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Friday, November 27, 2020

5 Unusual Side Jobs You Should Try To Earn Extra Cash For 2021


Many people lost their businesses and jobs to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Even so, it didn't stop them from finding new sources of dough. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative jobs in the neighborhood and on the internet. The world won't run out of needs, and this necessity can further the marketplace. Though side jobs may not be enough to stir the economy and bring it back up, it is sure to provide the most basic needs until a bigger opportunity comes.

If you want to bounce back and be pandemic-proof in the future, you can work online for extended hours or engage with legal gigs that pay. We list down some of these side jobs to help you earn extra cash and probably slay 2021.

Smurf Gaming

Being a geek page, one of the first unusual jobs we'd recommend for a career guy in the morning and a hardcore player at night is boosting his rich online friends' and followers' gaming accounts in exchange for money.

Smurfing is a term used for pro-players who pilot accounts to achieve their clients' goals. Whether to level up, reach higher ranks, beat difficult levels, or farm items, this business can absolutely take care of your utility bills.

Grow a Facebook fan page, play different games, showcase your skills, stream live, maybe sell anime or geek products as an affiliate, and introduce your smurf service. Apart from the few bucks you make from monetizing your videos, you get a hefty amount of payment from your clients.

Mukbang Social Eating with a Twist

This venture is no longer new as social eating has been done many times over. The idea may seem overused, but it is hard to deny that viewers love to see strangers eating a mountain of spicy noodles and slabs of pork fat without poise. 

If this idea whispers words of encouragement to your ears, think of something that would set you apart from the current vloggers. YouTube audiences would love to see something new, and when you do, make sure you have other tricks hidden up your sleeve as you owe to show them more. What makes it unusual, but not gory, could work.

While we'd like to give examples, we are saving it for our future channel, if we're lucky enough to have time to launch it. 

The key to growing here is through collaborations, consistency, and content. These three C's will not only help you earn a few bucks to pay the rent, but it may also be your key to virtual stardom.

Selling Photos And Videos

For as long as it's your own creation, you can sell your photos and videos in exchange for bucks. Where?

Instead of just giving out a list of platforms, we'd like to tell you first that you need to plan out your theme, niche, and how you could provide a continuous stream of content for money before earning your first dollars from this. 

Plenty of sites would welcome your crisp, candid, and professionally-taken and edited shots for photos. Some of these are Shutterstock, iStock, Alamy, Getty, and more.

With lockdowns still effective in different places, miniature photography may be a cool thing to learn and try while you can't travel. Enhance your skills as you use your toy collection, pets, friends, and family as the subject of your photoshoots.

Uscreen might be a good platform for you as they accept a wide array of themes for selling videos. Vimeo on Demand, VideoHive, and Amazon Video Direct are also cool places to try.

We don't recommend spending a few hundred bucks on a new camera. You can do all these if you have a phone capable of capturing a good picture and video quality.

Trying Unusual Career Marketplaces

Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are some of the most popular platforms in this category.

These platforms hold a dense community that it's hard for starters to shine without selling their services for unreasonably low rates. 

We recommend going for new players in the field who accept a wide range of experiences, such as GoHire and Optimate. Hubstaff Talent is also a quiet place, though they may not have as many jobs to offer as Upwork and Fiverr.

Earn From Small Computer Tasks?

This eye-brow raising item is legit. Swagbucks offer payments for doing various tasks online. With aYou can get paid for watching a YouTube video, installing an app, searching for something on Google, or playing a game. The price for each task may not be big, but they add up quickly. This is why you should invest in a good internet connection, secure your online activities, and take care of that old laptop.

Another interesting job place to try is GigWalk. Here, you can earn more, but you need to complete gigs in your area. The jobs come from brands and shops that would like to use GigWalkers to check out their pricing, displays, and other important product details.

It's actually, never-ending list of ways to make money. But the above are some of the odd and the most accessible that we'd like you to check on first. While they don't replace full-time work that regularly pays with benefits on the side, these gigs are sure to help you find some extra dough when the need arises.

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