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Friday, January 2, 2015

The Killua Zoldyck Quiz

Time to test yourself and see how much do you know about Killua Zoldyck. Try to recall all the episodes and everything you have read about him while answering the questions in this quiz. This won’t be easy I swear, except for the first part. XD

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Uhm... Quiz?

 Part I – EASY (Multiple Choice) 1 point

1. Who is Killua’s favorite brother?

A. Milluki
B. Illumi
C. Kalluto
D. Alluka

2. Which among of this is Killua’s favorite food?

A. Jalapeño
B. Chocolate Balls
C. Takoyaki
D. Ramen

3. Who is Killua’s first kill in the 2011 anime series? (not in a flashback)

A. Johness
B. Bodoro
C. Geretta
D. None of the above

4. On which arc Killua was first seen shirtless?

A. Hunter Exam Arc
B. Zoldyck Family Arc
C. Heaven’s Arena Arc
D. York Shin City Arc

5. What is Killua’s Nen type?

A. Enhancement
B. Emission
C. Transmutation
D. Manipulation

6. What is the name of Killua’s mother?

A. Tsubone
B. Kyoko
C. Kikyo
D. Kaoru

7. What is the color of Killua’s eyes in 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter?

A. Purple
B. Dark Blue
C. Green
D. Black

8. What is Killua’s number in the 287th Hunter Exam?

A. 404
B. 405
C. 99
D. 44

9. How old is Killua when he first entered Heaven’s Arena?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

10. How much did Killua spent on Chocoballs while at Heaven’s Arena (jennies of course)?

A. 50 Million
B. 100 Million
C. 150 Million
D. 200 Million

Killua Zoldyck quiz, Killua Zoldyck, test, hunter x hunter, quiz, hunter x hunter quiz, hunter x hunter hiatus
Blah... Too easy!

Part II - ULTRA HARD (Identification) 2 points

11. According to a Zoldyck Family helper, Killua was able to open the third door of the Gates of Trial. It weighs how many tons? _________

12. In the fight with Gon against Rammot, what ability did Killua use to stun the Chimera Ant? _________

13. What is the name of Killua’s first-killed Chimera Ant? __________

14. How heavy is Killua’s yo-yo (in Kilograms)? ____________

15. Killua is taller than Gon. How long is the difference (in centimeters)? ___________

Killua Zoldyck, Killua Zoldyck quiz, quiz, test, Hunter x Hunter, Hunter x Hunter quiz, hiatus, Hunter x Hunter hiatus
Give me more hard questions!

 Part III – SUPER DUPER HARD (Identification) 3 points

You may need to go back and re-watch some parts of the series to answer this question. If you believe that you know a lot of things about Killua, go on and answer!

16. Killua was slapped by two different women. One was Bisky and the other one was? ____________

17. Killua spitted out this food because he did not like the taste. What was it? ____________

18. Killua broke an arm of a woman in an attempt to escape. Whose arm was it? _____________

19. The only woman who hugged Killua tight that he couldn’t break free. _____________

20. When is Killua’s birthday in the 2011 version of HxH? ________________

21. Killua failed the Hunter Exam because of his brother Illumi. What is Killua’s number when he took the Hunter Exam again? _______________

22. In the anime series, who was the first to see Killua’s transmutation ability? ______________

23. Who attached a conjured badge to Killua where he almost died? __________

24.  In the anime series, it was shown that Gon told Ging something about Killua when they met atop the World Tree. What was it? ___________

25. Killua is always giving everyone a piggy-back ride. When is the first time that Gon gave Killua a ride on his back? _______________________________________________________

That is not the answer! XD

So, how did it go? Comment your answers below! 

CLICK HERE for answers (The webpage for answers will be uploaded on January 5, 2015)


  1. Ohhh hey Kaicho!....anyway im yuko from team killua!...ohh and sorry i didn't answer some of the question...eheheheh

  2. Hi Yuko. That's fine. I already recorded your answer and I'll be checking those on Jan 05. Thanks!

  3. Ohhh...and i just edited my answer on no.3....eheheh...awhile ago (*^^*)

  4. Okay. I've made changes as well but that would be the last one. I'll consider it final for others' sake, okay? :D

    Thanks again for participating. I hope the others would give their answers soon

  5. Osu! Wakarimashita! That would be my last chance!....yeah i hope some of the members will participate too!

  6. 1.D
    13.the Mosquito girl
    20.July 7
    23. Ortho Siblings they open the testing gates (Zoldyck family arc)
    25.Greed Island , when Biscuit hit him because of the dice

  7. Thanks Norilyn. I have recorded your answers. :D

  8. 1.D
    11.16 tons
    12. Thunderbolt
    13. Mosquito
    14. 50 KG
    15. 4 CM
    16. Mito
    17. Pepper
    18. Pakunoda
    19. Machi
    20. 7/7
    21. 1219
    22. Tsezguerra
    23. Ortho Siblings
    24. ? .-.
    25. Greed Island

  9. Thanks Lna... I have recorded your answers.

  10. Guess who?! I guess my userpic gives me away, huh? Late to the party, I know. But I did get the majority of them correct. Sadly, not much more than that. 13 right answers with 23 points to show for it. Congrats to the winner xD


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