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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Patch 1.4.70 Review

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is no doubt, one of the most popular games of this time, many players are looking forward to the new additions, change of meta and nerfed heroes, and updates of this game. 

mobile legends new hero popol and kupa new blue dog small wild kid holding a blue spear small angry

So what did the game developers add, change, and who did they nerf this time?

New Hero:

Popol and Kupa - 599 Diamonds (30% off launch week)

New Skins and Adjustments: 

Popol and Kupa's skin "Hunting Pals" - 269 Diamonds (30% off in launch week). 
  • Popol and Kupa and skin Hunting Pals is available in a bundle for only 867 Diamonds (30% off in launch week) 
Harith's epic skin "EVOS legends" - 899 Diamonds (30% off from April 22 until May 22) 
  • Bundle (Hero Harith, Skin EVOS Legends, M1 Champion Elimination Effect, M1 Champion Recalling Effect, M1 Champion Avatar Border, M1 Champion Elimination Effect, M1 Champion Spawning Effect) 2881 Diamonds (30% off from April 22 until May 22).
Kaja's Skin "Horror Whiplash" - 599 Diamonds (30% off)
  • Bundle Kaja and "Horror Whiplash" 1197 Diamonds (30% off launch week)

Fragment Shop

Rare Skins:

  • Layla - "Bunny Babe"
  • Miya - "Captain Thorns"
  • Freya - "Dragon Hunter"
  • Natalia - "Phantom Dancer"
  • Leomord - "Frostborn Paladin"


  • Clint - "Rock and Roll"
  • Aurora - "Heartbreak Empress"
  • Argus - "Dark Draconic"
  • Alucard - "Viscount"
  • Angela - "Shanghai Maiden"

Hero Shop:

  • Harith
  • Kaja
  • Granger
  • Lylia


  • Bruno Lolita
  • Guinevere
  • Natalia

Sacred Treasure:

  • Pharsa "Wings of Vengeance"
  • Granger "Death Verdict"

Hero Nerfed and Adjustments:


His ultimate damage is reduced by 10 points at all levels.


Heal from her first skill, reduced by 25 points at the max level.


Adjusted the initial blood demon from 20-50 to 25-45 he gains from his ultimate.


Her ultimate now has a shorter cooldown of 5 seconds at all levels.


Iits range is now weaker when pushing enemies but its damage remains the same when used in long distance. Reduced the slow effect from 1 second down to 0.5 seconds.

Siege minion 

The experience of the siege minion in the first two waves is increased by 10%, which means players can reach level 4 faster than before.

The schedule of the 515 event: 

  • April 25 - Start of event
  • May 9 - Claim 2000 party tickets
  • May 15 - Claim exclusive achievement
  • May 16 - Claim new hero Luo Yi
  • May 16-23 - Pre-order
  • May 23- Free access to all heroes
  • May 23-25 - Get Free Elite Skin from Pre-order

That's all the updates for the MLBB patch 1.4.70, new update reviews will be posted on this website when new updates released.

We will post a review for the New Magic Chess. Watch out for it!

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