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Friday, November 29, 2019

Hunter x Hunter Merch Biggest Releases: Gon X Neferpitou and Netero X Meruem Resin Figures

We were not around during the release of the biggest resin figures of Hunter x Hunter. But we’re here to tell everyone about the best that happened this year.

Statue of Meruem a green Chimera ant monster fighting an old man Netero who summoned a giant golden buddha

Though we only heard about rumors in social media that the anime would make its nth comeback next year (2020), fans of the HxH series have learned to wait for official news throughout the years of hearsays and fake news that might have been produced out of sheer hope.

Even if the recent news about HxH are mostly about product launches, some fans are already assuming of a big comeback about to come our way. Let’s just hope for that, but don’t expect too much.

One of the best Hunter x Hunter merch releases would be the Gon x Neferpitou resin figures. This is in no way a content for adults as it’s a legitimate interpretation of the fight that occurred in the anime and manga series.

It all started when an in-denial Gon asked Neferpitou to bring back Kite from a puppet state. However, Kite is already dead after he was decapitated in Episode 85 of the hxh anime series.

Neferpitou, on the other hand, was forced to abide by Gon’s request to accompany the latter to the location where they kept Kite’s body in order to secure Komugi, whom the King cared so much for.

When they reached the place, Neferpitou got a signal from Shaiapouf that he was able to snatch Komugi. Neferpitou used the nen ability Dr. Blythe to heal a self-inflicted wound while Gon sat and watched thinking that Pitou is doing something that would help Kite.

Cat humanoid monster Neferpitou wearing blue coat fighting a young boy with spiky hair named Gon who's asking in subtitle "You're not gonna heal Kite?"

As Dr. Blythe finishes his operation, Pitou tells Gon that Kite can no longer be brought back. The Chimera ant prepares to kill Gon who then transforms to his adult form.

In the KRC and Tatsumaki Gon x Neferpitou artist’s impression, Adult Gon is seen in his Jajanken, first comes rock pose while Pitou tries to attach while on air. This is slightly different from what exactly happened as Neferpitou had no chance when she was sent flying after an immensely strong kick and wasn’t able to control the fall at least. As a result, Adult Gon was successfully able to launch a fully-powered Jajanken rock to the Chimera Ant’s face.

Hunter x Hunter Statue of Adult Gon with long hair in a Jajanken stance about to punch a falling cat humanoid monster named Neferpitou

Despite this, the artist's portrayal of the fight between Gon and Neferpitou is an epic masterpiece. While it is every fan’s dream to own a Hunter x Hunter collectible like this, the resin figure is kind of expensive. It costs around US $800 and varies from region to region.

Hunter x Hunter gained more fans because of the intense battle between Gon and Neferpitou. Giving more opportunity for Tatsumaki to manufacture another vital figure to complete the dream of a Hunter x Hunter fanatic.

Another epic statue that everyone wishes to have is the huge Netero x Meruem figurama. It shows Netero with hand and feet parts of his 10,000 hand Bodhisattva while Meruem tries to attack him. For more details, you can check it out here.

We’ll stay in the lookout for new Hunter x Hunter news and updates. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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