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Sunday, April 26, 2020

One Punch Man Gets Hollywood Live Action Adaptation

Anime to live-action adaptation has always been an interesting idea for all fans and viewers. But, most of the anime characters are hard to replicate using real-life actors and because of that, some past live-action anime adaptations have earned bad comments from fans. However, several movie studios continue to produce live-action movies based on the anime series and manga. 

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Now, it has been announced on April 22, 2020, that one of the most anticipated manga and anime series, One-Punch Man, is getting a live-action adaptation as a Hollywood live-action film–and fans probably have high expectations for this.  

One-Punch Man manga launched by ONE in 2012 and illustrated by YĆ«suke Murata on Shueisha's "Tonari no Young Jump" website.  

The storyline of this anime is starting with the life of a Saitama, a normal guy who simply wants to be a hero for fun but Saitama suffered a problem that every enemy he meets becomes easily defeated by only doing a single punch. Resulting in a very entertaining manga and anime that definitely gives up pretty much everything about what being a superhero is all about, combined with some amazing illustration and animation on it. 

The Hollywood version live-action project will be produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, with a script written by Venom’s Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. The challenge here is this anime has a very high sense of humor and funny jokes that needs to have a great delivery and acting, knowing the fact that Hollywood is going to adapt it most of the fans are waiting for this.

The original creator ONE showed his gratitude and excitement for the Hollywood adaptation said on his personal Twitter account, stating that he is also looking forward to seeing how Saitama does in Hollywood.

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