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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tekken Matches

Watch scorching hot brawls from select videos about Tekken matches. We have videos of expert Korean players and we also have vintage Tekken clips. Enjoy!

Jaycee, Angel, Alisa, Jack-6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken, Matches
Jaycee / Angel vs. Alisa / Jack-6

TTT2 FT3: Aikido (Nina/Steve) Vs. Mad Wolf (Heihachi/Kazuya)

My entry for September 07, 2014.

I have watched many videos of TekkenKilliams (Aikido) back when I was a noob. I was amazed as to how he uses Anna and Nina but he/she is not that satisfied about their tandem. Also, he/she believes that Nina wasn't given enough fighting tools to be a top tier character. Now that I can call myself an average Tekken Player and I main Nina, I kind of disagree about his/her statements. I strongly believe that the Nina/Anna team up is still one of the best partnerships for me and Nina received the best in-your-face jabs in the game.

The match above is definitely not the best of Aikido. He/She did bad right here. I don't know if there were internet connection problems or there was something wrong with the controls. Aikido missed on a lot of combos and was not able to punish Mad Wolf accordingly. It was too obvious that Aikido relied too much on (B+2,2) and dropped a lot of (iWS1). Nina's combos in the match were a bit odd. Maybe he/she wanted to execute something new however, it won't work on this particular case.

Mad Wolf on the other hand did good with his Heihachi and Kazuya. Though he spammed a lot of electric attacks, the combos were quite good and he punished well. He was able to rape Aikido on the first round. Yes, he was good but I'm cheering for Aikido to win this match. Unfortunately, looks like he/she is not in a good mood or this is all just a warm up, probably.

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