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Thursday, December 14, 2023

7 Gifts Adulting Otakus Should Get Themselves This Holiday Season (2023)

This time, we'll try not to be overly materialistic.

While otakus leans towards getting new gadgets in pampering themselves, the adulting segment needs more than tangible elements to feel satisfied.

What's the use of having heaps of anime goods if you're filled with regrets every time you split the attention you should have given to your family, peers, business, work, and spiritual life (if you have one)?

If you're under such circumstances, your otaku life needs a reset. The best time to do this is the holiday season when everyone feels they are entitled to a break. 

Once the change begins in an otaku's lifestyle, we hope it will be for good. 

Listed below are ten gifts an adulting otaku should get themselves to achieve a more fulfilling life.

#1 - Freedom From Repetitive Games

Regarding pastimes, repetitive games are some of the most addictive. They know how to entertain us with the design, hype, multi-player interactions, and adrenaline. Examples are fighting games, 5v5, and games where your character levels up.

Unless adult otakus earn from these games through multi-channel uploads, plan to become famous in the gaming realm, or win tournaments, they are wasting their time. Those who don't have the luxury of time would prefer all their activities to be productive as much as possible. If you're not earning from these games, playing them negates your efforts to become a highly effective individual.

Stick with story-rich games or anything that presents a conclusion. According to peer reviews, these games encourage intrinsic motivation, an intention to play the game because it is enjoyable and not due to external pressures or rewards.

While we don't encourage anyone to play serious games or those made for mental and educational benefit, we're implying that story games provide a sense of fulfillment upon reaching the finale. Great examples include Persona games for teens, Sherlock Holmes for detective minds, and retro Final Fantasy for those who prefer story-rich materials under the mainstream category.

While it's good to break the ice with quick 5v5s that lead to only winning or losing, there's a different level of achievement once you finish a stack of story-rich masterpieces in whatever gaming platform you choose.

#2 - A Partner Who Understands

For single otakus who are considering the "hikikomori" way of life, there's nothing wrong with being in a relationship or building a family. While some of us would need to sacrifice anime or gaming time when nurturing a bond, it'll be worth it with the right person.

Having a partner who understands brings balance and realism to the life of otakus, who tend to drown themselves in so much fantasy. It may be tempting to think we're being limited in what we want to do. However, living an otaku life with the right significant other teaches us to make better use of our time by only engaging in quality otaku activities.

#3 - An Extrovert's Massage

At the back of our heads, adulting otakus continue watching anime and playing games, hoping they would make something out of this hobby. Thus, we sometimes consider it a chore instead of enjoying it.

With multiple stresses on our shoulders, we could use somebody else's hands to relieve us from the pain and pressure. A few times a year, consider being touched by a complete stranger. After the rejuvenating session, you can brave the anime, gaming, and the real world with a refreshed and invigorated mind and body.

#4 - More Time Alone

After encouraging otakus to live with a partner, this "more time alone" advice may seem contradictory.

For singles, this must be an easy task. In fact, they're so used to being solo or having the choice of spending time alone that they tend to overlook the value of the opportunity for self-love.

Finding time alone is, apparently, a huge dilemma for otakus with partners. But we didn't mean it by pushing your significant other away.

We mean for every otaku to seek private time with their special someone. Even if there are differences in interest, always find an agreeable spot so the both of you can enjoy your hobbies in peace.

#5 - More Respect To Self

Self-esteem, self-appreciation, self-respect, and other forms of self-love are highly related. Oftentimes, we regard them as the same, although a thin line segregates one from the other.

Self-respect leads to a higher form of self-love. It's where you begin believing that you deserve better and need to work hard to get what you want because you know you can.

That ultimately leads to becoming a better you as you endlessly pursue matters that lead to self-improvement and self-satisfaction.

An otaku with less self-love will find it tough to earn the respect of others, and this is a pre-requisite in a society that partially depends on connections. Also, people with no love for themselves and no self-worth will struggle to build relationships, particularly romantic ones. 

#6 - Peace of Mind

The art of not giving a damn is a highly-priced skill, and it takes a while to develop. A huge leap to get there is knowing that it is attainable and begins with self-acceptance and a tremendous amount of self-love.

However, peace of mind doesn't mean you should be completely apathetic. Knowing when to keep silent and knowing when to react is golden, and only you can figure out the right response for every familiar situation around you.

Otakus also need to acknowledge their flaws. No one is perfect. Even your critics have insecurities, and they'll also lose their minds if those were exposed and exploited.

However, once you know, understand, accept, and are always ready to admit to your weaknesses, they can never be used against you.

#7 - Enough Time To Watch One Piece

Once you've improved the above aspects, rewards knock on your door in many forms, shapes, and larger quantities. After solving your relationship, time management, and self-respect issues as an adult, it's time for a treat -- like watching the entire One Piece anime series without feeling guilty about it.

Check the list:

  • Did you stop playing repetitive games that wasted your time and did something else?
  • Are you taking care of your overall health with healthy foods, exercise, plenty of water, and occasional wellness massage?
  • Are you on good terms with your partner about the hobbies you want to do together or separately?
  • Do you love yourself enough?
  • Have you accepted your flaws and mistakes?
  • Can you create peace on your own?

If you've answered yes to everything, that's a good indication that you can watch One Piece with discipline while being reasonable and without sacrificing any important things in your life!

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