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Friday, November 29, 2019

Best iPad Apps That Are Now For Free

We can’t deny the fact that Apple is one of the leading technology companies in the entire world. Apple also tops Forbes’ annual look for the ninth straight time with a value of $205.50 billion, 12% higher than last year.

Among all competitors, Apple did not lose their spot as one of the tops in the business. It is considered one of the big four including Amazon, Google, and Facebook, thanks to their world-class products and services.

Apple products have been designed for the way we work as much as for the way we live. Ipad is one of the products that have been released by Apple formally declared as a revolutionary device for doing almost everything you can do with smartphones and personal computers.

Although in-demand, iPad apps that you won’t be able to use unless you charge your account with fees, have gone for free. And we’ll reveal such iPad apps to you one by one.

Previously Paid Ipad Apps That Have Gone Free

A pair of hands using iPad apps in front of PC

DevPro - Protect Your Device

DevPro is a security app that protects mobile devices including bigger ones like the iPad. Activate it with a single wipe to register movements. It also has an adjustable sensitivity and triggers an audible alarm.

Privatext (Before: $9.99) 

Privatext is an application that promises to be the most secure way to chat wherein you can even send your credit card information, social security numbers, and other sensitive personal information without worrying about being a victim of identity theft. That is because all Privatext texts and pictures are uniquely encoded which allows the users to be able to delete sent messages before they’re read, deletes entire conversations instantly.

In addition to that, Privatext texts and pictures can’t be saved, copied, or intercepted and are automatically deleted off of the sender and recipient’s phones, as well as Privatext’s servers, with the user deciding the message’s lifespan.

Smart Merge Pro

Smart Merge Pro is an App that enables users to merge all duplicate contact with one tap and remove contacts without a name or phone number.

Contacts are the most important data on your phone which can be really messy at times, thus, Smart Merge Pro helps you find your contacts you need easily and can back up your contacts, thus making your contacts organized.

English Pronunciation - Otterwave

This app will improve your English pronunciation using a speech recognition enable software
The app provides feedback on how the user can improve their English pronunciation.

Weather Underground

It is an application that provides the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecast in a calculation to an interactive weather radar satellite maps and severe weather alerts.

This app is a crowd-sourced data that generates accurate forecast targeted to your precise location. It is powered by weather enthusiasts reporting live data from over 270 000 personal weather stations.


Hardcast is an advanced and modern Podcast Player for iPhone, IPad, and apple watch which has Smart Playlist and playback capabilities that automate a task you previously had to manually perform. You no longer have to register a new account as Hardcast synchronizes via iCloud.

Phone Driver- File Manager, Browser and Explorer

Using the Phone Driver, you can now use your phone as a portable wireless flash drive which allows you to store, view, and manage files on your iPhone and IPad. You can use your device to connect, transfer files by drag and drop a file straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer.
 You may try to use the lite version where you can store no more than 10 files.

This application Support cloud storage: Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Box, and Yandex. Disk storage. It also supports PDF READER: Support fast PDF reader with thumbnails and bookmarks features. In addition to this, this application also supports MULTIMEDIA PLAYER:

You can create your own audio playlist with shuffle, repeat, background playback and remote control from multitasking and DOCUMENT READER: Support MS Office, iWork, Text & HTML.

There are a whole lot of features that you can get if you purchase the full version of this application.

Top Free iPad Apps 2019

We’ll take this chance to give you the best free apps for iPad since the beginning.


Darkroom is a free app for IPad. It is a premium photo-editing application.
This application gives the user access to numerous options including excellent cropping tools, a range of adjustment sliders, frames, ad one-tap filters.

The app feels professional but is easy and is user-friendly. Although this exquisite application may be free, should you wish to take things further, there is a once-off fee amounting to $9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99 to unlocks curves and color tools, along with many more filters.


Twitterrific is a client for Twitter that allows you to use the social network on your own terms where you get a swing of customization options – and a much richer user experience – compared to when using the official Twitter app.

Infuse 6

Infuse 6 is a free app that enables users to watch videos without first loading any of it on to your iPad. The app streams footage from files stored Macs, cloud, network drives and other devices.
The interface of this application is sleek and as it serves up not only your videos but also cover art and background information.

The free version doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles but even without the Library/progress sync, streaming from cloud sources, AirPlay, and HD audio you won’t find a better feature-packed free video player on your iPad.

Infuse 5

Infuse 5 is a video player that lets you get at a video from anywhere which means if you have a massive video collection, no need to load it all on to your iPad.

Unfortunately, the free version of this app has limitations and it requires an annual subscription to unlock features such as more audio/video formats, AirPlay and Google Cast support, library sync, background playback and more.

VLC for Mobile

VLC for mobile is a popular media player where you can stream movies from a PC or Mac right to your iPad, rather than having to sit in front of a computer.

The interface throughout is sleek of this app, allowing users to playback, fiddle with the picture and audio, and use gestures to skip through scenes – or backward.

Best Free iPad Games

This group of iPad apps are for gamers who like to play on bigger screens.

Super Cat Tales 2

A game that a lot of people have been looking forward to for a while. It was originally announced back last April and then being dated for today, it has finally hit the App Store game. A lot of people have been looking forward to for a while.

There are multiple cats to unlock across various villages all embellished with pixel art and retro-styled music.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It features a huge roster of real hypercars from famous manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. You can pick your dream ride and race across spectacular locations around the world. You need to leave your limits in the dust to become a “Legend of the Track!”

It heads towards the bizarre in a decidedly different manner, with a ‘TouchDrive’ control scheme that streamlines careening around a racecourse, largely by letting the game itself deal with steering. There is a ‘manual’ alternate system buried in the settings, you by default have to tap and swipe to switch lanes, perform stunts, drift, and boost.

Power Hover Cruise

Power Hover Cruise is a spin-off from a highly popular Power Hover game.

The futuristic racer with super stylish graphics and a large roster of characters to choose from! Fly the UFO and other vehicles or cruise with a different variation of robots!

The randomly generated hazards will make sure that you will never meet the same course twice!

A Way To Slay - Bloody Fight

This bloody puzzle game requires strategy and logical thinking. A game in which you will face knights, samurai, mercenaries, pirates, orcs, assassins and even the modern mafia. You need to formulate tactics to pass hundreds of different levels in a variety of eras, from realistic to fantasy worlds.

Top Paid iPad Apps Many Wish To Be For Free

While those listed above are the free iPad apps, here are some apps we wish to become free soon. Though, we don’t think they would become free anytime soon, hoping and crossing our fingers won't hurt.

Pixelmator Photo ($4.99)

Pixelmator Photo is one of the favorite mobile art applications. Geared towards photo manipulation, it’s indeed a useful tool you can use for free as it can turn your iPad into a mobile photo editing powerhouse.


This Amazon-friendly app provides users with a powerful multi-platform reading app that gives them full access to their library and a highly customized reading interface. Users can access books purchased in Kindle Marketplace, also a wealth of free domain books and promos.

LastPass ($3/month)

An excellent password manager that can take the hassle out of logging in to your favorite websites and apps. An integrated built-in web browser that provides form and password autofill to your iPad. It also allows syncing in your password vault between your iPad, Mac, PC or Android phone for free.

Netflix ($8.99/month)

A streaming media that allows subscribers to log in and enjoy unlimited access to Netflix’s vast library of movies.

It is a powerful search tool that lets you easily work through a treasure trove of film, while the user rating system allows the app to tailor its recommendations depending on your viewing taste.

Crunchyroll ($6.99/month)

An application that has the largest lineup of anime series. It carries the latest and the greatest anime series, delivered to your mobile screen.

The premium subscribers can access the full archives (without Ad interruption) and watch the latest anime series with only an hour delay from the original Japanese broadcast.

Anime lovers would celebrate if Crunchyroll and be able to use all of its features for free.

Spotify ($4.99/month)

The synonymous with online streaming music with its familiar interface, the Facebook integration and massive song library of more than 20 million tracks.

You can choose what music you want from any of the artists, albums, and playlist in its massive library. Premium users can enjoy ad-free music and have the ability to download music for offline listening.

Tweetbot ($9.99)

A Twitter client that adds a ton of extra features with the Twitter power user in mind.
Tweetbot subscribers can gain access to granular mute filters for things like users, hashtags, and keywords, and also detailed activity and analytics view that summarizes the interactions retweets and mentions.

It may be overkill for some people, but if you spend a lot of time on the micro-blogging network, it can make your life a lot easier.

Pocket ($13.44)

An offline reading tool that allows you to select and saves articles, videos for later viewing and pictures.

The latest version offers easy sharing of content. You can easily save and surf rather than fumble around with a bookmark.

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