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Hunter x Hunter fan fiction

Love reading non-canon stories out of your favorite anime series / games / fantasy movies, book or series? Browse our list of available fan fictions for each anime.

Hunter x Hunter - The most updated fan fiction section in Fantasy Fan Leogan. It contains fan fiction with OC, almost canon stories, crossovers and other stuff that are related to Hunter x Hunter and its characters. More contributors will be joining us to share their own fan fiction. To those who are interested to join the circle of friend or contribute their fan fiction, just send an email to

Tekken - Twitter roleplays are good but they are best to read in a story. Witness the bloodbath between different Tekken characters, OC and crossover characters. We are open when it comes to providing a different genre of story. For as long as it is related to Tekken, that fan fiction will fall in this section. For Tekken fans who would like to share their story, just send an email to

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