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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396: Chrollo's Got Talent

Continuing the flashback of the Phantom Troupe's story, we saw how the Meteor City kids make the best out of every junk they can exploit.

HxH manga chapter 395 led Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan to a seemingly deserted hideout of the Heilly Family. While comparing themselves to this group, Hunter x Hunter sensei, Yoshihiro Togashi, used this window to take us on a trip down memory lane. 

After revealing that Sheila, the injured traveler who crossed paths with Kurapika and Pairo in Kurapika's Hunter x Hunter One Shot was from Meteor City, the story commenced with the much-awaited Super Sentai tribute.

As the tape plays a language most kids couldn't understand, Chrollo and Pakunoda decided to dub the film so that everyone could follow the story. 

During the event, the tape failed, and Chrollo had to improvise. Here, it was revealed that Chrollo dubbed all male characters' voices, including the antagonist, and everyone was awe-struck. The same scene showed an aura emitted from the young boy as he spoke in the voice of the Clean-up Rangers' villain, The Ganguro Monster.

It's safe to say that Chrollo, at a young age, can unknowingly use Nen. Due to the uniqueness of its nature and the absence of initiation, it's safe to say that he was a specialist from the beginning. Individuals under this Nen category may not be aware of this aptitude. Most of the time, it'll manifest all of a sudden, like Komugi while playing Gungi, and Neon Nostrade, who just happened to discover the ability on her own.

Although faint, the Meteor City kids realized the fear when the villain came out, though it makes sense to deduct that it's Chrollo's aura that induced the uneasiness. Humans who can't use Nen are more susceptible to its unseen force, but since it emanates from a kid and everyone's amused, the pressure shouldn't be that domineering.

Phinks and Uvogin showed their admiration for Chrollo's talent after the event, which suggested the end of their reign as the latter's bullies. When we thought the chapter would give us more happy childhood memories, the focus switched to Sarasa, who happened to be walking her way to a place filled with more tapes.

Meanwhile, a group of adults in a van discussed their business, which appeared to be about human trafficking, and they decided to catch a Meteor City kid for fun. Since they already achieved their quota, the unfortunate soul will be subject to senseless torment, which may lead to a crucial turning point that made the Phantom Troupe what they are today.

Chapter 397 will be a shocker, and this is what we think will happen: 

Sarasa will meet her tragic fate. Another worse thing could take place involving all the would-be spider members. As a result, Chrollo's group will swear revenge to find her killers but will be led mistakenly to the Kurta Clan. It could also be that some people from Kurapika's folks are guilty of the incident. This could be the catalyst for the series of bloody events.

Soon, Togashi might serve as the real motivation behind the Phantom Troupe's message found near the mutilated bodies of the Kurta people:

"We reject no one. So take nothing from us."

We can't wait for 397 and the rest of the chapters.

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