled it off. 

Togashi statement explaining about Hisoka and Chrollo match with clown magician holding a card

In our opinion, Chrollo or someone of his caliber is the perfect person to say this. The moment in the manga was epic, and it could be better when the remainder of Hunter x Hunter becomes animated.

Fact#9 - In the battle vs the Phantom Troupe leader, the cloned men shielded Hisoka from further damage, and the spiders were careless enough to not double-tap.

Horrible corpse of clown magician with lacerated neck amputated foot destroyed hands lying dead while Phantom Troupe members Machi Kortopi and Shalnark confirm his death

Here's another instance of the Phantom Troupe's negligence or maybe just the members involved. After a powerful explosion set off in Heaven's arena, the scene goes to Machi, Shalnark and Kortopi examining what's remained of Hisoka. According to them, he didn't look that bad because the human corpses probably piled over him, shielding Hisoka from more significant damage. The cause of death was suffocation, which is prone to some fakery. Even if he is really dead by that time, for as long as the head is attached to the body, it is still bothersome.

In the Hunter world, running out of air seems like an unfitting death for a sharp nen user like Hisoka. The position of his hands should have given them a hint that he tried something. If you want a high-level threat annihilated, especially if you have some guys to babysit, you go for cutting the head off or crushing it like what you would do to a Chimera Ant.

And why does it seem okay for Machi that Hisoka's alive? Isn't she aware of his bloody tendencies and that his defeat from Chrollo won't stop his maniacal pursuits? She must have felt guilt and hate for herself after seeing how Hisoka desecrated her friends' bodies.

Chrollo, on the other hand, is another person to blame for trying to win beautifully. He could have made sure that Hisoka's death was certain by double-tapping himself, but he left a susceptible lady and the two powerless followers to do the checking.

It's an Akame ga Kill moment where Chelsea tries to kill Kurome with a needle and not cutting the latter's head with the sword after the stun. She ended up on a stick. This time, Chrollo paid with two of his members' lives.

While we understand that fates like this happen a lot in anime, even to an adverse group of antagonists like the Phantom Troupe, we're just stating the fact that they messed up many times in the whole story leading to the awful situation they are against currently. We hope for them not to make the same mistakes again, but with accepting Illumi who have no care about the members, we seriously doubt it would end well without sacrifices.

This insight is coming from a Chrollo fanboy.


Chrollo Lucilfer handsome sexy shirtless anime guy from Hunter x Hunter in a Japanese Dakimakura body pillow for sale

Chrollo Lucilfer Dakimakura Pillow

Fact#10 - Togashi shared his romantic life with Naoko Takeuchi by the conclusion of the Zoldyck Family Arc.

Killua reuniting with Gon after the hardships in the Zoldyck estate is one of the happiest events fans would treasure. After a series of dark circumstances, we found ourselves smiling again as the two embark in their journey. Togashi took advantage of this light moment to share a bit of his personal life with his significant other Naoko Takeuchi.

Hunter x Hunter manga author shares love life wedding and work with his wife Naoko Takeuchi with bunny and dog avatar

Following that, we can see Gon and Killua having problems with money. And as they enter Heaven's arena, they asked if they are ready for their new beginning, which is a question real life partners deal with.

Hunter x Hunter shonen young boys main characters Gon and Killua searching for money new beginning at Heavens arena

Fact #11 - Three Kakin princes have died so far

To recap the Succession Contest arc, three princes have already perished in this royal battle. 

The first to go is Momoze, the 12th prince who died from asphyxiation done by one of her bodyguards. 

Eight Prince Sale-Sale, on the other hand, expired on the 7th day before the 2nd banquet after his nen guardian beast was devoured by one of an assigned security's nen ability, which left him vulnerable to assassination.

Kacho, the 10th prince, died after a failed attempt to escape the tradition. While on their way out of the ship, mysterious tendrils appeared and made them retreat. Fugetsu was able to return unharmed, but the dark force preventing anyone from fleeing the succession contest got the protective Kacho. Her nen guardian beast, however, copied her appearance and persona to accompany Fugetsu.

Fact #12 - Chrollo thinks he can kill Hisoka even without having to go through all the trouble he did in Heaven's Arena

It's useless to kill someone if he's gonna come back alive. Anyway...

Chrollo partners with Phantom troupe members Bonolenov and Shizuku in hunting down Hisoka

Before Shizuku's inquiry of Neon Nostrade's Lovely Ghostwriter ability, she and Nobunaga approached Chrollo Lucilfer so they could tag along. The leader allowed it, but they have to go with his terms that he'll be the one to kill, and he plans to attack as soon as he spotted Hisoka. This indicates that there is no need for a grand preparation, like how he showed off in their previous battle.

If we remember, Chrollo may still have that ability in his book that can teleport a target person without consent and even without looking. He used this in York New city arc when he tried to stop Nobunaga from attacking Hisoka. If he still has that ability and more offensive skills in his arsenal that would be convenient for any environment, this is indeed, another fight to look forward to.

Fact #13 - Gon wasn't aware about most of Killua's pain and tears.

The many times Killua cried (about Gon) and went through so many desperate struggles (most of them being in Chimera Ant arc), Gon wasn't there to join him, except when Gon killed Pitou where they both cried, and when Killua tried to kill himself. Still, Gon wasn't able to witness how devastated Killua seemed because an Illumi doll just stole his eyes.

  • Killua cried when he saw Gon crying out of frustration after the 30-day suspension of losing his Nen due to Knuckle's ability: bankruptcy.
  • Killua also cried while battling with Chimera Ant Rammot.
  • We did not see tears, but Killua was obviously broken when Gon told him: "You have it easy, Killua. Since it had nothing to do with you.”
  • Killua cried twice when he encountered Chimera Ant Palm, and they talked about Gon.
  • Killua can be seen wiping his tears when he saw an emaciated Gon lying helpless.
  • Lastly, Killua cried when he saw Gon's arm.

While we can expand this section further, we decided to keep it short and talk about Killua and Gon's relationship in a different blogpost.

Fact #14 - Dark Continent is around 1,175 times more dangerous than the Swindler's Swamp, also known as Milsy or Numere Wetlands.

We are aware that the Dark Continent being a devastating region for humans, even for nen users, is a fact most people knew already. However, we'd like to draw the picture, like how Killua compared Hisoka to Hanzo and Gon at the beginning of Heaven's Arena arc.

As such, we aim to compare it with another terrifying place to be in—the Swindler's Swamp. This eerie part of the known world is home to many unusual creatures or magical beasts, which are highly probable to be lesser variants of those that await our characters in the Dark Continent realm. 

In the Hunter exam arc, 311 participants were enduring enough to survive the long sprint and flight of stairs. However, this does not conclude the phase as they were in for a deadlier trip. The foggy and swampy Numere Wetlands is home to tricky creatures. When you get deceived, you die.

Giant tortoise with strawberry trees growing on its back eating humans from Hunter exam

Pink and beautiful hypnosis butter emitting sleeping powders to put Hunter exam takers to sleep and feed them to their larvae
These guys...

Dark Continent showing big creatures like dinosaur eating plant with big mouth and teeth giant moth eating an elephant and other strange fauna
Compared to these

Dark Continent calamities with Japanese text dark gas life beings known as Ai a naked body with sphere head brion creatures lurking in the dark with human victims pap a two tailed snake called hellbell and the zobae disease making people immune to death
And the five calamities far more deadly than Chimera Ants

In this arc, Togashi introduced us to shape-shifting apes, a giant strawberry dinosaur, butterflies using bodies of their victims as live breeding grounds, an enormous frog waiting for people to step on its camouflaged mouth, mushrooms that explode and so on. Watching this part of the show for the 2nd or nth time seems like a prelude to the Dark Continent.

We tried our best to create a fanfiction with the Dark Continent as the setting back when we still have not read a chapter of the Succession Contest arc. Read: Gon and Killua's adventure to the Dark Continent (fan fiction)

In the end, only 148 aspirants made it to the next phase. As such, the survival rate in the Milsy Wetlands was 47% (including the deaths brought by Hisoka's massacre). This feat is nowhere near Dark Continent's human survival rate of 0.04%. If that 311 people entered the unknown region, not more than 12 would come back alive. In this comparison, we can assume that DC is 1,175 times more dangerous.

Fact #15 - Togashi is a reader of his own work. Therefore, he wants to finish the Hunter x Hunter manga.

The most important fact of all is that Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi wants to finish what he started. His exact words were:

"I need to finish writing Hunter x Hunter. It has come to a point where either the story concludes first, or I die before that happens (lol). But I do intend to finish it."

In an earlier interview, he disclosed that there might be 3-4 more stories after the Chimera Ant arc. Whether it would be extended or not would depend on the circumstances. Read: Togashi's Interview About Hunter x Hunter's Remaining Arcs.

He also added that the story ended once, and that's when Gon finally meets Ging. However, Togashi unveils that he is also a reader of his own work, excited of what's about to come and that there's still so much room for the story and its characters to grow. His exact words again:

“And from my perspective as a writer, there are still many things in it left that I want to write, that I would enjoy writing. And so if anyone would be willing to enjoy this ride with me, that is all I can hope for.”

He considered writing the story and leaving the drawing to other people. Togashi is happy to keep it that way for as long as he is satisfied with his team's craft. 

That would be a lot easier for him! That would be for HxH fans best interest as well!

I started watching Hunter x Hunter back in 1999, and I'm determined not to catch COVID-19 or any viruses and die before seeing its conclusion in both anime and manga. We hope the best for Yoshihiro Togashi as well, and we're willing to wait and enjoy the rest of this ride with him.

We hope our readers feel the same!

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