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Monday, March 14, 2022

10 Anime And Manga Series On Indefinite Hiatus

Nana, Hunter x Hunter Berserk, Highschool of the dead characters representing anime and manga series on indefinite hiatus

We'll give you something to cry about.

Have you invested enough time and emotion in an anime or manga only to find out that it has been on hiatus for some years already?

This situation would certainly ring heaps of bells for the average Otaku Fantasy follower. They even might have guessed some of the items in this anime list already.

We may be crying over spilled milk for the nth time, but let this be a warning for new otaku souls who want to avoid the thorned path we chose.

Without further ado, let's revisit those anime and manga publications that keep our hearts bleeding every time we hope for a conclusion of their stories.

#10 - Nana (Manga)

Nana was one of the most influential Shoujo manga to this day. Though full of coincidence, it is a slice-of-life series focusing on a realistic approach towards the story of love, music, friendships, and heartbreak.

Unfortunately, the hiatus from 2009 left a sour taste to the fans. While it is understandable because of the health issues of the manga author, Yazawa Ai, her recent artworks irrelevant to Nana speak abandonment for many fans.

However, her statements dispelled rumors of desertion. According to a translated interview from ROLA magazine, she hopes to continue NANA and will exert her best efforts when the time comes. We quote Yazawa:

NANA is the work of my life. There, I put into play all the cards in my hand. I’m sorry because they have waited so long, I’m going to eventually do my best.”

The interview happened in 2016, and fans have not heard of any developments since then. Fans can follow the news through Yazawa Ai's IG account and wait for any announcements around Nana's continuation.

#9 - Land of the Lustrous (Manga)

Houseki no Kuni is a Seinen manga series written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. It is a manga series popular for its unorthodox and compelling concept and settings featuring anthropomorphic gemstones. 

Despite the success and overall positive reviews, the author suddenly announced its hiatus in December 2020 for unknown reasons. Thus leaving dissatisfaction towards the fandom and completely oblivious on the date of its continuation.

#8 - Barefoot Gen

One of the saddest highlights in the history of manga revolved around Barefoot Gen's unprecedented hiatus. After the tragedies of the Hiroshima atomic bombing at the end of part 1, Keiji Nakazawa planned to show Gen's new life in Tokyo as an art student. Unfortunately, he retired in 2009 due to his declining eyesight.

Three years after, fans received the tragic news that Nakazawa passed away, leaving the manga series with only 54 chapters, at a point when the story is about to make a significant turn. No one continued what followers thought was supposed to be Nakazawa's life work.

#7 - Made in Abyss(Manga)

A seinen manga series made by Tukushi Akihito. It is an adventure mystery series with disturbing dark elements as its main attraction for the readers. One of the manga series in the Seinen category, it's the one that truly compels the adults due to its theme and narrative. 

However, the chapter release dates are inconsistent and unpredictable to the fans. No one truly knows the specific reason for the author to do so. Therefore, this alone is enough to assume that the author is on hiatus every new release of the chapter. If you are to read this series, the best option is to finish a specific arc and put it on hold afterward because you will never know when the next chapters will release. 

#6 - Highschool of the Dead (Manga and Anime)

The anime adaptation impressed otakus all over the world. However, getting a second season is nearly impossible despite having enough material to launch it.

The hiatus began in March 2013 when creator Daisuke Sato decided to focus on his health but unfortunately met his untimely demise in May 2017. It left sadness towards the fans as they will never know if the manga will ever continue or not. Moreover, the aggravating factor of this series not continuing is also because the notes left by the creator were destroyed during the 2011 tsunami, leaving us with an unknown answer.  

#5 - Btooom! (Anime)

Btooom! is a widely accepted anime series produced by Studio Madhouse that somehow did not get a second season despite its popularity.  

Amid the hype and encore, official publications and rumors speculate that Btooom! is highly likely done. No one knows when Btooom! second season will release, and hope has long ceased in the hearts of many as it has already been a decade since the finale of its first season.

#4 - Vagabond (Manga)

One of the big four Seinen manga with Vinland Saga, Kingdom, and Berserk, Vagabond follows a historical tale of a samurai on his journey to prove himself the strongest. Though the manga is successful and reaches that caliber to be considered mainstream, it comes with a great cost: Takehiko Inoue’s mental well-being. 

Though reasonable as it may be, it is unfortunate that the manga is on indefinite hiatus. Looking at the magnificent art and the quality of the story itself, it is no doubt that it will cause the author an unsustainable mental strain. This leaves an abrupt ending, leaving the fans to question if this will continue.

#3 - Crayon Shin-Chan(Manga)

Crayon Shin-chan is one of the longest-running manga to be ever serialized. However, with the unfortunate mountain climbing accident of the author Yoshito Usui, the manga was not able to end, causing an indefinite hiatus because he died in 2009. 

Though afterward, his assistants decided to end prematurely in 2010 despite their plans for the manga—a truly sad event considering that this has become one of the longest-running creations.

#2 - Berserk

Berserk is widely known for its masterful storytelling and superb art, running around for decades. Influencing most of the medieval fantasy that we know of today. Kentaro Miura created Berserk, and it started publishing from 1990 to the present. 

With its customary hiatus, people have been making sarcastic and humorous allegations about why the manga's release has been inconsistent. Recently, devastating news broke out about the sudden death of the author. This has led to another case of a mangaka's unfinished masterpiece due to his demise

Perhaps, this may serve as an impetus not to pressure any manga authors to release the next chapters no matter how eager we may be. 

#1 - Hunter x Hunter

The news about the death of Berserk's creator also shook Hunter x Hunter fans. 

But that's not all. In fact, we find ourselves worrying about Yoshihiro Togashi's health whenever we hear unfortunate news about a mangaka, Japanese actor, or anyone relevant to the anime and manga industry.

Hunter x Hunter manga is notoriously known for holding the record of longest hiatuses in the history of manga series. The reason behind this is Togashi's severe back problems that send him squirming whenever it attacks. 

Despite this valid reason, eager fans joke about Togashi's obsession with video games, particularly the Dragon Quest series. However, like Nana's creator, Togashi worked on short projects like Akuten Wars two-chapter manga and drawing the album cover of Japanese pop idol Jun Togawa. Is he doing work little by little in his spare time? Only those people close to him would be able to tell.

Speaking of people around Yoshihiro Togashi, rumors from 2017 say that his partner, Naoko Takeuchi, the woman behind Sailormoon, may continue the manga. Still, no official statement was released by these parties.

Hunter x Hunter fans remain hopeful while keeping their fingers crossed that Togashi will fully recover so that the mangaka can resume his life's work. Signs of life such as Togashi attending a party and new HxH projects sprouting here and there keeps the promise alive.

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