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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

25 Awesome Anime From The 70s To 90s. You Need To Watch These!

While catching up on watching the latest anime series, some guys can't help but look back. Take this content as a huge blast from the past. Featuring some old but gold anime series that brings you back to your childhood if you lived before Y2K.

During those times, anime has been awesome despite the absence of social media sites. Knowing the trend may be hard but in-depth watching is a whole lot easier back then. No distraction, no spoilers and no modern struggles. Just pure quality time with your anime and your couch.

This is indeed a feel trip.

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Akazukin Chacha (1994)

Genre: Comedy, Magical Girl
IMDB rate: 7.5/10

With the help of the world's greatest magician Seravy and her friends, Chacha must awaken and learn to control her powers to save the Kingdom and her loved ones from the Great Demon Lord.

B't X (1996)

Genre: Mecha, Action
IMDB rate: 7.7/10

Teppei fights against the Machine Empire in order to save humanity.

Case Closed (1996)

Genre: Detective, Thriller, Suspense, Action
IMDB rate: 8.9/10

The adventures of a detective who has been chemically turned into a child. Up to now, the awesome story is producing many Case Closed movies with Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter being the latest.

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Daimos (1978)

Genre: Mecha, Romance, Action
IMDB rate: 8/10

Using his skills as a Karate expert, Kazuya must control Daimos to save everyone from the mechas of Baam.

Doreamon (1973)

Genre: Comedy
IMDB rate: 8/10

Doraemon is a cat-like robot from the future who went back to the past. He lived with the Nobi family and used his devices on their daily struggles.

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Eto Rangers (1995)

Genre: Comedy, Action

Twelve rangers each representing an animal of the zodiac signs, went down to Earth to repair the Novel Words of Mugen.

Flame Of Recca (1997)

Genre: Adventure, Action, Romantic Comedy

Recca Hanabishi, claims that he himself is a ninja and vowed to protect his princess at all cost.

Fortune Quest (1997)

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Hell Teacher Nube (1996)

Genre: Adventure, Action, Romantic Comedy

Lost Universe (1998)

Genre: Shonen

Lupin the III (1971)

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Lupin who came from the bloodline of the world's greatest thieves continues the legacy of his grandfather. Stealing millions of worth of cash and items while fleeing the police.

Magic Knight Rayearth (1994)

Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy
IMDB rate: 7.9/10

When the princess of a land ruled by the power of one's will is kidnapped by a traitorous priest, she summons three young girls from Japan to potentially fulfill the legends of the Magic Knights. Stranded upon this mysterious world until they can rescue the princess, the trio struggle to survive against the Priest's assault.

Pokemon (1998)

Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy
IMDB rate: 7.4/10

Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town decided to travel the world and be the very best Pokémon trainer. He started out on the adventure with his first Pokémon Pikachu.

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Mojacko (1995)

Genre: Comedy

Sorao thinks about running away from home, due to the boredom of his life. He meets Mojacko and Donmo, who came to earth looking for a companion for a journey to space. He agrees to come with them, and goes on a fun, yet dangerous, adventure through space, and visit different planets.

Monster Rancher (1999)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Action

Before the world's continents broke up into pieces, a huge disaster hit the world. People prayed to God for help, and God created new life forms. However, new life forms brought new troubles, so God became exasperated and sealed them in "disc stones". Many years have passed since then and God entrusted the humans with the secret of "disc stones". Today people still continue searching for these missing "disc stones" to unlock the lifeforms within.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

Genre: Mecha, Psychological, Post-apocalyptic
IMDB rate: 8.6/10

In 2015, fifteen years after a global cataclysm known as the Second Impact, teenager Shinji Ikari is summoned to the futuristic city of Tokyo-3 by his estranged father Gendo Ikari, the director of the special paramilitary force NERV. Shinji witnesses the United Nations forces battling an Angel: one of a race of giant monstrous beings whose awakening was foretold by the Dead Sea Scrolls. Because of the Angels' near-impenetrable force-fields, NERV's giant Evangelion bio-machines, synchronized to the nervous systems of their pilots and possessing their own force-fields, are the only weapons capable of keeping the Angels from annihilating humanity.

Ranma 1/2

Genre: Martial Arts, Romantic comedy

On a training journey in the Bayankala Mountain Range in the Qinghai Province of China, Ranma Saotome and his father Genma fall into the cursed springs at Jusenkyo (呪泉郷). When someone falls into a cursed spring, they take the physical form of whatever drowned there hundreds or thousands of years ago whenever they come into contact with cold water. The curse will revert when exposed to hot water until their next cold water exposure. Genma falls into the spring of a drowned panda while Ranma falls into the spring of a drowned girl.he spring of a drowned panda while Ranma falls into the spring of a drowned girl.

Rurouni Kenshin

Genre: Chanbara
IMDB rate: 7.6/10

Kenshin Himura is a rurouni with a dark past. In the turning point of war, he realized something on his own and simply walked away. He met friends along the way and they all fought enemies who all came from the past he can't escape.

Saber Marionettes J

Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Adventure
IMDB rate: 7.6/10

An anime series focusing on the story of android girls. On a world with no women, the surviving men have reintroduced the female in the form of an android. Called Marionettes, they are built to serve men and are limited in their interactions with humans. That is until a poor boy named Otaru Mamiya encounters a Marionette named Lime. Lime is a Saber model with a special circuit that gives her emotions. When Otaru awakens two more Saber Marionettes, his life as an 'average' boy quickly becomes as extraordinary as the lives of his eager, busty new friends.


Genre: Action, Comedy
IMDB rate: 7.9/10

Usagi Tsukino, a middle-school student befriends a black cat named Luna who gave her a brooch that gave her powers. They assembled a team to counter evil and they were assisted by Sailor Moon's love interest, Mamoru Chiba, also known as Tuxedo Mask.


Genre: Comedy, Sports
IMDB rate: 8.8/10

Slam Dunk is a sports-themed manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue about a basketball team from Shōhoku High School.


Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Mecha
IMDB rate: 7.7/10

After the destruction of their home world, the survivors of the planet Baam ("Brahmin" in the Philippine dub, and "Valerians" in the US dub Starbirds) head towards Earth with the goal of negotiating the purchase of land for emigration. Unfortunately, during the negotiations, the Baam-seijin (literally, 'Baam Star People') leader, Leon, is assassinated by his second in command, Georiya, and the delegation from Earth is framed for the murder. In the ensuing chaos, Doctor Isamu Ryūzaki of the Earth delegation is shot and killed.

Super Boink/Tonde Buurin

Genre: Action, Comedy
IMDB rate: 7.2/10

Karin Kokubu (Kassie Carlen) is late for school one day when she comes across an apparently injured yellow pig. It turns out the pig wasn't injured but just hungry, and he gets back his health when he eats Karin's apple. When Karin gets to her school called Sei Ringo Gakuen (St. Ringo School), she discovers that the pig has stowed away in her backpack which causes her more trouble.

Time Quest / Time Travel Tondekeman

Genre: Adventure
IMDB rate: 8.1/10

The series starts when Hayato, a soccer enthusiast, and his girlfriend Yumi, an aspiring musician, went to a visit to Dr. Leonard's lab. They accidentally activated the Tondekeman, a funny talking kettle who transported them many centuries in the past.

Vision of Escaflowne

Genre: Action
IMDB rate: 7.9/10

Prince Van and friends begin a quest to defeat the Zaibach empire.

Voltes V

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Mecha
IMDB rate: 7.9/10

An armada of horned humanoid aliens known as Boazanians invade earth and launch their "beast fighters" all over the world, defeating most of the world's armed forces including the US military. Their first humiliating defeat from the hands of Super Electromagnetic Machine, Voltes V brings the invaders to focus their attacks on Japan.


Genre: Action, Shonen, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB rate: 7.7/10

Kurogane Yaiba is a boy who doesn't want to become what any regular kid would: He wants to be a samurai.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Genre: Shonen, Action, Comedy
IMDB rate: 8.5/10

Yusuke Urameshi a stubborn student died after rescuing a boy from getting hit by a car. He found himself being chased by Botan, an agent of the underworld, who asked Yusuke to become a spirit detective.


Genre: Action
IMDB rate: 7.0/10

Ozune Enno, Master of the Enno Temple used the demon guardian spirit Zenki to defeat the demon goddess Karuma. After defeating Karuma, he later sealed Zenki away in a pillar until needed again.

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