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How's your experience so far?

I must admit that I'm too slow when it comes to the development of my blog. For the last two weeks, I was able to design the site and write a few contents on my own despite the hectic schedule. Today is the second day of my five-day vacation and I am trying to focus on improving my blog.

As of now, I have problems with the Facebook Thumbnail. It's images and descriptions are broken. If you want to share the post or the whole blog you will need to change the thumbnail picture as the image that will appear might be the wrong one. I'll try to find a solution about this issue. It's a programming thing so it won't be that easy.

So! Here are the posts/content that you can expect on the next coming weeks.

Hunter x Hunter - Knov x Morel - Episode 106 review 

This is a very important episode that you shouldn't miss. I will provide a recap of this episode and delve deeper into its greatness.

Knov, Knov x Morel, Hunter x Hunter, Chimera Ant Arc, anime, episode review

Dangan Ronpa Highlights

Let's visit the campus of super duper despair once again. We will pay tribute to the super duper high school students of Dangan Ronpa.

kuma, monobear, monokuma, dangan ronpa, super duper, high school, principal, despair, zetsubuo

Hunter x Hunter - Ranking the Genei Ryodan

They are not your typical group of bandit. This gang of thieves won't have class A bounties on their heads for nothing. We are going to discuss their skills, Nen abilities and their rankings.

Genei Ryodan, Spider, Phantom Troupe, Chrollo Lucilfer, Kuroro Lucilfer, Kuroro, Hunter x Hunter, Meteor City, Pakunoda, Shalnark, Uvogin, Shizuku, Franklin, Bonolenov, Feitan, Phinks, Kortopi, Nobunaga, Machi, Hisoka
Genei Ryodan

Tekken (2010 film) - Movie Review

This is one of the movies that I won't forget for as long as I'm breathing. Want to know why? Watch out for my upcoming review of Tekken (2010 film).

John Foo, Jin Kazama, Tekken, Tekken film, Tekken 2010
John Foo as Jin Kazama

Tekken Area 

Fantasy Fan Leogan will open a page that's exclusively for Tekken. As much as I could, I am going to provide you with valuable information, incredible matches, useful tips and important updates about the game.

Tekken, Tekken Revolution, King of the Iron Fist, Tekken Tag 2, Tekken 6, Nina, Nina Williams, Lars, Lars Alexandersson
Nina vs. Lars

The rest will be kept as secrets for now. I'll keep you posted.

Lots of love,

Your perfect boy Leogan...

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