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Monday, March 20, 2023

5 Reasons You Should Get A Steam Deck Today

The last time we checked, most of our readers were young adults and millennials. Thus, we must share the same aches and pleasures around our games, entertainment devices, and geek decors on top of our daily challenges.

Surely, you do understand the value of money, and no matter how many streams of income work for you, they aren't enough excuses to throw money out the window, like the many bad choices you made in your younger years.

But now's a critical time for another dilemma; should you buy a Steam Deck?

Don't fret. We are here to guide you through.

Why Steam Deck Is A Big Deal?

For people who experienced Atari, Famicom, Windows XP, Nokia 3310, and the iPhone 3G, the Steam Deck appears to be the golden purchase of the century. 

If you can ignore the PlayStation 4 and 5, which seemed redundant, and you were disappointed by the limitations of Sony PSP, PSP Vita, and Nintendo Switch, we can hum or scream in sync that Steam Deck is the answer we've been looking for in decades.

I am a hesitant buyer but have experienced every gaming machine. The more common options are either pricey or inaccessible. Other times, we can’t justify the massive expense. 

But what if there is a practical mode of gaming that won’t drain your funds?

A Steam Deck is probably, the most immaculate compromise where we can play hard for a reasonable price. The fact that it functions beyond being exclusively a handheld console is tempting enough.

If you need stronger persuading, we have five reasons to make the Steam Deck a part of or the only piece you'll need for your gaming setup today. 

#1 Reason - Portability

Imagine a top-of-the-line machine -- a monster that can play almost any content the gaming realm has birthed to -- tailing you around. 

It's like carrying a tamed Arceus anywhere you go. 

Take note of the god-like reference. 

Yes, as of this writing, a Valve Steam Deck is anything many of us convenience-seekers could wish for.

Let us tell an anecdote and see if you can relate. 

A year ago, I switched to a Macbook to prepare for my future digital nomad adventures. It is lightweight and thin, and the charger is the same size as your Android phone's. 

But after finishing my backlog and months of serious work, I revisited my Steam library only to find that I couldn't play almost anything!

I'm not a Reddit guy when it comes to tech, nor do I have some early-adopter friends -- or acquaintances who pretend that they are -- to gossip with. 

Because of that, I had to resort to playing visual novels and good-old arcade gaming whenever I needed to "rejuvenate." 

Well, visual novels kill time in their own exciting way, if you know what I mean. However, we need a bit of diversity in our lives. Thus, we will never be satisfied.

Oh, how I missed my games. I haven't even played the bundles I purchased from the Steam winter sale two years ago!

Here are a few of them:

I constantly wondered whether I should sell my Macbook or purchase a new Windows laptop. However, I knew deep inside that it wasn't practical. While it isn't much of a crisis, having this Steam content and my gaming flair stuck in limbo is quite bothersome.

It was the case until Steam Deck entered the scene. While a PlayStation 5 is alluring, stationary consoles are no longer practical. For an adulting otaku like me, it is not as appealing as something you can pack up and bring out quickly whenever an opportunity for quick entertainment knocks.

#2 - Versatility

It may not be easy to justify another gaming purchase, especially if that’s its only purpose. Well, the Steam Deck is also a PC, making it a fairly practical indulgence if you think about it. It's also a reasonable consideration if your side Windows PC has been sluggish lately and performance boost hacks no longer work. 

Switching to desktop mode automatically lets you operate with its PC functionality. Now, you can use it as a computer instead of just a simple entertainment device. To maximize its features, attach a keyboard and mouse for the whole setup. Its versatility makes it a worthy, guilt-free buy. 

Apart from replacing your entire PC setup, here are other things you can do with a Steam Deck:

  • Play non-steam deck games
  • Connect it to a TV or other visual output devices
  • Treat it as your eBook reader
  • Emulate PS3 via RPCS3
  • Create games with the Unity editor
  • Turn it into a smart home control device

Game experts will have more than one gaming device. We won't argue if you want to tinker with another console, as experience varies. Given the above possibilities, it's no longer a shock to realize that the Steam Deck can connect to any technological advancements of this era, like Xbox Cloud Gaming, a TV, the Lumos Smart Ray projector, or a computer monitor. 

But before Valve's Steam Deck can bring you the ultimate sunshine and rainbows of your life, there are many factors you shouldn't leave out, which we will cover in the last section of this article.

Convinced? Take a peek of this Steam Deck listing on Amazon:

#3 - Impeccable Design

A common problem with handheld gaming consoles is that your hands can get really painful after a while. Of course, avid gamers don’t just play for a few minutes, so the hours take quite a toll. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Steam Deck. 

Instead of minimizing the time you play games, you can use the device as long as you’d like. The gadget has magnificent ergonomic features to allow for extended playtime. 

Your hands aren’t the only body parts that can catch a break with the Steam Deck. It also has a sizable screen to make things easy on your eyes. Not to mention, the button placement is well-thought-out. Finally, the charging port is on top. So you don’t have to encounter interfering cables as you play. 

#4 - Vast Launch Library

When first bought, most games have a limited lineup–but not the Steam Deck. Its launch library already comes with over 2,000 options to keep you amused. 

According to Valve, the Deck can play all games that exist. It aims to be the ultimate gaming device, so if there are any exceptions, there's a great chance they'll be available soon. 

But here's how it works as of this writing.

Steam Deck plays every game via Linux. This is a great metier, as most games in the Steam library have their Linux version. There won't be much problem if you get most of your games from Steam.

But what if you want to play games that are Windows only? Fortunately, every Steam Deck has its software layer, Proton, an emulated Windows environment that will play your games without setting them up. You might need to perform a few tweaks in some cases, but it is not as rocket science as other configurations you've done before.

Talking about emulation, you can run other game formats on Steam Deck, such as NES, SNES, Gamecube, PSone, and more. 

Epic Games? Just get the Heroic Games Launcher from Linux! Trust us when we say that it's ALL you EVER need.

#5 - Quality Software Updates

Excited developers would easily screw up unplanned future updates. But not with Steam Deck!

Every gamer is painfully aware of the abundance of technical difficulties that comes with each gadget. While the Steam Deck is not a saint to bugs or glitches, it has a fantastic system to make things smooth again. 

Steam Deck users reported excellent customer support; most complaints were addressed and fixed. Aside from that, its creators are proactively improving the device to make it more efficient. 

Now, installations and modifications are better than ever, and the software updates quickly manage any pressing problems. One major difference is that checking battery life now is more accessible to not take you out of the gaming mode. 

The most recent update happened on March 2, covering fixes to some games' graphical and corruption issues. This patch also introduced a slew of features for a smoother experience. This really sounds like a good time to get one.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Steam Deck

Convinced that a Steam Deck is everything you need? 

Before we lead you to a shop link, it's best to know about different Steam Deck versions in the market. Gamers play their games diversely, so you shouldn't miss out on these Steam Deck variations if you're keen on getting one. 

Currently, there are three Steam Deck models:

The Entry-level Steam Deck (64GB, eMMC PCLe Gen 2)

Some of you might think, "oh, I'd be half-assed on spending for my gaming."

However, blindly going for this $399 device just because of its price is something you'll likely regret. Once you buy a Steam Deck, you'll be stuck with it unless you got piles of cash to burn. Getting this 64GB with all the ambitious gaming scenarios in mind is plain wishful thinking.

Many games like Dead Redemption 2 and other AAA titles require 150GB of memory. If you want to play content of this caliber, stop gandering around this model with very scarce internal storage -- unless you only plan to fill your Deck with visual novels and puzzle games.

The Mid-tier Steam Deck (256 GB, NVMe SSD (\PCIe Gen 3 x4)

For around $529, this package has more to offer, making it a decent choice for the broad gamer population. Apart from the huge storage difference, the 256GB and the larger 512GB run on NVMe SSD, which is 12.5% faster than the 64GB device. We don't think it is worth the inadequate experience if it's only a few bucks of disparity.

The High-end Steam Deck (512GB high-speed NVMe SSD PCIe Gen 3 x4)

The most expensive option comes with anti-glare, etched glass screen, and an exclusive virtual Keyboard theme. The cost may vary based on the package deal, starting at around $649. 

Is getting the top-of-the-line model for the anti-glare a wise choice? Probably, but note that it isn't as excellent as the vivid display of the newest Nintendo Switch OLED model

Therefore, once you realize you need a Steam Deck, we encourage our otaku readers to decide solely on storage and speed. The other factors are irrelevant.

Where To Buy A Steam Deck?

While this is an easy question, we saw people getting scammed for trying to get too-good-to-be-true deals out there. A $100 Steam Deck from a shady link you found on Facebook or Twitter? You aren't that silly, right?

The safest place to purchase is the company where you got your last gaming console that served hours of entertainment without too many repair troubles.

If that's not possible, Amazon is a trustworthy middleman platform that hosts hundreds of legitimate brands distributing Valve's Steam Deck devices with complete packages and service warranties. Click the image below to lead you to a Steam Deck listing on Amazon. 

We strongly suggest you do the due diligence of reading the descriptions and checking for Steam Deck listing reviews to get the best out of your money.

Glad our Steam Deck article helped in your decisions? Buy me a coffee!

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