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Sunday, September 13, 2020

5 Ways To Earn Money Out Of Your Otaku Hobby


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It's every otaku's ultimate dream to earn a living out of their hobbies. Imagine the joy and fulfillment after you've made more than what a 9-5 worker does, and you don't need to pretend that you're enjoying life, because with all the plots, twists, magic, action, cuteness, and stuff, what else could you wish for? Whether you are a hardcore gamer, an anime fan, cosplay enthusiast, or a JPOP otaku, there are plenty of ways to monetize. Depending on the efforts and strategies you enforce, your earnings may range from an amount that can support your daily needs to a lucrative stream of income that will let buy you everything you want in life, and even help others.

You might have heard about streaming games on social media and YouTube already. Don't worry as we won't mention them here. Apart from streaming and YouTube blogging, there are still many ways for Otakus who find it hard to engage with their fans and earn through these platforms. Here are five unheard but effective ways to make money from your otaku hobbies.

#1 - Becoming An Affiliate

Instead of showing your face and trying hard to entertain your live audience on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube vlogging, you can do what an introvert type otaku does — staying behind their monitors, yet receiving huge commissions out of affiliate marketing.

The affiliate concept is pretty simple. You advertise about a product, either direct or discreetly, by sharing a link on your social media profiles, websites, and other platforms. When someone clicks on the custom link and purchases an item or pays for a subscription, you will get a sale percentage.

The keys to becoming a successful affiliate are finding a partner that pays a more significant commission rate than others and working hard to grow your network and reach. The bigger the social media following or website traffic, the higher chances of sales and bigger earnings.

Senpai Mart affiliate program pays 10% commission for every sale. Being a new eCommerce site, they don't have a wide array of products, but they have enough exciting anime items in their collection. Their lineup of products is not generic. Therefore they sell some things you can't find easily, giving you a higher success rate!

Amazon Prime Video also offers $3 for every successful signup. We heard that Netflix, Hulu, CBS, and even Disney have this affiliate program with varying commission rates and payment details. It's best to check on each platform to see which is best for your niche.

#2 - From Website Advertisements

Otaku peeps who love lengthy discussions and articulate debates may find themselves enjoying writing a blog post on their website every day. While Reddit is the right place for hobbyists, it is not the case for those who'd like to pay their bills out of being a geek. Instead of posting the whole argument, opinion, or reviews in this online forum and Quora, IGN, and others, why not use them to advertise your website, so you can point these users to your website and earn from the ads you've arranged?

We can further expound this section by advising on how to grow your website's traffic. However, we are saving that for another article. But to quickly give those who plan to put up a blog and write, the key to creating a champion website is by creating high-quality pieces, like what we're trying to do here at Otaku Fantasy. To become an authority site, you must be knowledgeable, stick to the niche you've chosen, and really know what you're talking about. 

#3 - Artsy? Sell Custom Anime Items

If you have creative hands, try designing custom anime items and sell it to Etsy or a personal website you created. An incredible way to do this is by crafting something not being sold elsewhere. So if you can find other people selling the same item in Amazon or other marketplaces, you just made yourself a competitor. Give birth to a one-of-a-kind collection if you want your business to flourish in this category, as it sure has heaps of potential.

Illustrators, animators, and graphic design artists can make a living out of freelancing. You can send your applications to comic book publishers, game developers, graphic design agencies, or even establish your own brand!

#4 - Shout Outs and Reviews

When your Instagram and Facebook profiles reach a certain level of popularity, you will attract marketers who can make use of some boosting. They would offer money in exchange for shout outs, tagging, or reviewing their items. Sometimes, the outreach is about becoming an affiliate, so you'll encounter many opportunities here. Just be wary of scams and don't give out sensitive info like your credit card number!

#5 - Create A Social Media Platform

For tinkerers who frequent Github, Gitkraken, and the like, why not start nurturing a small forum or social media that discusses a unique interest? You can also opt for a broader niche, but always think that becoming big depends on your ability to offer something new. Instead of merely coding and creating stuff, why not stop for a second and formulate something that could change the world?


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