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Saturday, May 8, 2021

4 Anime About Golf


anime girl playing golf

In the genre of sports, we got some excellent anime series enjoying mainstream attention. We got Haikyuu, Prince of Tennis, Kuroko no Basket, Hajime No Ippo, and Slamdunk, to name a few.

Interestingly, some anime shows about popular sports didn't get much spotlight as the above. One of these is golf, which appeared to be out of the otaku demographic's league.

If you're keen to know how the power of friendship and typical shonen genius could conquer the golf course of both human and demon realms, these are some anime series about golf you can check out.

Dan Doh!! 

The story begins with Dandoh playing a basketball game with his friends, Yuka and Kohei. At this time, Dandoh hit a wild fly ball, which ended up crashing into the principal's pants. 

While they expected rage and frustration, the principal ended up with admiration instead. He then introduces Dandoh to the wondrous world of golf, wherein he's under the watchful observance of a former pro-golfer. As a result, they entered the golf tournament together and played to win the national championships. 

As Dandoh starts to play in tournaments, his spirit and determination affected the players around him, which gained him many friends along the way. Originally a manga series written by Nobuhiro Sakata and illustrated by Daichi Banjō, it later became an anime series, which aired on April 3, 2004.

Beat Shot!!

Directed in 1989 by Takashi Akimoto, the series tells the story of an up-and-coming golf player named Kyoichi Sasuga, who enters the tournament and shows everyone his talent and skills. 

With those abilities, he’s also hoping to impress women along the way. Kyoichi's biggest opposition is Akihiko Hanamatsuri, who ends up being his most formidable rival and competition. However, just like any player that seems too good to be true, Kyoichi Sasuga also has a weakness: He is perverted and can quickly lose his focus when he lays his eyes on any woman. 

This sports show falls under the obscure adult-oriented anime, so you might want to watch out for some of those NSFW moments. Beat Shot! was also based on a manga written by Satoshi Ikezawa, and the anime release followed three years after its completion. 

King Golf

Written and illustrated by Ken Sasaki, this tells the story of a young delinquent who is very fond of challenges. He’s fought everyone in his region to become supreme, and while this might seem like he’s at the top of his game, he realizes later on that everyone fears him without as much admiring him. 

On the same day of this realization, a rival looks down on him. It’s a story of courage, competitiveness, and inspiration on whether he will defeat his opponent and prove that he’s still the supreme, or will he let his doubt get the best of him?


Pro Golfer Saru

This anime is based on a manga written by Fujiko Fujio and tells the story of someone named Pro Golfer Saru, who’s the cross between a monkey and a boy. He should beat the odds to become a pro golfer, but this isn’t as easy as it sounds with his rival and competitor, Mr. X, always getting in his way.


Mr. X makes it a point to create problems for Saru to get in the way of becoming a pro golfer. This show is the perfect mix of both sports and fantasy anime. After a few episodes, you'll find great entertainment in the story while learning so much about golf. 

Is It Possible To Learn Golf Through Anime?

While anime shows are not the best platforms to study and eventually be a pro on a chosen sport, they show excellent tips and techniques based on real-life:

Hajime No Ippo featured a fearsome boxing technique called the Dempsey Roll. In Haikyuu, the heart-stopping volleyball matches articulated the role of each member and the importance of a team's strength in receiving and attacking.

These anime shows around golf could teach many things concerning the rules of the game and the factors required to excel in the said sport. However, it would need a first-hand experience of the game to tell whether it is a viable sport for an individual or not. 

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