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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Windbreaker Anime First Episode Is Out. Is It On Your Anime List?

Breaking into the list of trending anime, Windbreaker blew many spectators away with its first episode release today, April 5, 2024, in Japan.

Although an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 hit Fukushima, with tremors felt in Tokyo, that didn't stop this scheduled anime from hitting Japanese television. It even caused a search engine breakout, leading us to wonder whether it is worth being on our list of anime to watch.

If your list could use more anime titles, here's a list of upcoming 2024 anime shows. Some of them have been released as the year's first quarter has just concluded.

Windbreaker Plot

Windbreaker is a story about student delinquents who crossed paths in a school for young individuals with bad reputations.

Our protagonist, Haruka Sakura, meets these intimidating folks one by one and has a bad first impression of them. However, he's about to realize that these perceived bad guys are the protectors of the town.

As someone with little interest in weaklings, Haruka is your typical competitive brawler. Now that he learned of others' strength and purpose, he is eager to push his way to the top.

Tokyo Revengers Vibe

First impressions first, it is easily a Tokyo Revengers sibling. Since we don't know much about the anime, we had to quickly review the manga and here's what we found out.

Windbreaker by Satoru Nii is a light, easy-to-read manga that will make you think it's a copy of Tokyo Revengers. However, its distinct characterization will make you stick around for more. It's full of action and has a very interesting main character.

Where To Watch Windbreaker Anime?

Ranked 20th in the web manga category of the Next Manga Award, this content is indeed worthy of seeing. Although it didn't reach our radar as frequent manga readers, Japanese enthusiasts said it's one of the manga they want to see animated. 

Cloverworks produced the anime, with the premiere episode airing on JNN affiliates like TBS and MBS under the Superanimeism Totarbo timeslot. Crunchyroll also licensed the series for North America, and Muse Communications bought the license for Southeast Asian broadcast.

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