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Monday, July 14, 2014


This is the page for all the Otakus out there. Indulge with our unique contents about different anime and manga series. Read anime & manga reviews, fan fictions, character profiles, trivia and other anime-related articles. Welcome to Fantasy Fan Leogan's section of ANIME.

Keep Calm and Watch Anime, Dragon ball, Yugi-oh!, Hunter x Hunter, Yuyu Hakusho, Gintama, Deathnote, Prince of Tennis, Slamdunk, Bleach, Samurai X


Trivia, episode reviews, anime reviews, character profiles and other things that you want to find out about your favorite anime series could be found here. Select from the anime listing.

Swim club, Free, Nagisa, Haruka Nanase, Haruka, Makoto, Makoto Tachibana, Rin


Know about the latest gossips in the anime world. Who ends up with whom? Who killed whom? What happened to your anime crush? How did your favorite series end? Find it all out here!

Detective Conan, Detective Squad, Edogawa Conan, Shinichi Kudo, Professor Agase
Detective Conan


Read or submit anime fan fictions. You can create an OC, meet with others' OC, ship some characters and more.

Meruem, Komugi, Hunter x Hunter, Meruem and Komugi, Chimera Ant Arc, Gungi
Meruem and Komugi


Interested of taking a peek about the manga before reading it? Want a cool suggestion that suits your taste? Check out our manga reviews.

manga, hunter x hunter, pixiv
A Fan Art Cover - © to the owner


Want to sing your favorite anime song out loud? Go ahead and we will provide you the lyrics with accurate translations.

Jigglypuff, Pokemon
Jigglypuff singing - © to davenevanxaviour

© to the owners of the fan arts

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