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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

9 Geek Decors For The Adulting Otaku

geek decor for adulting otaku

This blog is almost ten years old. As we age with our wholesome website, we can't help but share articles about adulting — the geek way. 

One of those blog posts is "How To Create An Otaku Room," where we filled you in with inspirations and tips on building a geek hooman cave from scratch. Suppose you had your exclusive game room arranged already, but you still find it dull — do not fret — we got your back!

It may be rare for an otaku's bedroom to be boring. Of all the colorful merch you can patch together to form an exhilarating anime vibe, the possibility of a monotonous design is nearly impossible.

But, hey. We understand that it happens. Hence, we created a quick list of geek decors that might enhance the anime feel or achieve whatever design goals you got your crosshairs locked into.

Also, we must remember that we're decorating an adult's room. Hence, it begs for a more mature scene with functionality and aesthetic greatly considered. Though it seems like a daunting interior styling task, it certainly is possible with the right elements and combinations.

Without further ado, let's begin with a classic favorite.

A Pirate Ship Steering Wheel

Whether One Piece anime or Captain Jack Sparrow is the first geek reference that came to mind, what matters is how this display sets the mood upon sight. After seeing the pirate ship reference, your guests should expect more geek trinkets to greet them.

This pirate ship steering wheel doesn't have to mirror the same wooden apparatus Nami has been caressing through thousands of OP episodes. Trust us that because of excitement to see more, only a percentile of fans could spot the difference. However, the decor must be life-size, or it'll drown with the rest of your ensembles and fail to serve its purpose.

Position the wheel at the center of the room or where people can easily see it. Invest in a good base or take some time to do some woodwork. 

If setting the stirring wheel in the middle doesn't seem practical, especially for rooms with limited space, turning it into the center of attraction on your feature wall would be a clever resort.

Click the picture to see more of this Nautical Pirate Ship Steering Wheel. It will take you to an Amazon listing.

An Arcade Machine

Another big mecha every old-school soul dreams of having is a legit arcade machine accentuated with epic retro backlights. 

Want to see an example? Feast your eyes on this:

Fortunately, you can do better than that. With lots of inspiration to choose from and tons of artistic hands who can craft your fancy arcade that shines brighter than Las Vegas lights, the sample above is just another design to beat.

But talking about fancy stuff, here's what we think is top tier:

Don't have the budget? Something as simple as the below should deliver. All you need is to make it work with the rest of what you have in your geek cave. Click the image to view the Amazon listing.

A Dakimakura Pillow

It's not weird for an otaku room to hang these delightful fabrics beautifully, like the opulent Roma Lined Eyelet Curtains from Helena Springfield.

Fortunately, these Japanese pillows aren't as expensive as the said luxury curtain brand, especially if you bought them from the Anime Body Pillow website. They call themselves the Eden of our realm, and maybe it's because it is a paradise that strives to fulfill every otaku's desires. 

We tried their dakimakuras and will write a separate review article for these items soon. What we ordered is a secret for now, but if you're curious to see what they offer, check the link above, and it will lead you to their shop.

Lumos Smart Ray

All the above images are taken while watching Demon Slayer using the Lumos Smart Ray projector.

Woah. The best anime visuals played via the best projector we've ever seen!

One of our best gadget purchases of 2022 is the Lumos Smart Ray projector. Imagine watching Demon Slayer season 1, Mugen Train movie, and the Entertainment District Arc in HD and widescreen — the experience is full-throttle, thanks to this divine gift.

For the best visuals, you'll need a steady platform for the device and a smooth surface or white screen on the opposing side. Thankfully, our room is big enough, and the wall in front of our bed and home office is blank and white. That's the benefit of being a minimalist!

The Lumos projector sports a sleek, minimal design harmonizing with every setting. We've tried a wooden shelf, a metal hinge, a coat rack, and even our exterior walls in the garden — this projector shines on its own! Hence, if you want to impress friends and relatives, just put this machine somewhere it can be easily seen even if you don't intend to run it for them. 

Lumos Smart Ray has built-in Netflix, YouTube, and other screencasting apps! Yes, you can mirror your phone's screen to share what you're watching with others. 

You can even download apps as we did with our HBO Go (because Netflix isn't always enough). If you have a stash of mp4 movies, you can connect your external hard drive or flash USB stick and watch via the local hub. We also use it for Karaoke nights, thanks to its AV/HDMI ports. We connect the HDMI to the Karaoke box while we plug the AV cords into the amplifier/speaker.

Our household thinks we will enjoy our Lumos Smart Ray in the many years to come. For only a bit over $200 (Php 11,999), it's a genuine steal deal as most entertainment systems that aren't as versatile could easily cost you $1,000.

Remember to buy the Lumos Smart Ray version, NOT the regular ones, as they don't provide the functions that make it good. The difference in pricing isn't that far, so it's not really wise to chicken out for a few bucks.

LED Strip Lights

Do not underestimate the potential of these strands of light. With decent execution, you can turn a dull room into a dazzling indoor play area. 

As to how you can achieve these will require an interior styling blog, so we prepared some Pinterest images instead for you to take inspiration from:

Neon purple seems to be an effective color. Moreover, these LED strips were combined with other elements to achieve the wildest gaming setups. Look at the cloudy skies atop the gaming pod. Those were strip lights hidden beneath lumps of shredded cotton. Don't forget the stairs, the corners, the frames, and the under areas — they, too need some neon highlighting! If you want it to be extra fancy, you can also add LED strips on your bookshelf to highlight your manga, vintage comics, and graphic novel collections.

Although, the problem with LED strips is that they are too fragile, especially if you got the low-quality ones. Based on customer reviews, the below type of LED strip is a good choice. Click the product panel and it will lead you to the Amazon listing.

Turn it on whenever you're in the mood to play hard!

Coca-Cola Bar Stools

I am a diet soda fan, and I think I'm addicted to it that I have a box of Coca-cola merchandise hidden underneath my workstation. I plan on getting a licensed furniture piece, even if it's just a bar stool like this article from Trademark Gameroom.

Bar counters may be necessary for us who are already in our early or late thirties. But that's not a reason to be unhappy! Making a decision that you need a bar counter in your game room is what adulting is all about!

Badass Chandelier for Danganronpa Reference

Don't be surprised if we feature one piece of furniture after another. And they're not just any wood you can find in your local shop. Otakus love the intricacy and mystery you can only get from fine pieces of antiquity.

Moreover, as we age, we become more attached to the things that bring back our past that every old trinket tempts us to bring it home. But since we call ourselves geeks, they must have a reference to our favorite anime or a scene. 

We don't know about you, but we remember Chisa Yukizome from Danganronpa every time we see chandeliers.

Tatami Mat

Think of Demon Slayers or any anime with a traditional setting. If you didn't afford a hefty interior transformation, a good alternative would be to settle with materials that scream Japanese at first look.

While you have many Japandi options, one of the first that come to mind is a tatami mat. Check this out:

Nichirin Sword or Kabuto Helmet

We purchased the nice Kabuto Helmet from a Japanese antique shop (actual pic is the first pic posted), and it was the heaviest decor we had bought so far. Nothing is exciting about plastic replicas, so opt for the real thing if you want one.

The shipment life-size copper helmet may be costly, so we recommend something you can find on Amazon unless you're willing to pay gold for this beautiful chunk of brass.

On the other side, we have the blade lovers who've watched every samurai anime or movie that launched. If you're one of those, we won't be surprised if you'd like the Kabuto on a feature wall and the Nichirin blade on the other. 

But if you had to choose one because they're both expensive, there is no wrong choice. Below product panels lead to their Amazon listings. We're not sure of their sizes, so investigate if you must.

Liked our list? We'll be adding more soon. Feel free to suggest others we've missed!

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