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Friday, August 5, 2016

Live-Action Sword Art Online In Production Works At Skydance

Sword Art Online (SAO), a popular anime series that spawned two seasons and an upcoming film. Apart from that, reports came in that SAO will come back as a live-action TV series. In fact, production has started and fans have no other things to do but celebrate about this.

Beyond the anime series, films and live-action version, SAO has also invaded the gaming world and their latest, Hollow Realization, has been set to wow the fandom.

Skydance Media proudly announced that it ows the global rights to make a live-action Sword Art Online TV series. They recruited Alita and Shutter Island scribe to write the pilot.

“At Skydance we are in the business of world-building and SAO is a massive pop-culture phenomenon from which we plan to launch a full-scale and wide-ranging set of live-action franchise extensions across our business verticals, beginning with television. We look forward to working alongside Laeta, Reki Kawahara and the teams at Kadowawa and Aniplex to build out a deeply immersive new universe of SAO in an authentic way that honors its well-established fan base around the globe.”

Laeta Kalogridis could not hide the excitement about tackling this “cutting edge yet timeless story.”

He added, “For years I have been inspired by the inventive and masterful storytelling of the SAO franchise. I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to work with such talented partners to bring this cutting-edge yet timeless story to a new format at Skydance.”

Skydance cooks the first-ever SAO virtual reality experience alongside the live-action series. More details about this will surface as soon as Hollow Realization has hit the market on October 27 in Japan. International release plans for the said game will be nailed down and announced by Bandai Namco soon.

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