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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Best Zoom Lens Allows You To Take A Pic Of The Moon's Surface

Love photography?

It shouldn't be that complicated and expensive.

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You don't need to become a Pro or own a DSLR worth US $4000 to capture breathtaking shots of beautiful surroundings and the moon. Also, you do not need that much just to take high quality photos of scenes from a distance.

This zoom lens phone camera attachment from HD360x is the only thing you need!

According to the specifications, the HD360x zoom lens is an optical mobile phone telescope that automatically provides 8x magnification. You can zoom farther to multiply the magnification power by zooming in using your smartphone's features.

So does it take pictures of the moon?

Yes, it can. See sample shots shared by their customers here - LINK

How To Use The HD360x Zoom Lens

Just screw the lens to the clip, attach it to your smartphone, and get ready to zoom in & take shots.

When To Use The HD360x Zoom Lens

There are a lot of cases where you will need a zoom lens in your pocket.

  • Skyscraper viewing
  • Sight seeing
  • Traveling
  • Taking shots of scenes from afar
  • Taking photos of dangerous animals from a safe and distant place
  • Taking photos of evasive subjects that will likely flee if they realized your presence
  • Spying
  • Take pictures of planes, towers and even the moon.
  • and more...

Where To Buy This Awesome Package?

You can get the product for 75% OFF with free shipping via their website - HD360x

To take photos from different perspective, you can buy the HD360x triple lens pack (macro, wide angle, fish eye lenses) in their website as well.

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