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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Weekly Anime Sauce: The Anime Sauce Origins - Issue #1


Otaku Fantasy brings you sizzling hot sauce from last week's social media encounters.

To every person wondering "what is sauce in anime?" here's enough information for you:

Old weebs might remember that sauce pertains to style. But as anime jargon and slang evolve, "sauce" is now a cool way to ask for the source.

So when you post something on social media and people come asking you for sauce, don't give them a cheesy look. No, they don't need something to dip their nachos and hotdogs into, they just want to know the anime or manga where your image post, art, game, video, or meme came from.

Because we constantly experience a never-ending request for SAUCES, here's something for our co-weebs.

(Please don't get mad when we call ourselves and the fandom "weebs".)

The good news: This will be a weekly roundup of collected screenshots of wandering fans on Facebook pages and groups who asked for anime titles, character names, the name of the anime girl or guy, where the shirt came from, what is the title of the Japanese manga, but are unfortunate enough to receive the saucy details.

The bad news: It's not going to be easy, so we need your help on this. If you want, you can visit our Facebook page or Twitter account and throw us questions related to anime sauce.


We love that this weekly update of anime sauce is attracting more people. Thus, we decided to beef up this content and publish regular issues for the whole otaku fandom to enjoy!

So if you're wondering how to find anime sauce, Otaku Fantasy supplies rich, oozing sauce for every otaku! Keep asking for the sauce in social media comments sections and our team might find your query. Then, we'll publish it in this ultimate anime sauce collection!

Be sure to tune in for our weekly updates. At the bottom of this page, we will add a link for each week's publication and its title.

The below is just a sample of our sauce.

We don't enjoy seeing your mouth thirsting for anime sauce, so we'll let them flow below like salsa splattering their way through from the jar.

If you're ready for the recipe and some action, here's the first batch of anime sauce!

Dog and girl in anime series Full Metal Alchemist with an editor trying to fit them together in a banner and a Facebook commenter asking for the sauce

We don't enjoy seeing your mouth thirsting for anime sauce, so we'll let them flow below like salsa splattering their way through from the jar.

Without further ado, here's the first batch of anime sauce!

Sauce 1: Yaoi Sauce For The Thirsty Fujoshi

Anime: Barakamon

In this scene, Tamako is reminiscing about her first awakening of being a Fujoshi. You may stream Barakamon on Netflix.

Sauce 2: To Manwha Sauce Seekers, You're Welcome.

Manhwa: King's Maker: Triple Crown

Sauce 3: A Familiar Sauce. Cartoon-Cartoons!

Anime: Primal (From the creator of Samurai Jack, Genndy Tartakovsky)

Sauce 4: Tokyo Sweet Revenge Soy Sauce, Anyone?

Anime Series/Manga: Tokyo Revengers

Sauce 5: The Ultimate Sauce For The Singles

1st tile title: Toritan: Birds of a Feather

4th tile title: Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Title of the rest: Given

Sauce 6: Shaved Sauce? Weird Just Like The Title.

Title: Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

Name of the girl: Airi Gotou

Sauce 7: The Exhibitionist's Sauce

Title: Public Sex

Sauce 8: If You Want Your Sauce Dark And Freaky, Try A Combination Of...

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist. A favorite anime scene.

Sauce 9: Artist, Fan-made Sauce

No Sauce, just an art drawn by @cioccolato_kun with a caption “The "I look like a hentai protagonist to scare people away because I magically turn them into my lovers through eye contact and I want none of it." dude”

Sauce 10: What Does Sleazy Sauce Taste Like?

Manhua (Chinese comic): Martial Peak (Chapter 609 - Raging Flame City)

That's a handful of sauce, but definitely not all!

Tune in every Saturday for our weekly anime sauce!\

History Of Anime Sauce

No one knew when it first became a thing for the anime and manga community, but one of the early media that featured it is the Ghost In The Shell anime series. In episode nine, two minor avatars had a dialogue where one said that he received information from a certain sauce. The other misheard the comrade and asked mockingly, "Which ‘sauce’ did you get it from? Oyster? Pork Cutlet?”

It's still vague if the above is the first instance "sauce" was purposely mistaken or not to indicate "source." However, any internet beaver could argue that 'sauce' is a manufactured slang that won't require any influencer to be a thing. It's just a matter of time for a curious anime fan to ask for a source and play around with its pronunciation and spelling.

There must be a catalyst before the popular usage of the term. It is believed that the earliest and first usage came from 4chan. Posting anime from the 4chan website has been pretty frequent for a very long time, and it would be natural that people will ask for the title or source of the anime featured in the post, and there was a certain user who used “sauce” for the first time, though there is no exact date, the year was 2004. Hence, it was the beginning to popularize gradually as more people will be members of the anime and manga community as the year comes.

As anime slowly becomes mainstream, especially on the internet, the word “sauce” will help the new upcoming fans as it guides them to explore the vast world of anime and manga using that single word.

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