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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Guy Pranks Pokémon Go Players And Caused A Stampede

Whenever a Pokémon appears on their app, Pokémon go players will start running toward the spawn area. It happens even if the cute monster is not particularly rare. It is not too long before someone might take advantage of this craze only to pull a prank or a crime.

Just like what happened recently when Vine personality Logan Paul screams "DRAGONITE!" in the middle of a mob in Central Park. Seriously?

Check this out:

DRAGONITE causes stampede

Here is the YouTube video:

There is no Dragonite as it is a rare Pokémon. However, you would be very speechless to witness people dropping everything that they hold (except their phone) in the hopes of catching one of the most powerful monsters of the game.

If a thief is around, bags and other valuables could have been looted. Don't just believe some folks screaming names of rare Pokémon. Try to check your in-game map first before freaking out and joining the crowd.

"There's a Vaporeon below that truck. RUN!"

Did you just take your first step out? See, I got you there.

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