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Friday, December 15, 2023

20 Best Popular And Forgotten Anime-Based Video Games That Took The World By Storm

The recent Cyber Weekend has concluded with a staggering US$10-12.4 billion in sales. Much of it came from digital copies, particularly of movies and games.


Because our household is full of devices with Netflix subscriptions, we only bothered to shop for games, and we're so delighted to see that Steam is on sale until December 13, 2023! As we enjoyed adding games to our carts last Black Friday Sale and Cyber Week, we couldn't help but notice how anime has influenced gaming. 


While video games gave birth to some anime and live-action titles, one can't deny that anime offers more opportunities to game developers. 


Casino game developers in particular have been inspired by the world of anime with many slot games incorporating anime themes. As the growth of anime themed slot games and popularity of casino games continue, players can find help getting no deposit free spins by using a comparison platform to review the best promotions available to them.


Despite anime themed casino games considered popular, we reserve this list for titles released on mainstream consoles.


If you'd like to see how anime-based games fared in the critical world of gaming, we listed some of the most unforgettable titles both realms have seen so far.


Forgotten #10 - Monkey Magic, 1999 (PlayStation One)




Oh, now you remember.


90s kids would recall how we chime "Monkey!" whenever the bumper music plays. Amazingly, they included that signature theme in the game as the main character acquires some power item. Monkey Magic PS1 game is based on the anime series of the same name.


Why is it the best?


Monkey Magic's combination of RPG-like elements, multi-layer sections that made it look 3D-like, and the ability to cast a spell on the character or enemies suggests that it is too ahead of its time. While comparing it with every Spongebob Squarepants game is easy, you'll be surprised that this retro game gives more satisfaction than later releases.


Just try running it on your PS1 or PSx emulator, and you'll thank us for this quick trip down memory lane. We recommend getting the rare hard copy of Monkey Magic PS1 game. Monkey Magic PS1 game is still available on Amazon.


Still Popular #10 - Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, 2009 (Nintendo DS)


Both are equally great; the only difference is that HeartGold is a lot easier than SoulSilver. They are remakes of 1999 Pokémon Gold and Silver. Most players from the Nintendo community would agree that these buffed versions gave the best experience.


Why is it the best?


Imagine evolved Gold and Silver, which are already pretty decent sequels. The game is more balanced, brimming with beautiful sprites, and offers enhanced story and content. The graphics quality is also superb, and the life changes led to a more rewarding adventure. Talk about being the very best.


Forgotten #9 - Blood Will Tell, 2004 (PlayStation 2)


Listed as one of the most underrated anime series ever, here we are again with Dororo. With an unrecognizable title, "Blood Will Tell," this slash fest from the father of manga, Osamu Tezuka, is a breath of fresh air, albeit a classic.


Why is it the best?


For sadomasochistic gamers who love playing insanely difficult games, Blood Will Tell requires advanced patterns you need to discover to play it more effectively. Evasion is not an option, and that's something to worry about when facing a huge purple boss monster.


All the talks about the challenge, but what makes it great? The boss battles aren't supposed to be easy-peasy. Thus, it won't disappoint. However, to get there, you must endure dull and repetitive fights. The issues are not problematic; the high-standard voice acting and great soundtrack would help you get by.


Still Popular #9 - Bleach: Dark Souls, 2007 (Nintendo DS)


Famous in Japan as Bleach DS 2nd: The Black-clothed Flickering Requiem, this award-winning game introduces new characters and moves, making it much better than its predecessor. Although a fighting game, the popularity of Bleach anime catapulted it to the top charts and garnered favorable reviews from gaming authority websites.


Why is it the best?


Outside the 2000 Bleach craze, the game has many winning points. Thus, despite the flaws spotted by critics, it still won the hearts of many reviewers. 


With the improved online multiplayer mode, global fans met each other and enjoyed the game through the Wi-Fi battle mode. The great characters, the playable bankers, the responsive fight, and the filler story made the hardcore fans feel great while gaming. Also, the soundtrack was a highly searched video game OST then.


Of all anime-based games, this one brought the majority of its fandom to gaming. It must be great timing and utilization of the market's thirst for the Bleach anime.


Forgotten #8 - Astro Boy: Omega Factor 2003 (Game Boy Advance)

This game could easily be a "still popular" candidate. But with Astro Boy's less impactful presence in the US, it joins other retro classic games in our list as a "forgotten" but awesome game.


Why is it the best?


Unlike the typical side-scroller playstyle, the mechanics include skill trees you can design to fit your gaming preferences. The combat requires agile hands, and nothing is as satisfying as blasting multiple enemies with the butt cannon.


Still Popular #8 - Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise, 2017 (PS4)


With an anime comeback, Fist of the North Star is making news again. Hence, this 2018 action-packed game Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA came with a full voice-acting roster.  


Why is it the best?


With over 120,000 copies sold in Japan on its first week of release, it's easy to ride the bandwagon to check the hype yourself. What we've found is a captivating gem, a perfect tribute to a 30-year-old franchise in the making.


Fans of the game will easily fall in love. But since the US market barely knows the king of instant kills, making an impression will be a struggle. What we loved most were the QTE-based combat, the clever character customization (less need for mods), and how it sticks to the blood, gore, and heartwarming symbol of the franchise.


Forgotten #7 - Magic Knight Rayearth, 1995 (SEGA Saturn)


It's almost 30 years since the game was first introduced in Japan. With our young minds back then, who knew this game existed? I only heard about the SEGA Saturn console after receiving a Pandora arcade as a birthday present!


Why is it the best?


Hardcore fans who followed every media of the famous Magic Knight Rayearth anime would know about the controversy of the delayed US release. But you'll be amazed to see that it is worth the wait, as the 1998 English version boasts a superior dub, and the English cover deserves an album of its own!


The RPG mechanics are comparable to the Secret of Mana. It was truly a great decision from its copyright owners, as fans were delighted to play their favorite characters with their specialty weapons. 


Still Popular #7 - Attack On Titan 2, 2018 (PS4, PSVita, Windows, Google Stadia, Xbox One)


The recently wrapped anime series Attack On Titan also left behind an immortalized impact in the realm of gaming. Receiving a "very positive" reception from the Steam platform, the adaptation lives up to the standard everyone expects from the widely-praised franchise.


Why is it the best?


Cleverly used cutscenes, an original player-created character, exciting aerial battles, the joy of killing Titans, and screaming Shinzo wo Sasageyo! -- these are some of the good points of the game. Though there are some dull sidequests and conversations you need to endure, the game is a treat for fans, especially those who want to relive the first seasons of the anime and be part of the Corps.


Forgotten #6 - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story, 1994 (SNES)


A Sailor Moon game? Yes, it existed!


Too bad many of us missed this game, as it is only widely available in Japan. While emulators have been around for some time, this role-playing game was only released in Japanese, and an English patch is something you can't find easily.


Why is it the best?


Fortunately, we found an English version so we could try the game on Steam Deck. Out of the many retro classics, the media is highly enjoyable, thanks to its pristine graphics and fun soundtrack. Speaking of OSTs, check out our list of best anime and gaming soundtracks for 2021-2022.

We expected that many elements wouldn't be present, being a very old game in SNES, but we're surprised about the variety of enemies and the diverse ways to handle them. 


For a SNES game of its time, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story was golden, and it could have been one of the most popular games of all time if released worldwide.


Still Popular #6 - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, 2016 (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)


The best Naruto game ends up at #6 on our list. While there are clashing reviews that hounded the game, probably because of the thin storyline, similarities to its predecessors, and issues of power imbalance, it is a dazzling send-off. 


Why is it the best?


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a masterpiece in terms of graphics. It featured astonishing fights, a magnificent soundtrack, and impeccable voice acting. Although the creators failed to make it a thousand times better than the previous game, they still developed it with great consideration for Naruto's fans. It is a game for those who love our boy to the core, and playing it without finishing the series first won't leave much footmark.


Forgotten #5 - Shinseki Evangelion 2 Evangelions, PS2 (2003


Giving this spot to Shinseki Evangelion 2 Evangelions over Detective Evangelion was a tough deliberation. Being a rare game, fans can easily overlook that this wonder ever existed. Fortunately, our team at Otaku Fantasy is a bunch of pryers who always dig deep to find goodies like this.


Why is it the best?


The best Neon Genesis Evangelion game, and also a game that can compete with others in terms of playable characters and mysteries unlocked as you attain more information.


Still Popular #5 - Gundam Extreme Versus Maxiboost ON, 2020 (PS4)


Another mecha entry is the best anime-based game in this genre so far. Gundam Extreme Versus Maxiboost ON boasts heaps of PROs that you won't have a chance to think about this game having several opportunities. This PS4 game is a must-try, particularly for mecha fans who want to experience the best of both anime and gaming worlds.


Why is it the best?


Smooth controls, seamless combat, easy-to-understand mechanics, fast-paced gameplay, a whopping 180 characters from the Gundam franchise, the point-based battle system... we can go on all day!


Forgotten #4 - Initial D, 1999 (PS1)


Never released outside of Japan, Initial D was completely buried along with other jewels in this list. 


Why is it the best?


One of my personal arcade favorites, it's incredibly easy to fall in love with Initial D. The PS1 game mirrors the fantastic presentation of other media, making it an unbeatable version compared to its successors.


That said, unlike other titles in this list, playing Initial D gives the same level of satisfaction as sitting down with a best friend for hours, even if you have nothing to talk about. You don't need a fan to love it, and that's the magic we can't explain when we see casual players playing this rare game. 


Still Popular #4 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R


Of the many games released, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R is the perfect immortalization of the 50 characters across its various story arcs.


Why is it the best?


It's another game for the fans, only that it is a to-die-for content. The combat design, overall visuals, outstanding music, and amusing Easter eggs, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R is indeed a fighting game worth everyone's time.


Forgotten #3 - Jump Ultimate Stars, 2006 (Nintendo DS)


The best of all Jump games happened 20 years ago. Sadly, not all are privileged enough to experience this fun masterpiece. If you can't remember this, you should scram the internet for a copy before it disappears.


Why is it the best?


This beat 'em-up game from the famous franchise offers 56 playable characters from 41 Shonen manga series. However, this is not the typical Jump slideshow, as it has added features like the Koma, which made the game immensely enjoyable and fulfilling.


Still Popular #3 - One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, 2020 (PS, Xbox, Switch, PC, Steam)


One of the latest games we bought and played, OPPW4, is the best One Piece game ever created. Its magnificent trailer lived up to its promise, and by that alone, you can tell that the adventure will be flashy and action-packed, the same way it is in the anime.


Why is it the best?


Pirate Warriors 4 has many playable characters to choose from. Thanks to its co-op feature, you can also enjoy it with your online friends. The DLC pack is worth it, as it gives you nine more amazing characters on top of the default 43. The game has various modes, though the multiplayer capability delivers a different vibe and level of entertainment.


With millions of copies sold, it's easy to say that this game, based on Eiichiro Oda's hit manga and TOEI's anime series, is one of the best anime-based games in the action-adventure genre. If you're lucky to be reading this article a few days after the Cyber Week sale, Steam should still be selling One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 for 80% off!


Forgotten #2 - Detective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case, 2000 (Game Boy Color)


Meitantei Conan: Karakuri Jiin Satsujin Jiken is one of the most talked about Case Closed games. Detective Mouri, Ran, and Conan are on a mission to search for Satomi, a missing person last seen at a temple.


Why is it the best?


It is frustrating to see a long list of Case Closed games but not be able to play them because they are in Japanese. We believe all of them are great, though fans agreed that out of those games with English patches, The Mechanical Temple Murder Case has the most moving story. You can download a patch and play it on Steam Deck through an emulator, just like we did!


Still Popular #2 - My Hero One's Justice 2 (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows, XBox One, Google Stadia)


Released in 2020, My Hero One's Justice 2 is the best treat to date for the fans of the anime series created by Kohei Horikoshi.


Why is it the best?


The game is very promising. The way the game presented the characters and their special abilities is one of the best in this list. The visuals and the entire gameplay have tremendous improvements compared to the first game. My Hero One's Justice 2 also proves that a large roster of characters is a huge benefit to fighting games. Moreover, its loyalty to the source material is highly commendable.


What prevents it from getting close to the #1 game in this list is the story mode, which is very difficult to understand for those with less knowledge of the series. Regarding the benefit casual players, My Hero One's Justice 2 neglected to articulate some of the plot's details, which isn't a problem for our #1.


Forgotten #1 - Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage, 1999 (Dreamcast)


Blood and gore that packs the real punch?


Heck, I played this game before I knew the anime and manga. Yet, I got drawn to it. 


Why is it the best?


Of all the classics and the forgotten games, Berserk takes it home as it is worth completing the game 20 times! Although rough to look at today, it won't matter if you are in the mood to slaughter creatures, wave after wave, with that humongous sword.


It has a decent, bittersweet story to it. Duh, what else should you expect? Despite the visual issues, which are expected for a 1999 game on the Dreamcast platform, it has pristine voice acting and a terrific soundtrack. Most of us are hardcore action freaks, and if you've seen it all, wait till you got Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage on your Steam Deck library, that's if you can still find a copy.


Still Popular #1 - Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, Windows)


Fusion! We've waited for this material, and finally, Dragon Ball FighterZ has it in store. Truly deserving of the #2 spot.


Why is it the best?


Actually, it's not hard to see Dragon Ball FighterZ at the #1 spot. While we tried our best to be critical of the game, and it shouldn't be that hard because we're not DBZ stans, we couldn't help but be amused. This award-winning game has almost everything you're searching for in a fighting game: a satisfying roster of characters, unique moves, the enthralling Vanish Attack, and the aerial combos that held us spellbound.


The Shenron System is a gaming lifeline for those who easily get tired of fighting games. It allows you to collect the seven Dragon Balls, and if you possess them all, Shenron grants you a wish: revive an ally, earn a second Sparkling Blast, or recover health. Fans of the series will be delighted to have this in their roster of games, and those who aren't crazy about the Dragon Ball franchise would find it decent and worth their time.

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