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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Voice Actresses Tweet Clues: Hunter x Hunter Could Be Releasing A New Project Soon


Gon and Killua project blurred

The Otaku World is currently in the midst of exhilarating Attack on Titan brawls. But now, we're receiving some official news about an upcoming Hunter x Hunter project. Talk about getting what you wanted when you least expect it.

The Hunter x Hunter fandom heard a slew of fake news about its return. Guess we're all used to that as of now. But here comes a cue of what's about to come — a developing story started by the lead characters' voice actresses themselves.

In separate tweets, Megumi Han and Mariya Ise posted pictures and teased about a new anime project.

See for yourselves:

This one is from Megumi Han, Gon's VA.

Here's a rough translation:

I met my buddy.

She also tweeted. Fufufu.

Yes, it was a recording of that work.

I think we can inform you soon.

My origin.

Mariya Ise (Killua's VA):

I've been recording mufufu today 🤭💓

Happy to meet my buddy on my way home! 😆✨

I'd like to tell you soon, but I can't show you yet ... I'll put a mosaic on it!

(What is it! What is it!)

So what could it be?

Our guess is a movie or a new album.

However, it's far from a new anime since the Succession Contest Arc is still on hiatus. From what we know, anime companies won't start producing new episodes if an arc is not yet complete. Some quick mangakas could make an exception, but Togashi has built a bad reputation that deems it impossible.

But we'll be glad if it is the anime continuation.

And that this will follow the announcement of Hunter x Hunter manga continuation.

Well, that's too much wishful thinking. Let's see what's going to happen next. 

Stay away from HxH fake news!

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