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Sunday, January 7, 2024

New Hunter x Hunter Game Nen X Impact Announced!


hunter x hunter new game nen x impact with gon leorio and netero in fighting stances

When it comes to games, official HxH releases are hard to find, particularly their English patch. Fans yearn for something that sticks to the source material, and we all hope that the newly announced game Nen X Impact will finally be the one!

Announced on its own Twitter social media platform, Hunter x Hunter: Nen X Impact was unveiled with a brief teaser showing characters Gon, Leorio, Netero, Killua, Kurapika, and Hisoka entering an arena and getting ready for a brawl.

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There's no info about the gameplay of Nen X Impact, but judging the few seconds of the video and translation, it appears to be another fighting game. While we're not sure how the fans will react, our team hoped it would be a story-filled adventure game as we have enough versus content like Jump Stars, Tekken, Streetfighter, other anime fighting games, etc.

Still, this teaser has little to decipher. Whatever it is, the video suggests a team of three playable characters at a time.

Hunter x Hunter followers may be glad to hear that their beloved show has more content to give, which may serve as one of Hunter x Hunter's signs of life. Thus, it's not wrong to hope that more manga updates will come soon as game makers continue to bet on its saleability.

If we may remember, Togashi recently continued his sketches. However, the manga has lost its slot in Jump, so we can't be sure when, where, and how we'll be able to see the next chapters.

The X (formerly Twitter) post did not mention the date and the platform where the game will be released. Hopefully, it's not another mobile game. Since it is an official and worldwide announcement, there's a good chance it may be available on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation 5. As the developers worked with Nintendo before, there may also be a switch release.

We'll keep this section updated for new information about Hunter x Hunter Game Nen X Impact.

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