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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Tier Chart

I have been playing the game for exactly a year now. To celebrate, I made a tier chart of the characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I may not be the best player of this popular fighting game but I can tell who kicks ass like a boss.

I made this tier chart via Madman's Cafe website. This weighing that I came up with is a bit the same with others. If you will compare, the S-tier characters almost resemble that of the expert's.

Here are the criteria for ranking:

  • Damage
  • Safe launchers
  • Pre-bound wall carry
  • Wall damage
  • Punish
  • Range
  • Defense
  • Pokes
  • Evasiveness
  • Quick low attacks
  • Tag fillers
  • Frame sets

TTT2 Tier - Fantasy Fan Leogan



Devil Jin, Heihachi


Kazuya, Bruce


Nina, Slim Bob, Bob, Lars


Anna, Dragunov, Kunimitsu, Feng, Leo, Armor King, Lei Wulong, Jaycee, King, Lee, Yoshimitsu


Prototype Jack, Ganryu, Baek, Jin, Steve, Hwoarang


Michelle, Zafina, Violet, Marshall Law, Forest Law, Kuma, Panda, Marduk, Paul, Lili, Bryan, Angel, Ogre, Wang, Miguel, Jack 6, Miharu, Unknown, Jun, Xiao Yu

C - Low Tier

Eddy, Tiger, Christie, Sebastian, Jinpachi, True Ogre, Roger Jr., Asuka, Alisa, Dr. Boskonovitch, Alex


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