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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Phantom Troupe Back Story: HxH Chapter 395 Shockingly Drops A Bomb That Connects The Spiders To Kurapika


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Chapter 395 is a major spoiler. If you have not read the manga, please do not continue. You have been warned.


Hunter x Hunter Chapter 395

The latest Hunter x Hunter chapter went live a few hours before this writing. It has 19 pages and focuses on the back story of The Phantom Troupe.

Hinrigh reviewed the CCTV footage of his conjured cat recorder and realized that the members of the Heilly Family uses a warping ability to navigate through different corners of Tier 3. Meanwhile, Phantom Troupe members Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan investigated the Nen Trap in one of the suspected bathrooms Heilly members used.

After entering the portal, no clash happened as expected. The other side of the bathroom appeared empty, and it became a conversation starter between the spiders. They compared the way Heilly grows their group to how the Phantom Troupe lets newcomers in; they usually don't until recently. Their nostalgia allowed Togashi to insert the group's past, which may be far from what we anticipated as depicted in our fan fiction entitled "The Dark Leader Of The Outlaws." Still, we were able to gauge the depth of the original members' bonds.

The Phantom Troupe's Past

A very young Chrollo with younger Shalnark and Franklin unearthed a tape from a mountain of junk. It appeared that the present time's Phantom Troupe hadn't been established during these flashbacks, as no one regarded Chrollo as their leader. Also, the members have been fighting over each other's loot, and Chrollo's mini faction seemed to get bullied very often by Uvogin's group (with a strong Machi as a member) and Phinks' (seen riding in a bike with Feitan).

Chrollo being a sneaky kid, appeared to have survived this regular bullying through negotiations and clever tricks. After surrendering a fake tape to Phinks, he headed to what appeared to be Meteor City's orphanage to watch it. There, he sees the late Pakunoda, who could already understand different languages at a young age. 

It's easy to assume that the two are self-teaching nerds, squeezing every piece of education they could from whatever junk that landed in their place. The tape seemed to be a film about a Super Sentai kind of show, the Clean up Rangers. They decided to dub the story with the help of Pakunoda so that everyone could follow.

Apart from Pakunoda, Chrollo enlisted the help of other Meteor City kids: Sarasa and Shiela.

Yes, the same injured Shiela who accidentally bumped Kurapika and Pairo in Togashi's One Shot of Kurapika's past.

A striving hunter, Chapter 395 showed Shiela holding the Dino Hunter, the same book she gave to Kurapika and Pairo as a gift. 

We realized that at one point, Chrollo had read the Dino Hunter, and his fingerprints crossed paths with Kurapika's when the latter accepted the book from an outsider. 

The remaining question is Shiela's part that led to the Kurta clan massacre. Also, how did the innocent kids of Meteor City become the ruthless killers that they are now? Could this memory herald the death of another Phantom Troupe member?

We're only a few chapters from finding out. Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396 should partly fill us in. 

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